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phone humiliation

My heels are bigger than his dick. I love to get all wet thinking about how next I will humiliate him. As I sprayed water on my clit it came to me, pun intended. I would make him wear my pink panties. I wanted his little squirt stain and my panties back after he came. That’s right I wouldn’t even let him save my panties. And every time he came to my sweet princess cuckold sessions he would wear his panties and cum in them again for me. Dirty panty boy is his new nickname. I even keep it on my phone as Dirty Panty Boy.  I swear he loves to cum in those panties. I was nice and bought him his very own set of panties with his money. Now he is still a cum stained panty boy, just in his very own pair. He loves me to make him my dirty sissy slut and to suck and fuck my bull cocks. I am one lucky dirty cuckold teen queen because of him. 

Tease and Denial

tease and denial

This sexy teen slut loves tease and denial. Something about a man wanting what he can’t have driven me insane. You invited me over to just chill and watch movies. Did You actually think you were going to get my pretty pussy or my intense oral skills? This little young whore loves to fuck but please, really? I took this as an opportunity to really tease you. Short skirt and fishnet panties and thigh highs. A tiny top so you could see my perky nipples harden thinking about what you would not get tonight. Oh, baby, reaching over you to get the remote after I had crossed and uncrossed my legs showing you most of my pretty pink bald pussy. I felt you harden as I searched for something to watch. You kissed me and reached between my legs. I told you I could do it myself. I did a sexy strip tease and rubbed my whole body for your viewing pleasure. Every time you reached out for me I jumped back. I spread my pussy and began to play with my clit. I had you begging for me. Oh, but I came and pretended to be embarrassed. I wasn’t shy It is just these denial sessions really pump you up for when I do let you fuck me. I enjoy teasing the hell out of your hard cock baby.

Keeping Your Secret

cuckold phone sex

I found your Big cock porn stash, You don’t hide it very well. You wanted your young secretary to find it. I know you pad your slacks with socks. You’re a powerful man who loves to lick pussy. But not once have you tried to make me suck your dick. I know you have an itty bitty dick. Its okay I won’t tell anyone. I will make you pull that big cock porn out and tell me exactly why you love jerking off to them. You love ass and big dick. I know you want your ass filled like a cream filled donuts. You want to slobber on those big cocks and be made to stay on your knees baby. I can help you with that my sexy non-stud. Mabe you want forced to suck big dick?  Perhaps a couple of my friends can come and tease you while we are naked on your desk?

Small Boobs Equals Tight Teen Pussy

small boobs

I have small boobs, but they are perky and perfect. I am small by nature a perfect fuckable piece of ass. I love having a tiny body and tight twat. My sugar daddy has a small dick but I still let him fuck me sometimes. I keep his ass on a tight leash though. He only gets this pussy after I get fucked by a big cock. It helps to be swollen and full of cum when he fucks me. Plus I love how fast sugar daddy cums after he sees his little fuck slut get her pussy reamed. Be careful Sugar, I just might put you in my little bitty panties next time! You are my cuckold. Your small dick means I get away with being the town whore. Everybody knows and wonder why you still fuck with me. I do things to you no other slut does that’s why! I make it so hot when you watch me fuck and I give you so much attention baby. You would never get this kind of attention with that smaller than average dick. Thank goodness you have sweet sensual little o me. Come play with me, baby.

Titty Fucking Porn Is my Favorite

titty fucking porn

You heard that right titty fucking porn is my favorite. I might have tiny perky tits but I love being titty fucked. I want that big sugar daddy right between my upturned half Asian tits. I want to be sucking that cock as it spurts glorious jizz in my face. Cum facials from that throbbing trouser snake make me so fucking horny. I can play with my pussy while I have a creamy load all over my face. Here baby lick my face of this cum and then get between my legs. That’s right lick this soft pink bare pussy till I cum for you. Tongue fuck me as your dick gets hard again.  I might let you dip into my sweet honey pot a few thrusts. I want you to feel how tight I get from feeling your dick inside of me. Then pull that dick out and let me suck my own pussy juices off. Let me push these tits together and stroke that cock some more. My wet mouth taking the tip in and out. I just love watching big titted whores fuck big precum dicks between those tits. I swear the milf titty porn might just be my favorite. I love having perky teen tits but something about getting a cock between huge natural tits is making me masturbate so fucking hard. Maybe I should invite a big curvy slut over for my sugar daddy. Let his cock slide in and out and have me sucking his dick right on those milky white tits. I love watching as well! I want to play with her pussy and have our mouths battle for the most cum out of his big cock. I know some men who would love to have some big titty porn while fucking this teen whore. Lets play during coed phone sex and I can get off to your dick between my perfect tits!

Teen Slut Therapy

phone sex therapy

I was his phone sex therapy tonight. He had been edging for hours. He needed a hottie with a tight pussy to tell his fetish too. He knew he had a problem. He wanted to keep his dick hard as punishment for his demented thoughts. But now it has become a need. To keep it as hard as he can for as long as he can. I even got to watch as he could barely touch himself anymore. One light stroke had him moaning so fucking hard. His foreskin had become his own enemy as it slipped down after a nice long upward stroke. He knew if he called an escort he would blow his load the second she looked at his raging dick! I loved that he called me so my pussy could get wet at how hard he was and the way he groaned and slid down the chair after each stroke. He was a stroking slut. I made fun of his addiction and called him out. He knew what he was, and I was there to watch as he took that last stroke and lew his load over his head. I really love being a cock queen! My name is CJ, and I am a Cock Junkie. I wanted to watch as I teased and released him. I really think he just wanted me to see the labor of his edging. It was an exhibitionist sex move completely. He wanted me to keep him up as my sugar daddy fucked me in the background. Background edging But I couldn’t take it as I slipped my sex balls in my pussy and came and he let out that cum. I was so satisfied that I had control of his orgasm to that point. Nice cocks are always fun to fucking play with no matter how I get them.

Porn In my School Uniform

naughty teacher

Rob Is a naughty teacher who loves to shoot porn on the side. I applied for a part-time position not knowing it was fro an adult sex shoot. I thought it was just an actress job. I was told that I needed my old uniform and it was snug but Rob said it was perfect and I was hired. Rob was hot as fuck and he leaned in close and asked me for a sloppy french kiss. I didn’t mind because he was so sensual.

He said that I would be doing some kinky acts in front of the camera. But first, he needed to test my tight teen pussy.  Rob asked if all little Asian Girls had tight and wet pussies like mine. I told him every little Asian I have fucked and licked does! I am only half but I am a very confident and sexy teen whore. I masturbated his cock with my cute stocking feet until Rob spurted on my tiny tits. I had so much fun preparing for my porn shoot, Sexy Rob says he has a surprise for me involving BBC. I wonder how good I will do for him? I just want to be a good princess slut for him.

Cum On My Pretty Feet

foot fetishes

Some men get hard when I wear open toes heels. Those are my sexual foot fetishes men. You stopped cold and asked me if that was black cherry nail polish. Oh, I Know my pet your are addicted to my pretty toes and perfect feet.  I took my heel off and had to look. Oh, you never took your eyes off my legs and feet. I don’t believe I heard you clear your throat that many times before. You work alongside my parents at the PR firm and This teen had you mesmerized with her toes. I know that men who know the colors of nail polish are either A. Gay or B. Feet men. You, my sexy older gentleman are most certainly a foot man.

I spent the next several days running around the firm barefoot in my stockings with a polish change every day.  I came and sat beside you at your desk curious about what you do here. This slut can play so sweet and shy. I put my hose clad foot in your lap and felt your cock jump and harden. I stroked your pants and that cock grew for me. Your face, as I giggled and told you to get it out, was amazing. Nobody would see behind the desk I assured you.

My feet gave your cock the best rub down as you grabbed some tissues to spurt your cum in. It was fast and a lot. I left you with a whisper,, I can do way sexually dominate things for that cock if you let me. Just because it is below average doesn’t mean you need to suffer. I gave you a quick kiss and rushed off. You will be fun to play with my love. I know you will thrive on a little tease and denial humiliation, won’t you?

Making Naughty Neighbor Porn

naughty neighbor porn

I loved making some naughty neighbor porn with my sexy as fuck next door neighbor Ericka! We were seduced by a big payout for a barely legal photo shoot.  We would get to be sexy famous for some serious cash. I didn’t much Like this slut. I was always in competition with older men, teachers and sugar daddies because of her. I mean fuck she is a little big titted blonde. My beautiful small perky tits sometimes didn’t draw enough attention.

Well, I showed up ready to be sexy for the camera and this little whore is there flirting with the photographer. Yeah, she already sucked his dick. I could tell. Well, I am a dominating bitch so I walked up to him and grabbed his package. I looked at Ericka and said “Wow must have been the easiest blow job ever with that small dick huh bitch?’ Mr. Photo Man left and came back with our outfits. He wouldn’t look at me. Love this shit. We were doing a swimsuit role but I grabbed Erica by the hair and gave her My beautiful tit to suck. “Yes, Baby lick it, Get hard for us Smal dick man, It is going to get nasty.”

We continued with our sex games as small dick jerked his weenie. I had her face buried in my sweet tight pussy as he came in his panties. I drug her by her hair and had her lap up his spunk. I asked him if he would piss down her throat for me. Ericka tried to bail by I held her tight. She had to gulp his salty piss so she could breathe. I then got nasty and kisses her deep and looked her in the eyes. “You can serve me or you can forever wonder what I will do to you next cunt!” Looks like I have a big titted blonde slave whore now.


Ass Fetish?

ass fetish

Do you have an ass fetish? Does a sweet young bubble ass make your knees weak? I know Robert has an ass fetish. He was flying in just because he just needed to touch my ass. Of course, I had been teasing him for weeks. Sending hot pictures like this one.  I had made sure his cock came every time I sent him a sexy message. I wanted him to know he was under my sexy control. If he had any chance of this pussy he would need to be at my feet begging. When he met me at the airport I could see him struggling to keep his hands off my yoga clad young ass. I got him back to my place and I excused myself. I came back wearing a sexy thong and stockings. He was on his feet and I stopped him. Crawl to me, baby. He crawled and I asked him if he wanted this sexy dominatrix to let him touch my ass? He begged and I put his hand on my bare ass. I let Robert get a good feel of the tight round ass cheeks. He begged to lick each cheek. I told him to get naked. Well, damn baby that was quick. Naked I saw his cock. Average and kind of thick, nice I thought. As my ass was getting licked I bent over so Robert could lick my young pink puckered asshole. He wanted to know how many men I had fucked this week. I told him more than a couple. “How do you like knowing I fuck other men baby?” I fuck who I want and I fucking love getting cock and cum. I let you barely do anything to my body but I take a nice big cock all the time.

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