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Hot Sexy Woman

hot sexy womanI just arrived at the very private leather and lace party. I feel like a little girl who has been turned loose in the candy store. There is so much to see and explore. There is a fully equipped fetish section, open lounge, group play, and hidden nooks. Oh, there is so much to see and take in and it is making my pussy soaking wet. I saw you totally naked and all tied up to a Saint Andrew’s cross. A very hot sexy woman was rubbing an ice cube up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She was teasing just the mushroom head of your big hard cock with the ice cube. She asks me if I wanted to kiss just the tip of your scrumptious cock. I, of course, wanted to. I could taste your warm salty pre cum on my lips. She leaned over and licked the pre cum off of my lips and then started french kissing me. We could tell how aroused this was making you. You started beginning her to pleasure you. She told you that you would have to wait your turn and then she started kissing on my breasts and sucking my nipples. We could hear you moaning and begging for attention. She reached over and started lightly touching your balls with one of her hands. She took her other hand and started rubbing my hot wet cunt through my soaking wet panties. She then instructed me to start jacking your cock while she finger fucked my

wet luscious cunt.

Erotic Roleplaying and Sex Therapy With Gwen

erotic roleplayingGwen likes to do sex therapy sessions with you. She wants to hear all about your sexual desires and what kind of erotic roleplaying makes your big thick cock get rock hard. Nothing is ever off limits or taboo with Gwen. You are always free to share with her your dirtiest, kinkiest, and wildest sexual fantasies. I will never judge you. The truth be told I am a very kinky girl and your dirty little sexual secrets make my pussy soaking wet with desire. If you dream of fucking sisters Gwen wants to hear about it. If you want to be a sissy slut tell Gwen all about it. If you have a foot fetish or want to role play share it with Gwen. Gwen wants to help you live out all of your wildest kinkiest sexual fantasies, but you do have to tell her what they are before she can help you.

Gwen Takes Her Sissy Slut to a BDSM Party

domination phone sexThere is a BDSM party this weekend and I can’t wait to take you there my pet. I just love to dress you up. I have so much fun doing your hair and makeup. I am going to lead you around by your collar for all to see. Everyone knows that I have the hottest little sissy slut. I am not going to let you wear any panties because I want to be able to lift up your dress and show them your pretty little-puckered asshole and freshly spanked ass. I find it so adorable when your face gets so red because I am exposing you to whomever I choose. I hope to find someone with a giant cock to fuck your tight little ass. I plan on grabbing you by the back of your head and shoving you into my pussy while your ass is getting fucked by a big thick cock. It makes my pussy soaking wet knowing that everyone in the room is watching us. I like watching you get your ass pounded and all the moaning that you do just makes me more excited. Tonight is definitely going to be a fun night.

Erotic Roleplaying with Gwen

I can’t wait for you to get here so that we can have some erotic roleplaying. Amazon just dropped off my latest little sex toy purchase and I am so excited to try it out. I bought the fetish fantasy double delight vibrating double dildo strap-on. So not only do I get to have some fun fucking your tight little-puckered ass, but I get to pleasure myself as I am doing it. I also purchased some new hand and leg restraints. I want to tie you up over the dining room table and blind fold you. I want you to pretend that I am your secretary and could blackmail you at work if you don’t do everything that I tell you too. I want you to pretend that you have no idea as to what might happen next.erotic roleplaying Then I am going to lightly scratch and tease your balls. Watching your big thick cock growing harder by the minute. I am going to put on my new strap-on and ever so lightly press it against your ass. I want to hear you beg me to fuck you. Then I am going to slip it all the way into that tight little ass of yours and play with the different vibrating speeds. I love how it is pounding into my hot wet pussy as I am pounding away on your ass. I start fucking your ass ninety miles an hour as I am getting ready to cum. I came so hard I could see fireworks. You must have cum equally as hard because your cum shot out and splattered all over the dining room.

Sissy Maid Training with Gwen

sissy maid trainingI have so much fun with sissy maid training. I always keep your little cocks in a cock ring because after all once I make the transformation of turning you into little sissy girls you no longer have a cock. You have a pussy instead. Sometimes I like to dress you up in a maids outfit and shove a feather duster up your tight little puckered assholes. I tell you that you had better do a good job dusting and laugh as you are wiggling your ass trying to dust the coffee table. You knocked a lamp off of the end table and that just won’t do. So I have you bend over and place your hands on the coffee table. I have found that my riding crop always helps you to remember to be more careful. After a dozen of well-placed smacks on that ass. I start fucking your ass with the feather duster. You are begging me to release your cock ring and allow you to cum. But I don’t. Instead, I tell you to go do the dishes and leave that feather duster up your ass. Maybe if you do a really good job cleaning I will allow you to come…..only time will tell.

Sexy Dominatrix Gwen

sexy dominatrixYou called and arrange a session with a sexy dominatrix. I told you to be here promptly at eleven o’clock in the morning. It is now twelve and I have not seen or heard from you. I am starting to think that you have chickened out. Then my phone rings and you start making excuses for being late. Which is totally unacceptable. You should have called me at the time of our appointment not thirty minutes later. By the time you finally arrive you have wasted over an hour of my time. I let you know that you will be paying me for my wasted time and this is no longer going to be a sexy domination session, but instead a sissy maid training session. You will be paying for your naughtiness. I have you take off all of your clothes and then put on a super slutty maid outfit with crotch less panties, stockings, sexy high heel shoes, and last but not least some red fuck me lipstick. Then I hand you a feather duster and tell you to start cleaning. Every time you bend over I give you a hard smack with the riding crop. Before long your ass is covered in pretty little red welts. The door bell rings and you go to hide. I tell you you had better get back to cleaning my coffee table if you know what is good for you. I open the door and one of my luscious dark chocolate friends is standing there. He notices you right away and says well Mistress Gwen what do we have here as he licks his lips. You’ll have to call me to find out what happens next.

sissy maid training

Gwen Likes Sissy Whores

sissy humilitation gwen

Life is good at the car dealership what started out as me having leverage has kinda just turned into a kinky game. I get to come and go as I please and still get my full paycheck, but I also get to participate in his kinky sex games. I have always been a bit of a voyeur, but for the most part, my sex life has always been more vanilla. Even having a side job as an escort my clientele has been pretty vanilla. My boss, on the other hand, is a very kinky nasty little man whore. Who knew? How most people see a life coach, he sees a professional mistress. She is like the life coach of his sex life. She dresses him up in little sissy girl outfits that make me giggle. She is pretty wicked with a riding crop and I have to say that the welts that she leaves on his ass make my pussy wet and tingly. I find it erotic to watch a man grovel at her feet while dressed in a pair of pink crotchless panties that she has wedged up his ass. I think I am going to take up sissy training and look I already have one here to practice on.

Gwen Becomes a Financial Dominatrix

sexy dominatrixI still work at the car dealership because I can’t exactly tell the IRS that I am a high-class call girl. But things are about to change for me at the dealership. The current sales manager is a total asshole to me. He is always on my case about being late or calling in sick. He even wrote me up last week because I called in sick but did not have a doctor’s note. I came in early and I mean early enough I had to use my keys to let myself in. I originally thought I was the only one here. I was walking by the back offices when I heard a moaning noise, and that was when I saw my asshole boss dressed in crotchless panties, bra, and fishnet stockings. Not to mention the fact that he was bent over the desk being fucked by some big black dude. I immediately took out my cell phone and started recording everything. I had just won the lotto. That mother fucker was going to be kissing my ass if he did not want his wife and the rest of the world to see his dirty little secret. Hell, I am going to be getting a raise and coming in only when I feel like it. He doesn’t know it yet but I am going to become his financial dominatrix and he is going to be my little bitch.

Golf Course Sex

                                                                                                                    sensual phone sex                  We were on the golf course playing a round. I was of course losing. Not being the most gracious loser. I decided maybe I could distract you. So when the wind picked up I bent over and let it blow up my shirt. I turned my head to see your response. I had made you blush. I decided to take it a bit further and shake my ass at you. You walked over and playfully smacked my ass. I told you I would have a lot more fun playing with your balls instead of golf balls. I reached over and rubbed my hand on your crotch. I could feel your cock getting hard. You took my hand and lead me off the course to a semi-private area. You leaned me up against a tree then you pulled my panties aside and inserted your big hard cock. I wrapped my legs around you as you started thrusting that throbbing cock deep into my hot wet pussy. I let out a little scream as you exploded inside my juicy pussy. I look over your shoulder and see three men starring. Oh well, I guess we gave them a free show!

Business Partner’s Treat

best phone sexI was almost totally nude when you walked into your hotel room. You were surprised and thought you might have gone into the wrong room. I gave you a wickedly little smile and assured you that you were indeed in the right room. Your business partner had paid for me to entertain you for the night. I walked over to you wearing nothing other than my high heels. I told you to allow me to help you get more comfortable and slide off your suit jacket. You started yanking on your tie and I was unbuttoning your shirt. I ran my dark red nails across your chest and sucked on one of your nipples. I could see your scrumptious cock growing hard through your pants. I helped you out of your pants and told you to sit back in the chair. Then I kneeled before you and started licking on your big thick cock. Playing with your balls with my hand before I slide my mouth all the way down your hard throbbing cock. Going deeper every time until my mouth was at the base of your cock. I could feel your cock throbbing in my mouth. Then you exploded shooting your hot salty cum all in my mouth and deep into my throat…

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