A New Type of Fun!

Hot Sexy Woman DaniellaI had a new type of fun last night. A new boyfriend who wanted something different. He wanted me to control him. To treat him like a pet. Tell him to sit! Good boy! And paddle him when he didn’t listen! I have to admit it was so much fun! I enjoyed making him my boy toy! And he enjoyed being owned. I think I am going to have to change things up a bit. I mean…it is nice being arm candy, BUT it is better being in charge. I think it is time to see what kind of trouble I can get into! I have always been the perfect girlfriend. Always knew EXACTLY what a man needed and that means understanding a man. There really isn’t much difference between understanding and controlling! Except I don’t have to pretend to like something. So I am going on a little adventure. I am going to learn all there is to learn about being in control, and it is going to be fun!

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