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Cunt wet and ready

Sexy legs  I have been in my bedroom playing with my shaved wet pussy. I have been fucking my dildo in every position. I love to get my toy nice and wet from my saliva then my sweet flavored lube. My pussy was soaked while I fucked myself over and over. My ass up in the air ready for a big huge cock to fill my ass hole while I pump myself with my toys. I came so hard earlier but I am always ready for more baby. Come and give me what other guys can’t, I am ready for a warm bath and my little water facet to make my cunt cum again and again. I love to be watched and love to please my man just as much as myself. Come and play with me. I have plenty of time to get my holes fucked.

Best phone sex

Best phone sex  I have been fantasizing about someone walking in on me surrounded by nature playing with myself. Just me, nature, the sun, and my oils. I have been hoping that my fed ex-guy just walks through the door and comes to the back and sees me. I order toys for my pleasure but more so to stare at him. I am crushing so hard for this man. I know he has a big cock. I can just tell. So, today I left a little note. It said come on in and out the back you will have your tip. I was in nothing but sexy little panties that were see threw. He made it out back and I was just about to cum. He stopped me and said he wanted to finish my cunt off. He sat my package down and released his (;

Erotic play

Roleplay phone sex  Roleplay phone sex is so exciting and erotic. I buy Laundré every weekend. When I am on the phone I get to dress up and act out every fantasy. This morning I got to dress up with my girly sissy fag. We did each other’s hair and both got in our sexist little outfits. We took selfies and just enjoyed being so hot. I got my sissy on all fours and enjoyed that tight little but hole. I kept looking over at how sexy her laced knee highs were that it just made me so fucking wet. I put my fingers inside of my wet soaking pussy to use it as lube right on that tight bum hole of hers. I lube it up with my own juices. I fucked, and just pounded that hole. I made her my little whore that needed a good fuck!

Caught Jakcking

Sexy babe

 I didn’t know how to take what happened last night to me. I just started dating this guy and he stays the night at my house about three times a week. But, we never seem to go to bed at the same time. We fuck yes. But, always before we sleep. He stays downstairs and I thought it was kind of weird so I snuck around last night. I tiptoed downstairs to see what the hold up was. And, fucking so be it. He was looking at his phone stroking his damn cock to what I assumed was porn. Walking up to him I didn’t even know what to say. He let me know that he was sorry that he was addicted to porn. So, with that being said I was so turned on by it that I watched it with him. We watched and fucked for hours. Who knew an argument could turn into some kinky shit right?

Give it to me already

Best phone sex   When I hear my name at work being called by my boss. I can’t stop thinking about what it would sound like if he were to fuck me. I have been dreaming, and fantasizing about us together for as long as I can remember. He has a wife and she is so stunning. She can’t be kinky. She is so conservative and I just wait around on the phones hoping he calls my hotline. He knows that I do this on the side. I would turn is simple everyday same-sex shit into beautiful kinky role plays. My favorite little vibrator is right next to me. I am so ready to use it. Is it ok to get some practice in with another man before he gives me his time right?

Dominating me

Domination porn  I needed money so I stole from the company that I work for. Sadly I got caught. I got a knock on my door and it was a very special friend and colleague. He told me flat out with no hesitation that I would be doing whatever he asks me to do. If I don’t obey that he will have me arrested and sent to prison. Who takes over someone like this? Especially one who I thought was a friend. I know that I need to take responsibility for my actions, but how can you blackmail me like this? I did not see this coming. He made me take all my clothes off bend over the table and he pounded every hole and talked down to me the whole time. I had to show every detail of my body. I was so upset. But, he liked that I was upset. So, I kept crying an begging for an outlet. He made me go outside and masturbate. What choice did I really have?

Ass sex porn

Ass sex porn  Ass sex porn has always turned me on. The first time I knew I loved anal and pegging was when I walked in on my big brother. He was watching it and I was captured. Every guy I am with they know how much I enjoy to receive and give. With that being said I made a little porn tape with my co-worker. Let me start out by saying it started hot and ended just as hot. He had never had anything in his ass before. So we got naked and I went straight to sucking his fat cock while I worked my finger massaging his external sphincter. He started to moan. I felt all his fluids bursting after I miked his shit hole. He then took ahold of my pussy slapped it around making me wet. He fucked my pussy hard just the way I wanted. Then, fucked my ass hole he gaped it open nice and wide as I was on all fours. We recorded hours. We took turns smashing each others ass holes.

Happy 4th.

Best phone sex  My family and I for the fourth had a party, and we had been drinking all that day. We watched the fire works on the boat in the lake and it was just so peaceful and fun. I love the lake life, well anyways my sister is a lesbian and she brought one of her guy friends along with her and damn he was handsome, so sexy I knew when we met that we were going to fuck that night,So, we did. We went in my old room that I had growing up and he tore my little pussy up. He bent me over and spit on my pussy and ass hole. Then, started to pound me what was so amazing is that he knew to stick his finger in my ass hole while he fucked my tight pink pussy. My shit was already wet from just staring at him all day, and fantasizing about how is cock would feel in side of me. After, he came I sucked his cock and cleaned him right up. Happy independence day to me (;


Great blowjobs One night stands are not so usual for me, but damn I had the best night. I met this tall fat guy when I went dancing he had an attractive face, so I was okay with going home with him. He told me on the way there he told me his dick was small, and I was just like yea right when guys say that they end up having a dick size of a donkey. I thought well maybe he does have a small dick then I would be happy. I hope he likes humiliation, because I sure do. Well we get there and he tells me he loves dick in his ass and that he loves small play. Bingo I caught a small dick I played with my pussy watching him stroke with two fingers I told him he was ballsy to bring a hot sexy bitch like me to your house not knowing what I would think. He said he knew that I liked small dick he could since it. Well I had so much cock shaming him and making fun of that little useless dick.

Ex sex

 Roleplay phone sex 

 My ex came over and we have been broke up for a few months, but he keeps coming back for me. He just cant get rid of this pussy. I have been craving his cock, but I dont miss him. I want more then him, he doesn’t like that I love phone sex so he left, but anyways, I got him back over and I played with his ass, i love to feel that anal gland it makes my pussy drip. I want to play with your ass like I do his. He eat me out and damn was it good. I love the way he makes me feel when he fucks me in all my holes, its so good I moan and scratch his back and neck, I think of our sex from time to time and just play with my ass hole, and pussy.

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