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I’m the coed tease that guides you in that erotic roleplaying fantasy you have had in your head since the new intern at your office started. You can’t keep your mind off of me, the scent of my perfume even makes you crazy since all you are dying to sniff my pantys and know they will smell delicious. I’m the key factor in those wet dreams and the reason you have to jerk off numerous times while at work when I am around. One day I will walk in on you bending down in front of my locker, after you thought everyone has left, and sniffing my panties from my gym bag. Not only are you sniffing my panties but you are stroking so intensely you don’t even notice my coming in on you. I walk over and gently take my panty from your hand and drop it on your raging hard cock. I lift my skirt and with my hand on the back of your head I push your face into my warm panties over my shaved and moist cunt. You inhale as you bust your load right into the silky panty that you were sniffing so intently before I caught you. I take that panty from you and slip it into your trousers smile and leave.

Erotic roleplaying

Best Phone Sex with Gwen

best phone sexThe best phone sex is with me. I know that may sound conceited. I am just sure I am a lot of fun! No man ever fucks me just once. Now, I say man. I have certain qualifications to be called a man. First, you must be tall and handsome and in shape. I don’t fuck fat boys. Second, to be a man in my world you must be rich. I don’t do broke ass losers. I need a man who can keep me in a lifestyle of glamor. And finally, to be a man in my eyes you must have a big dick. No small dick losers are allowed in my world unless they are my cuckolds or my sissy bitches. Look at me? I am a sexy babe. I deserve cocks, not clit sticks. I want 8-inches or more in my pretty shaved cunt. I am clear about these rules on Tinder, but it never fails. A broke ass loser with a small dick always tries to hook up with me. Do I look like the sort of girl who settles for less than she deserves? Of course not. So, when Tommy arrived last night in an Uber because he has no car, sporting a 4-inch loser dick, I snapped pictures of him for some rate my dick sites. How else is a loser going to learn that he is not in my league unless I properly shame him? Public humiliation drives the point home. So, if you are poor, fat or have a small dick, know you will never fuck me.

Sexy babe for him

Sexy babe 

  I finally made it to my bosses house. We had been flirting for the past week. I couldn’t stop the feeling that I have for him. The skirts that I wore every day of the week suddenly became shorter and shorter. I have been bringing his coffee and doing exactly what he needs. I have just been after the dick. I leaned over his desk to show him my cleavage. He got close to me and leaned in to kiss me. He told me to come over to his house and let him pound my pussy. I needed a raise and he said he would if I gave him my holes. So, I went to his house with my sexy dildo and fucked my self for him. He turned his charm on even more than at work. Getting his cock hard watching me he turned me over and fucked my cunt. I was soaked it leaked over into my ass. He then asked to pound my ass. I, of course, let him. I just want that cock in every hole from now on. For an older man, he sure has a great stamina.

Pussy on his dick

Roleplay phone sex  I put my heels on and made some moves tonight. I went the club and had such a great time. It didn’t take long before I was felt upon. My fishnet stalking was giving me the most attention. After a few shots, I got so horny and I was ready to go home with somebody. Tina my best friend was dancing with me and we had a sexy guy work his way to us. I twerked my ass s all over his cock. I felt his big throbbing fuck stick through his pants I needed it. I told him to take me home and he did. I blew his cock the entire way. I love giving road head. Being drunk I can take those fat cocks very easy down my throat. I made him cum before we even went in. He pinned me against the wall and I started soaking his cock with my cunt. We fucked until we came. I need to go out more.

Role-play fantasy

Roleplay phone sex 

 I love to roleplay being a high-end prostitute with my fuck buddy. Playing pretend is fun, and sexy. I always surprise Tim with new heels and clothing. Last night I was dressed in all black. We went out for some dinner and on the way home he dropped me off around the corner and he “picked me up”. It makes my heart race being a naughty needy whore. He places money in my little purse and takes us home. We stay in roleplay for hours. I give him road head for fifty dollars. Every sexual thing I do for him I make more and more. I act like a well paid sexy little slut. Low key I love being a dirty whore. I get my holes pounded and cash is thrown my way. I rode his cock until he came. What a sexy roleplay right? I just love being used.

Ass up; pussy wet

Ass fetish  I have an ass fetish just as much as you do. I love the way my ass looks up and my pussy is just perfect for you to open. That big cock sliding in and out of me is what makes my days, morning and nights. I strive for cock as much as I can. It is such a stress relief. I want nothing but happiness and a big dick. This morning my neighbor has bee coming over mornings so that he can cum. I spotted him one day while he was getting out of his car. He was in his work out outfit his sweat and muscles turned me on so much that I invited him over. I knew he wouldn’t turn me down. He came over and we fucked it out. He works out extra harder now. I like him so much because not only is he strong he always puts my ass up and records it. So, we can watch for later. He is now starting to come over more so perfect for me. I hope to get his cock a lot more then what I’m getting now.

Erotic play

Erotic roleplaying   Erotic roleplaying sparks my mood even greater each time. Pain and pleasure all in one gives me so much satisfaction. Last week I had realized that I had a thing for my boss. I can’t help the way he and I stare at each other. It has recently become more and more of a sexual desire for one another. We work so much that we never have time to really mess around. Until last night. I went drinking with my girls and I decided to call him and admit my nervousness has gotten in the way of our future sex life. I always flip my hair seductively in the office and show my sexy legs to build up his fantasies of me bending over on his desk. He told me to come over and just relax. So I did. I did just that. I was offered some more wine and great conversation. All of a sudden I was pinned against the wall but very sexy like. He tied my hands and said he has been waiting for this moment. I was tied up for a little while and then I was free after he had banged my pussy a while. I kept his warm cum inside of me and played with my ass fingering my self to him. All the built up sexual tension was no longer there.

My pussy yummy!

Sexy babe  I am your sexy babe who will do anything. I love the way my pussy tastes. My boyfriend came in last night and made it official. But, he knows what kinky little slut I am. He made me promise anyone else that I am fucking I have to let him watch, and that I will always lick my cum off his cock. He said I look so sexy the way I lick up his shaft and taste myself. I got all naked and we started to kiss and right before we fucked we started the shower. He shaved my little clean pussy for me. It was so fucking hot. My pussy and sexy ass got the dick. I was in a much needed horny fuck of my life last night. Making it official was so much fun. Hello!  where are the guys that will love to watch me get gang banged? like him.

Best phone sex for you baby

Great blowjobs   Great blowjobs come from a lot of practice. I have had my mouth wrapped around thick big ones for a while. I love the way I can take them right down my throat with no problem. My neighbor is married and he’s been sneaking over every day just to get some quick head. I don’t mind doing it either. I may look like I would care. But, secretly behind my conservative ways. I do. My body craves other woman’s men. If I know they are married I will always try to fuck one of them. A few months ago all I had to do was ask a question and I winked and that was it. I got him that easily. He has such a great cock to bad his borning wife won’t get the job done. I mean if she was he wouldn’t be coming to the whore’s house next door… Me!

Erotic pleasure

Erotic roleplaying

  I finally went out on a date with a guy who has been bothering about taking me out forever. He works net to me one building over. He seems so kind so I just had to say yes. He’s attractive and so charismatic. He took me to a nice fancy dinner. The entire time I was thinking how bad I wanted him to rip my clothes off and just fuck me. We got cheesecake and wine. At this point three glasses in I was ready. We went back to my place. He is remodeling his home. So, we get back and I get on my bed to pose and be as sexy as I can for him. He plays some music and starts to undress me with his mouth. He was so impressive. He kissed my body and nipples so perfect. As soon as he started to fuck me his phone rang. He ignored in he made me cum so quick and he just kept going. It was so hot. I love a man who can take demand and actually know what he’s doing. After, we got done. He called someone back and it just so happened to be his wife. Go figure right all the good ones are always taken, and I thought I was a whore.

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