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I love Facesitting Full of cum

I only wanted to use him to sit my pretty little pussy on. I mean it doesn’t matter what size of a dick he has if this sexy little slut is just using him to lap my sweet bald cunny right. I love being his face spinner. A few thrusts of his tongue and sucking on my pussy lips has me squirting a river of my hot teen cum in his mouth. Yes, My ass hole and pussy might be a little swollen from the headmasters’ donkey sized dick. All the better for him to soothe my aching bald cunt don’t you think? I mean tiny little Asian body and a big cock that’s what you expect. What you don’t expect is I left his cum inside me for you!coed phone sex

My Sexy Ass Pic Had Him Drooling

sexy ass pic

I loved sending my new cuckolded sugar daddy a sexy ass pic to make him drool and think of me all day in his office. Right away I got a message saying how my ass hypnotized him. He told me how clit stick is was so hard but nobody at the office could tell. What followed would be pure torture for him. I bent over in front of my bug mirror so he could see how swollen his princess’s pussy lips were. The inevitable question… “Oh. Darling, You have been fucked recently for your cuck?” I sent him a video of me spreading my sweet pussy lips so he could see the cum dripping down out of me. I said nothing else and in the exact time it took him to get from his office to my condo he paid for I heard him ring the doorbell. I smiled and answered completely nude. Oh My Cum slut, are you ready to clean my cum filled cunt out now? I laid back and let the man who paid for everything taste another man’s sweet cream out of my tight holes. I mean I have to keep my sugar daddy pleased, don’t I?


Naked In Your Kitchen

coed phone sex

There wasn’t much you could do this Sunday when this coed slut showed up in your kitchen making us pancakes. Your family was out at church and then a picnic. You are a bad boy who chose to stay home so he could see his sexy neighbor tend her rose garden in a tiny dress with her ass showing. I really should not have tempted you flashing my ass and pretty bald pussy all those times. I felt bad and when I saw everyone leave but you, I scrambled over and let myself in. It wasn’t long until you were down with some lotion and tissues expecting to jack off to me. Instead, I did a sexy strip tease and showed you all my naked body even my cute tiny size six manicured feet. I through My arms around you pushed you against the counter and used my talented mouth to suck and lick your shaft until You forcefully picked me up and fucked me against the counter as the pancakes burned. I took all your cum load and gave you a deep kiss as I ran out the side door to my house as your wife and brats pulled up. Have fun explaining those burnt pancakes and smell of sex in the air baby!


Diana Sissy Humiliation Sissy Trainer Extraordinaire

sissy humiliation

Diana Knows sissy men down to a T! This sexy hot milf is the epitome of a sissy humiliation session. Look at her she is all fucking woman and knows he way around small dicked sissy faggots like you. Creaming your panties yet? Sometimes I think her two sissy boys were born into heaven with a sissy trainer Milf like her. Even I would beg under her stilettos. I know you would serve her so well licking the dirt of the bottom of her shoes and begging Mistress to take it easy on you. Diana will not take it easy on you by any means though. Forcing you into little foo-foo ruffled baby doll dresses and tights with flutter panties on. Then her big Bull cocks passing you around to fill your stomach and ass up with so much cum you will be farting it out and belching it for a week. You know if you buck, she has paddles to beat that pale white ass into submission. Go on I dare you to not submit to mistress Diana. That’s right you only need a slight helping to be the gapped ass sissy slut you were meant to be. Her sexy ass knows what a sniveling idiot you become around dominate women like her. Small dick humiliation is what you crave, and she will tell you exactly why you need to be a submissive sissy. Just look at this hot milf, I mean if you need a sissy mommy she can be loving yet dominant as well. Take my word even this genetic female knows that Diana has the sexy pussy you want to drain of all cum. And the big Bull cocks she fucks with leaves my pussy sore for days. SO grab your ice pack, lube and prepare for your ass hole to be annihilated by the one and one Mistress Milf Diana.

small dick humiliation

His Ass fetish Was Insane

ass fetish

His ass fetish was insane. All he talked about was tiny slim girls with big asses. I drove him crazy wearing tiny g-strings and tight yoga pants as I worked out. We had all ganged up and really had him on edge cumming in his pants as we rode those exercise bikes. Making sure that our asses were highlighted and who would make him get that cum spot in those exercise shorts.  I had shot him down so many times I decided to give Mr. Ass (Nicknamed by the club girls) A date. I showed up in the sheerest dress so my yellow thong showed trough. I had fun pretending to drop things and flashing my ass and pussy at him for two hours. I asked him to come up for a drink and he almost flew up my stairs. I giggled and told him I hoped my roommate was asleep. Sure enough, Ron, (not my Roommate) was wide awake sporting the biggest hard-on for his little Asian Cj. I was so happy that Mr. Ass stood there as I stroked all of his 9 inches lovingly and asked if He would like to watch me ride Ron’s cock. I told him where the liquor was and made him take a seat as I bent my perfect ass over to give ahem… Mr. Ass the show of his life. His pathetic clitter stick was out and he was jacking off furiously. Well, He must have came 6 or 7 times. For a tiny cock, he sure could come over and over. Just like I did on Big Ron’s cock! Mr. Ass even enjoyed an after-show creampie curtiosy of my gaping ass hole.

Squirting Mutual Maturbation Stories

mutual masturbation storiesMutual Masturbation stories are the hottest.  I love it when my callers tell this princess slut exactly how to touch my pussy for them. It is so hot; my pussy is getting wet thinking about it. I am told what color of thongs to pick out of my drawer. Slut red it is tonight. Matching high heels are demanded. I feel so sexy. I am asked to make sure my hair is up. I look in the mirror And I know I’m the perfect piece of phone ass for him. He says sit my whore ass on the edge of the bed. “Spread your legs wide, slip your fingers in your panties and spread your sweet pussy lips for me.” I do as I told, I am soaking wet. I am lead through playing with my pussy. We even pick out a nice purple dildo together and I fuck myself silly for him. He tells me how much gooey precum is oozing out of his hard ten-inch cock for me. Rubbing my clit so hard as I squirt this time when he tells me he is shooting his load into his girlfriends’ panties. I love my hot nasty men who love when we get to cum together and my tiny body is racked with pleasure. This shaved wet pussy needs a nice big juicy cock to suck and fuck right now.

Farah The Hot Sexy Woman To Bring You Too Your Knees

hot sexy woman

I know a hot sexy woman when I see one. I love that my all-girls school turned me on to the delights of licking pussy and ass. I happened to attend the sexy and sexually talented Farah’s Closeted sissy boy seminar this last weekend. I could not keep my eyes off her. This is what I needed in my life. A real woman who knew how to bring every man in this room to his knees. I looked about and saw men from all walks of life. And some women who I wasn’t sure if they were a woman but were very passable. As she sauntered across the stage on 6-inch stilettos I could hear gasps and awes from the audience. She told the crowd that her heels were bigger than any of their cocks and dared that even one biological female was in the room besides her. I stood and much to my surprise I was the only one. My pussy was excruciatingly wet, and I knew the mistress Farah has everything to know on me. I was asked to the stage and she whispered in my ear that if I wanted to make 100 sissy sluts cum at once, all I had to do was berate them and tell them just how pathetic their cocks were. I was up to the challenge and I must say my pussy came as I heard every single panty-boy wet his pants with sissy cum stains. Small dick humiliation is so fucking arousing. I have much to learn, but I really wanted in Farah’s panties, Perhaps one day…small dick humiliation

You like Watching my Small Boobs Bounce

small boobs

That’s right baby you walked right in on me fucking Angelo’s big fat dick!  My panties pulled to the side right on our big bed, my small boobs bounced so well for you. You love having this tiny half Asian girl as your girlfriend don’t you. You honestly thought my small body would accommodate your tiny dick. You seem to have mis thought and hired a gardener with a big ass dick by mistake. I didn’t even take my eyes off yours as I moaned as he pumped me over and over. I told you that you could watch or get out. I loved when you started filming me and him fucking. I got wilder and climbed on top to give you great point of view shots as I took his cock deep in my pussy. I figured you would mind me fucking his big cock since you had been calling cuckold phone sex and fantasying about me and another for a while.  Well, now you can watch as your Princess girlfriend gets fucked by a man who can really please me.

cuckold phone sex

Lesbian Phone sex From a Young Escort

lesbian phone sex

I love serving mens cocks in a variety of ways! My best friend from the boarding school often takes me on escort jobs and I pretend I am her little sister. She loves to get really nasty and put on a good show with me. I am always squirting for her. These rich older men love jacking off to her fisting me and me eating her pussy out. We have a client who loves us to be his “daughters” and he always gives us spending money. The only catch is we go shopping with him and buy the most expensive lingerie. We put on sexy shows before our lesbian sex starts and we even buy him some too! Can you imagine a silver-haired old man jacking his cock off in pretty thigh highs and a garter belt? It is so hot to lick my best friends pussy and have her fist my young cunt for him! Of course, we always finish our lesbian fuck session by fighting over who is going to suck his cock better! I love being a young paid for whore! Your sexy princess awaits your cock.

Your Inchworm Deserves Sissy Maid Training

sissy maid trainingThis was going to be a hell of a sissy maid training I could already tell. We are heavy petting and your tongue was in my mouth and your hands under my bra. I slide my hand up your pants and There is no cock at all. I ask if you were in an accident” no it’s there…” you stutter. Then you show me this inchworm of a fucking dick. I start laughing hysterically.  If you think that thing is going anywhere near my perfect pussy you have another thing coming.  I do have plans for little dick losers like you. A pair of silky flutter panties and show me what sissy girl you look like in them. Now a baby doll dress with tights and Mary Janes. I will put you to work doing chores around my house while I invite my girlfriends over to watch you. Now lift that dress and wiggle your ass for us! Here use this ass plug and get back to waiting in real women. Missy Sissy, you missed a spot, my pussy needs good lapping! I really can’t wait till our men friends come over and we can teach you about cock sucking and being our favorite cum catcher baby! Do I need to remind you that your inchworm is now your clit and your ass is now a pussy? Now get back to eating my pussy as I shop for some pretty gifts for me and you on your dime! 


Are you ready for our phone humiliation session?

phone humiliation

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