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Is My Banana Bigger than Your Dick?

small dick humiliation

Well Is your cock bigger than this banana? I am on holiday for a few weeks and I am just not satisfied by my sugar daddy and his pathetic small willy. I went to the kitchen for a snack and saw the big yellow bananas and I stripped and started fucking myself. My young perky tits bouncing as I came and then ate it covered with my pussy juices! I can take bigger but I was hot and wet because I knew My sugar daddy would love these pictures of me fucking a piece of fruit that is bigger than his dick. I might have a tight young pussy but I love to stretch it out around thick long dicks! I love to be watched by my sugar daddy as he strokes his clit stick. Look at me, Baby! Look at how much I can orgasm around this thick banana. Your cock is not good enough for my pussy. I demand you find me a suitable thick strong and long hanging dick for Christmas! I am a sophisticated hottie teen cuckold Mistress and demand the best in all things. Dick is no exception Baby.

Obey Your Way To My Feet

foot fetishes

Your foot fetishes make we wet. WHy because I know this teen mistress can control you with them! See You will come to me with your cock cage on and I will seduce you with my stockings. Pink and lacey. Silky and nude. It really doesn’t matter as long as you obey my every wish you will get to run your hands up and down these legs and even tickle my bare toes. edge play phone sex

My what perfect feet and splendid toes these are. I keep them perfect and I know you want to lick them. Bow to me and run your tongue along the inside of my feet. What a good man you are now up between my sweaty toes. OH, how your cock is growing in that plastic pink cage. Do you want to be released? Only if you promise not to touch it. This sweet young Mistress wants you to run your hands all up and down her body. Give me a good tongue licking and your dick can go right here between my feet. Oh but wait, you won’t get to cum just yet. Beg me to make you cum, I’m right here baby, how will you submit for your orgasmic lust?

Fantasies For The Holidays

fantasy phone sex

It’s Never too late to get this slut excited for the holidays’ ho ho hoe! I want my sissy daddykins to give me a candy cane up my sweet pussy so he can lick my sweet candy cane flavored twat. Then I want to get one of those oversize candy canes and fuck his sweet puckered ass hole. I want to be a spoiled extra from now until after New Years. I love sparkly stuff, hint hint. I want a jewel-encrusted cock ring for daddy and a gold-plated vibe! The best things in life are either sparkly or chocolate. So I want lots of chocolate cock for my x-mas presents! This sweet young cunt only wants a big black chocolate cock for her sweet tight cunny.

All I want Is Cum To Eat

cuckold phone sex

Dearest sugar daddy,

For Thanksgiving, all I want is BBC cum in my belly. I want you to jack those Big Black cocks right into my mouth. I will be happy feasting on ropes of huge black men cock cum. My belly will be full and my teen pussy satisfied. You Job Sugar Is to make sure that those huge Purple throbbing cocks do not shoot into my ass or cunt before They go down my throat. So In the few hours that you get away from the nagging wife I need you to be stroking and directing as many black cocks into my tight ass and cunt before you have to leave. Once your work emergency is taken care of I will let you go back home. I may even share a little bit of this cum with you but you have to leave room for your wife’s cooking baby. You Teen mistress eagerly awaits her Black Friday shopping spree on you! wink wink.

Forced Crossdressing Makes Me Wet

forced crossdressing

Yes, Forced crossdressing you makes my tight wet slit wet. And Yes, I show my love for my Cucky Boyfriends in a very different way.  I love the fact that I can have My Sexy slut tremble as I layout perfect sized female garments for him to put on. I stand in front of him in my leather boots and schoolgirl uniform and demand he put on his silk red panties. he bucks and frowns. Okay sexy I will make a deal for every piece of Clothing you adorn for me I will remove one article of my own clothing.  His panties go on and I reach up and unzip my skirt. My cotton panties form to fit my bald cunt. His bra is next and he gets to see my bare titties because these perfect perky tits never require a bra. On and on we go until My cucky is now a beautiful female. I walk over naked and rub my body on him kissing him deeply. My lipstick smears on to His face. I reach under his miniskirt and stroke he small cock. Suck a good boy for me. He knows what I require as I have vowed to only fuck and suck BBC. We go into the bedroom where Lester is stroking his cock on the bed. Lester has become so hard that I want to rush over and take every inch of that purple monster in my throat. I restrain myself and guide my Cuck to him. He knows what I want. He climbs on the bed his thong showing under his skirt. My Cuck begins his BBC cock sucking and I slide my finger in his ass pumping him to make him take Lesters cock deeper and deeper down that slutty throat. I stop my cuck, he knows he will get Lester’s cum but only out of my sweet tight teen cunt. I climb on board that massive cock and work my hips, teasing and long stroking until I get the biggest load Lester has ever given. Lester lays me back takes my sweet tits in my mouth as my cuck sucks every last drop of BBC cum from my pussy. Cucky is rewarded with my cum as I tremble and squirt on his forced feminization sweet face.

Cuck Lover Teen SLut

cuckold phone sex

How can this hot teen slut be so good at cuckolding you? Your mine Bitch. I keep you on a tight leash so I can make you watch the way I love deep throating these large juicy cocks! I love keeping you as my cucky boyfriend because you get so hard and jealous of these heavy cut cocks down my sweet young throat.  I know I am every mans dream fuck toy, I have the tight sweet sweet pussy you want to pound but is your cock up to my standards? I enjoy teasing you with a mouth full of cum, do you want it, baby. I will spit it into your mouth if you beg. Are you my good cuck? Will you eat the cum out of my mouth and then I will let you clean my soft juicy cum filled honey pot!? Cum for me ass I gulp this huge cock right in front of you. The one thing this hot teen Mistress is not is Shy! Let me tease, deny and seduce you with my young Mistress Ways!

She Made Me Jealous So I fucked her

fantasy phone sex

Not Many sweet Young Sluts can make your dreams come true, but I can. See You wanted to make me Jealous fucking my classmate Kelly. Well, you made sure you were caught, I don’t care who you fuck but she was getting all my time and attention. She said she didn’t care if you had a small dick because she could take your cock and balls in her mouth at the same time. She lies to you when she says she can feel your dick fucking her sweet little honey pot. Kelly Like Big Cocks. She is a slut with just the desire to be spoiled. You are my cucky Man! I grabbed her from sucking your cock after school, I pulled her hair down to the floor and put my high heel on her perfect tits. She was so scared and I noticed you we stroking for me! That’s my good Sisisy Daddy! Why Spend MY allowance n some little whore who doesn’t make you feel the things I do?  I know you needed me because you wouldn’t have text me to come over to use you if you didn’t want My mIstress Side to show and put little whore Kelly In her place. I laid her out and put my fist in her tight cunt, Oh How she moaned and begged me not to stop! See, She likes to be filled up, not pretend daddy. I think this night is going to need lots of Bull cock for all three of us!

Erotic RolePlaying Makes My Young Pussy Wet

erotic roleplaying

It’s the Erotic roleplaying month for my sweet little pussy. Slutty little outfits, my nipples hard from the breeze as I scout my next fuck. I know I am wanted. I make dicks hard where ever I go.  I enjoy having my older men pleasuring my pussy. I have a sugar daddy that keeps making me send him pictures of my different costumes.  I was little red riding hood, and daddy says my goal is to find me a big bad wolf! Oh, I did. Greying at the temples sipping his espresso at Starbucks. His eyes never left my ass! I made it a point to drop my card and flash him my bare cunt! I swear he almost crushed that cup. He jumped up and I brought napkins to wiped up his hot coffee mess. My hands wiping at his crotch a little too long. He pulled my hand away and growled that I didn’t know what I was doing! Innocent face betrayed by my amber eyes, I breathed yes I certainly did. “Stay here!” He went and bought two more expressos and I followed him to his nice black car. We drove in silence as I rubbed my cunt under my short skirt head back eyes closed. He jumped out of the car grabbed the coffees and headed upstairs. Leaving me to follow. I am not used to not being in control at all. He locked the door behind me and told me to drink my cooling coffee. I followed him in the bedroom, His bed huge and he stripped everything but the sheets as I gulped my coffee legs pressed tightly together. He chugged his expresso and Grabbed my petite self and threw me on the bed. He stripped down and lowered his body on mine. Teasing my cunt with that big cock. I felt it rubbing my thigh and he rubbed it up and down my wetness. I tried pushing up but his mouth found my erect nipples and I moaned out loud. He ripped my skimpy Outfit off and he pulled me in his lap and that’s when my shaved wet pussy finally got penetrated as he growled in my ear that I was his now!

Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

I very much fancy the new domination porn you sent me. I love learning how to be a good mistress by watching these hot women turn these pathetic excuse for men into slaves. I really hope to use some of these new skills on you when I come home on holiday. I am not quite fitting in as the girls hate that I get their boyfriends cock more than they do. I mean what girl doesn’t suck cock and expect to keep a man around?? I just fuck and let them go, it is not like I intend to keep these “Boys”.  I do my peers a favor and teach these guys how to fuck they all should be thanking me. Instead, I just have to suffer with every males attention on campus. I am sending you a nice postcard, I hope you don’t open your email at work again daddy. I love sending you my naughty pictures. Which reminds me where are mine of you in your wifes’ panties and lipstick I asked for? Do not be bad, it will only make your punishment more severe! You wanted me this way and now you act like a fool by not obeying me. I have pictures of your small dick daddy I really do not want to have to send them to your contact list. So be a good daddy and send this sweet young Mistress what she desires. Did you get the video of the new teacher fucking my tight twat? He has a nice big cock, I hope that made you jealous!

Love and Kisses,

Your Sweet Young Mistress CJ <3

domination porn

Naughty Teacher Is Addicted To BBC

naughty teacher

My Naughty Teacher loves to watch me getting fucked by the biggest Black Dicks around. Naughty little black cock slut he calls me. I have a BBC addiction and it makes my cunt drip. My Teacher loves to put me on display as I have amazing cocksucking skills. I mean Teacher loves watching me take cock because I won’t let his little dick inside me.  I only let teacher eat my pussy after I get Black men cum in it. I am his cuckold GFE little teen dream. I can put him in his place by telling him that I only want Big black cock ever inside me. He is just a little white boy with a millimeter peter. I need stretching out and 4 inches won’t do it. I can be really brutal with the little dick insults. Do not cross me. I love showing my perfect ass to these men who can not have my cuckold phone sex whore pussy or ass.

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