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Feet for your Meat!

foot fetishes

This teen tramp noticed that a new intern has started working on campus. And boy does he have a thing for my stockings! I noticed him readjusting his package while staring at my legs yesterday. I was wearing my black seamed hose and black high heels. So I decided to close my book and put my bare feet up and give him my sweetest smile while wiggling my cute petite toes. Wiggle Wiggle, then smile as I pulled my hemline higher showing him my tiny black thongs and my peek a boo bald pussy. He cleared his throat as I walked by and slipped a note saying meet me in the janitors closet. I was sitting on a shelf with just my thongs and my hose on when he slipped in. I stretched out my feet and whispered get that cock out. He did and I gave him the most seductive foot job making his average cock shoot a nice load on my toes. “Now Lick it off!’ I half yelled half whispered. Boy did Mr. Intern lick and suck his cum off my toes. I got to finish my classes with cum and slobber toes! I love being a cute tiny tramp with nice feet! Let me be your seductive foot princess.

Cock For My Oral Skills

best phone sex

I am addicted to cock and the sweet taste of cum. It makes my sweet young cunt explode to just to suck on a cock and I can’t wait to get yours in my mouth. You called and I told you how hot, wet and juicy my little pussy had been all day and that I really needed your cock in my mouth. I could hear your chuckle as you said you were wrapping up a few things and take off work early and come straight to me. In less an hour and I was ready and waiting, you were in the living room we both knew what I needed and started to Strip naked for you. Your slacks were off I shoved you in the Leather chair in my living room and got down on my knees in front of you and took your hard cock deep down my throat. Grinding your cock harder and faster in and out of my mouth until you shot your sweet hot cum down my throat and I savored every last drop of it! We spent the rest of the evening with you fucking my little pussy until I was raw! I am so happy you wanted to cum with me! Nobody can take care of that cock like your princess!

Cuckold Confessions

cuckold phone sex


I have a cuckold slut confession to make. As you were boarding the jet this morning, I spied a married man. He was an ordinary fellow shy with a fat wedding band on.  I made my move as my pussy was pulsating at conquering another married man. I bent over to pick up my dropped clutch, oppsie. I flashed him my pretty pink panties and acted embarrassed. My hand on his shoulder as he stopped to help me pick up my belongings. His dick was hard. It was sizable. His briefcase quickly covered it. I turned and pushed up on him and asked if he would join me in the hotel that you paid for baby. I know I am such a big cock slut. I can not help it. My sweet young pussy needs to be stuffed with a nice hard dick from time to time. As you read this his cum is still inside me. I am spread eagle on the sheets that you and I made love in before you headed back to your wife and family. Perhaps when you meet me again It will be in another man’s hotel suite. I hope you are masturbating for me as you read this. Would you enjoy fucking me on another man’s sheets, after another has filled my pussy up with cum?

Love Your Princess,


Fantasy Whore Needs A Cleanup Boy

fantasy phone sex

You want to fuck me, baby? This princess requires large and in charge cock. You better be packing a nice hard cock and know how to use it on my slutty teen ass! See My Sugar Daddy has a kink, and it always involves me wearing my heels for him. He was on vacation with his wife and I was sexting him nude pictures. Just wanted to remind him what was waiting at home after two weeks of a neglectful woman. I put on my favorite heels and sent him a small video of me finger banging my sweet tight hole. No response. So I amped it up and pulled my fingers out of my soaked cunt and sent him a picture of the sperm dripping from my fingers. Three seconds later I could hear him whispering in the bathroom when he called me. Baby, I need to be your clean-up boy save some of that spunk for daddy you hear me? I told him I would find more cum when he got home. I would be full of a load in my pussy and tight puckered pink ass for him. I even sent him a picture of the cock that was waiting for his ass when he got back. Now, who is going to be my kinky cleanup boy until my sugar daddy gets home?

Cuckold Porn Reenactment for My Favorite Daddy!

cuckold phone sex

This sexy princess So My Favorite Big Daddy Rob wanted to see me today to roleplay cuckold porn from ten years ago. My slutty young self is going to vote for the very first time. And Daddy Rob wants me to vote for the Black man. But I had been raised as a snooty little teen republican. Well, there is My New daddy telling me that I need to come back to the election headquarters and take a look at the poll! Only it was a black fuck pole I would be discovering. Well, little did I know Mr. Campain manager had a nice thick black pole I would be servicing. I was instantly drawn to that ebony pole between his legs. And guess who was there? My Besty Erica. Only she couldn’t handle the black man’s pole so I had to train her tight little ass hole for daddy Rob. See Rob Loves his teen queens to ride and suck and take that black dick up our asses for him! We both learned to vote democrat and give daddy Rob Special kisses and Lovins after our discovering the presidential Black polls(Poles) Taste Us, daddy, We had so much fun roleplaying your favorite porn today!

Foot Fetishes Dominatrix

foot fetishes

This hot little cuckold whore knows about your deep ingrained foot fetishes. See My closet full of black beautiful heels. I am going to put these sexy shoes on that you love so much and then let you smell the sweaty leather inside. Doesn’t that make your cock so hard just to sniff my shoes? Now bend over and show me that ass hole. I found cum in my very expensive heels today. I also found three pair of stockings in the laundry covered in your cum.

I think it is time you learned about the other things in my closet. Like my humongous black dildo. Oh, baby you know I love my black cock! Now it is your turn to fall in love with that BBC.

My black Feeldoe is perfect for your sissy feet loving ass! See no straps and no hands as I insert it and drip lube down your ass crack while whipping you with my thin black whip! Those red marks on your ass look so good as I plunge all 8 inches of this strap deep in you. Now come here and kiss these sexy legs and beg for my forgiveness.

Sex Therapy Porn: Your Cum Photographs Well

sex therapy porn

Sometimes the pron on the screen becomes your therapy! But then a hot little cuckold Mistress who finds the biggest dick isn’t being took care of right makes your sex therapy porn into a cream covered teen! See your wife doesn’t understand your porn addiction. She does not know that you need a cute teen to take all 9 mother fucking inches deep inside of her hot teen twat. How could wife understand when she doesn’t even give you a blow job except for your birthday? I, on the other hand, my dear big dicked Married man have a mouth that craves big dick like yours. I will suck it until you almost blow your load and then let you penetrate my tight vagina until you pull out and jizz all over my sweet pussy and stomach. And yes, all on camera so you can watch it over and over until you get another sweet teen hole to please!

Cum Spit For Daddykins

cuckold phone sex

This little whore had a visitor today. My New sexy daddy came to ask me about a very black friend of mine. He was caught with some weed and said he knew me and I would bail him out.  My new daddy is a local detective who decided that I needed to show my sexual relationship with Jerome before he would believe That I knew him. Sucking a black cock in front of Detective Rob was very hot. Rob wanted to know what my actual daddy would say if I was fucking a black cock and sucking it down like the whore I was. Well, daddy would disown me and disinherit this little whore. But Daddy Rob loved how I took that BBC and I even kept getting cum loads of black cock juice and spitting it in his mouth. I told him how good those cocks felt inside my tiny body and just how lucky he was to taste the BBC cum from my spoiled little mouth.

GFE To Tease and Please Me!

tease and denial

I can not help but to want to tease you. I am a petite young slut who wants to have you alone and give you a sexy striptease. Look at you your eyes are bulging. I wonder if I can make your pants budge. Stripping everything off slowly to reveal my sexy red undies and bra. The slow and sultry music as I grind and twerk my little bubble ass. When you get your cock out to stroke I am pleased. I tell you slow and steady baby. I want your cum, just not yet my manly man. I slowly lower onto your lap and pull my panties to the side. My wetness makes you want to fuck me, but I jump up and just show you my pretty pink pussy. Beg for it, baby! I crawl across the floor telling you how much I want to suck your cock I just need to hear how badly you want it! So I will lay back in this chair and play with my sweet young pussy until I believe you really want me sexy man! 

Sensual Lover


sensual Lover

Do not mistake my sensual lovemaking for anything less than cum inducing. I love my men who think they can just fuck my tight teen pussy and mouth with a savageness, but they find something more. Let me take my cocksucking skills to a new level. Sucking and licking and making your cock pulsate in my mouth. Pulling you close to the edge and stopping to nibble your balls and slide my tongue up your ass crack. Sensual can be dirty and hot. Use my perky tits to suck on as I slowly stroke your cock. Its a start of a new week and you need a hard body to edge you and give you the biggest cum shot. I want to show you that my mouth and hands can bring that cock close to an eruption and back several times. And when you pick me up to fuck me and my legs wrap around your waist you will release a strong cum load that you never thought was possible.  Sometimes all a man needs is some sweet lovemaking from his favorite teen princess.

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