A Passionate Event

Sexy babeI took a fencing class the other day. It was my first ever, and it was actually fairly gratifying. As I finished my turn showing that I had learned proper posture and holding, I noticed an exotically sexy man watching me. After class, he approached me, and he asked if he might be allowed to take me out sometime. I agreed. He picked me up from my office after work, and treated me out to dinner. It was on the walk home that he got bold and pulled me to him into an entrancing kiss. I am a lady, but I am a lady of great passions, too. I pulled him into the nearest alley-way and pressed my hand deep into his pants, stroking directly down his shaft in the process. I quickly got him completely worked up, until he pinned me to the wall, lifted slid inside me under my skirt, and fucked me hard and fast right there. When we got back to my place, he spent the next several hours showing me how talented a lover he is. I look forward to more time with him!

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