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I Know You Want Me

I have been told that this Mistress of cuckold phone sex is a bit…shall I say coincided? And why not? I know my pussy and mouth are what your sweet dick desires. I also know if you are wanting to watch my pussy get filled by Jermaine’s big 11-inch cock then you are going to be lapping up his huge cum load off of me. I know how fucking sexy I am. I know that these dick sucking lips are what you want. I hold my beauty far above you and I get what the fuck I want! I want the newest iPhone and a daily allowance. Most of all I want big thick dick to satisfy this young boarding school brats aching cunt!! You are just the man to make sure I stay completely filled up and cleaned up.  How about a session with your youngest cock tease Mistress CJ baby? It is more than just a little play time it’s the best phone sex for your nasty fetishes. cuckold phone sex


Schools In And Daddy Is Cuckolded Once Again

cuckold phone sex

Daddy has gone the whole summer getting little of this cuckold phone sex teen.  I have been so busy running around getting hard body older men at the beach I have been seriously slacking on his cuckolding. SO when I got my new schedule and saw that the Assistant Principle was a sexy black stud of a man, I had an Idea. I dropped my purse and stuck my ass in the air so this BBC hiding stud could see the lips of my cunt from under my skirt.  Mr. Assistant Principles hand came up and grabbed my ass. I guess my slutty whore Rep was known already! Yay! I backed up to him and I saw daddy peeking in the window as I was put on the desk and had Mr. BBC lick my pussy right in front of tiny dick daddy. I even gave him a little wave. daddy was dying to touch his stick dick but couldn’t in the hallway. I loved it when daddy was almost humping the window as I quickly got a load of BBC cum up my tiny sexy twat. I grabbed my purse went to get daddy and told him he could suck the cum outta of my cunt in the car if he put lipstick on for the rest of the day.  Just a little sissy humiliation I will make sure daddy goes full sissy mode later.

Jail House Exhibitionist

exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex Makes me so fucking hot and wet! I never thought my sugar daddy needs would land me in the slammer with so many muscled hot cops staring and ogling my sweet young body. I was just trying to get a ride to go see my sugar daddy and I wanted to surprise him so I got in the car with a big black officer and he was an uncover so when he asked me what I was doing I said I’m going to go turn my ass out to get some spending money. My baby face was not us to be handcuffed so I was surprised it turned me on so much. The next thing I am in a cell right next to a bunch of bad boys. It wasn’t long before I was doing a striptease in front of the women , bad boys and sexy as fuck cops. I was getting applause and the men next door started jerking off to me. I even put my sexy ass up to the bars to get some convict dick before the place erupted and I had to be pulled out of my cell. I guess it pays to be a bad girl. Let me be bad with some erotic role-playing with you tonight.

Humiliation Fantasy

fantasy phone sex

Cuckolding Fantasy phone sex is just a hobby of this teen slut.  WHat my passion is in is cuckolding on the daily. I can not wait to get back to the dorms and be my headmaster’s Mistress again. Sir Robert loves my slutty ways and encourages me to only fuck the biggest and thickest cocks. I have a mouth that was made for those Big Black Anacondas. Sir Robert loves to watch me swallow those BBC and stroke his cock to my demure sexy body. I always make sure I stick my round tight young ass in his face and give him a show as I’m giving those deep throat blow jobs.  My Headmaster just loves it when I tell him his dick is not good enough for this tight twat. I would rather go slumming for a nice big cock than give him my sweetness. Well, If Sir Robert is nice enough I might just ride his cock with my tiny asshole. He does make it so fun to give into his ass fetish. Ad I am always game for putting on the strap and slamming his ass.

Got Dick?

small dick humiliation

I knew you needed small dick humiliation the moment I set eyes on you. That fucking power suit and those ray bans don’t hide shit! You thought a nice dinner and some caviar could get your pathetic excuse of a dick some teen pussy? I have been around the world and I have never seen an itty bitty weenie like that.  Three tiny inches and I can put my pearl ring around it with ease. No wonder you go for power and money because you have never been able to satisfy a women’s pussy with that clit stick! Omg, Its so fucking cute, adorable, baby-sized dick, omg so fucking funny. Not even bite-sized! Get your ass over here so I can at least see if your pussy eating skills are worth training you. Well, You can do better, why don’t you go pick out three nice pairs of my prettiest panties. Yeah, you will be buying me more. We need to go scouting for real dick baby. My fuck holes cannot exist on licking alone now can they?  I bet you have an ass fetish or a fetish for your ass being fucked. Either way, you are now my sexy fucking bitch. Bow to your mistress and procure me large thick cock. Let the cuckolding games begin!

Teen Domination Phone Sex

domination phone sex

Oh Daddy, You ready for this hot teen domination phone sex? I love when you get me worked up and have me lay back and fuck myself so I am good and wet before we get to me dominating everyone around me. My sassy attitude is simmered by you guiding me to finger fuck my sweet tight hole with two fingers. It is not long before you have me scumming for some dope dealer BBC. You want me to get myself out of trouble so I let him fuck me. He isn’t good enough for my pussy. The only thing he is good enough at is having a thick long piece of black dick. It feels good but the whole time he is fucking me I let him know that he is worthless compared to me. He is a poor boy from the hood and the only thing he has going for him is that big black cock he is fucking me with. “Harder and deeper loser. Can’t you fuck with that big thick dick? Are you slow? Fuck me!!!” Yes, I can be a sexy Dominatrix.


femdom phone sex

Femdom phone sex makes my tight teen twat so fucking wet. I mean you are my pretty crossdresser who can’t keep your hands out of your girlfriends’ panty drawer. You keep sending me messages of how sexy you are in your pink panties and bra. How pretty you are my little fuck toy. I want your voice high pitched as we try on panties and put pink lipstick on your sissy fagot ass. Oh, I know I have to force you to be my pretty bitch right? Is your cock that worthless that I need to turn you into a girl? How about you model your panties bra and stockings for me and this huge cock I am sucking? I mean this is a real mans dick after all and it belongs in my mouth. My big dicked friend thinks you are so hot baby he starts fucking my mouth and wants you to watch him shoot his load on my perfect teen tits and have you lick it off. Baby its just a little forced crossdressing and I know you love it. Come play with me.


Your Teen Mistress CJ

Coed Fun

coed phone sexSexy Coed sex is one of my favorite pastimes.  I might be your Teen Dream for cuckolding but I do love as everyone watches me fuck my dorm mate out on the balcony. She has been teasing me and tonight I took her hands above her head and shoved my naked body against her. You will give me your pussy bitch! She whimpered like a kitten as I undid her bra and tore her panties off. I kissed her hard and her lip bled a little from my bites. I bend her over calling her a slutty whore and shoved my fingers inside her. She was soaking wet I knew she needed a good fisting before I even touched her twat with my tongue. She screamed as a crowd gathered to watch me fuck her. She squirted in my face and I turned her so she would squirt down on the crowd below us. I spread her legs wide and slurped and licked like never before. Her moans made the onlookers clap and whistle. I pulled her by the hair into the living room and waited for your arrival. As you sat I proceeded to fist her again and again with my bare slit dancing in front of you. you left my allowance after you jerked your cock. Such a good cuckold for me baby.

I need Big Dick

Small dick humiliationI can’t help that small dick humiliation turns me on.

I need Big Dick!

Is that too much to ask for?

So if you have a clit dick, an itty bitty weenie, I am going to humiliate you.

Plain and simple. I have no time for little dicks , unless of course you want to spoil me and let me fuck the biggest thickest dicks right in front of you. Maybe you should put on some panties you pathetic no cocked loser. Be my flaming fag bag finding this hot teen big humongous cock. Suck and stroke those big dicked men that you are so fucking jealous of, loser.

That stump is not going near my Pussy or ass. I think you should take a nice juicy THICK cock in your man Pussy so you know how my Pussy feels bitch. And if your lucky and buy me nice things I will let you be my cum dump. Lick it out like a good boy


Your Hot Cuckold Teen

cuckold phone sex

You desire to eat the cum from my pussy during cuckold phone sex. I am your hot cuckold teen. You might think that having a young plaything that turns heads is enough, but you want to be humiliated for your small penis and watch me fuck big cocks for you. I want to be drilled as I make fun of your itty bitty weenie baby. You want to buy me expensive gifts and still be told that you are not good enough for me. I understand my pathetic little-dicked pet. You want to worship me and at the same time, you need to be my bottom feeder. I just tell it like it is and I promise to be your cuckold teen queen.

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