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Great sell

Sexy babe 

I got bent over and fucked today by my car salesman. When I went in to sign paper work, he told me how sexy I was and how I needed some cock. I played with him a little bit teased him until he said something to me. I had been staring at him every time i have came up here. He knew I had it for him. I showed off my long sexy legs in my short skirt. He bent me over pulled it up and said whispered how great I felt . I tightened my pussy up as he was thrusting in and out of me. I loved how fast I got his cock. As soon as he came I caught it all over my tits and mouth showed him what a dirty little girl I was. He made a great sell today (;

In me tonight

Sexy babe  Come on and let me take care of you tonight. When is the last time you had someone take care of your dirty thoughts, dirty secrets, tingling dick, and full balls. I have had a long day need some stress relieve I am here for you tonight. Get me to cum and moan in your ear what ever you want. I want to please you fuck my little pussy that i just shaved, its wet craving your attention. My mind wants to wonder my body wants to feel a sensation it hasn’t  felt in so long. I can get fucked and feel okay. I want to feel great hear your voice run my hands all down my soft smooth body to ready myself for the best pleasure I know I’ll get when I talk with you.

Ass and cum

Ass fetish   Ass freaks where are you? My ass hole is going to be spread so far apart for you to put your face in and dick. My body can take so much penetration. Can you? Why don’t we find out I broke up with my boyfriend because he just couldn’t handle me and get me off the way i need to be. I would have to sneak men over when ever he was at work just so I could cum. I am a sneaky little slut I have to say I got away with it every time. And yes I would beg for it in my tight little ass hole. My holes were made for filling. I can guzzle up so much cum its unreal. My body craves the protein baby. Let me show you how much I love to milk that prostate and get my ass hole slammed. Come enjoy me

cum shots

Sexy legs


Every time I know I’m about to have my pussy fucked I take the longest showers. I love to make sure my legs and pussy are so smooth. I need to have sexy, smooth legs all the time. My ass hole and pussy are waxed and I’m just kept up. That’s the kind of woman I am. I am meeting with this freak tonight for dinner. I have slept with him before he loves when I wear my white panties and my pussy almost revealing with a smooth body. We have a lot of fun. Tonight I’m going to show off my sweet little body to him. Make him want to shoot his load all over my sexy ass body. He loves to undress me very slowly and really take his time. His eyed get so big and mouth waters when I bend over to slide my little panties off. By the time he gets them off my little pussy is soaked and ready to take his fat cock in side of me. He cums all over my sexy tits. I want to hear you wanting to do the same.

A night out


 Ass sex porn

   My friends and I went out the other night at this new place we heard about. It did not take long for a photographer to spot me and ask me to take my pictures. The bar we went to had a live band and I knew I was going to fuck the keyboard player. My girls wanted the other members of the band I was okay with that. After they got done playing we were sitting down and they asked us what a bunch of sexy ladies were doing in this bar. Well we enjoy meeting new people and if we like what we see then we are down to party have a good time and fuck. They invited us back to the house, they had every instrument it made my pussy wet. The photographer that I met before hand happened to live with them. We did a photo shoot the next day. The keyboard player called me in his room while everyone was drinking and talking. I got down on my knees and started sucking his dick. Well it was small very small he wanted me to laugh at it so I did. How fucking funny, small little dicks he put it inside of me and I couldn’t even really fill it. What a joke but at least I got my sexy pictures.

Need to fill me up

Mature phone sex

 I just know you cant keep your eyes off my ass. Every where I go i just get stared at. My sexy co worker loves to come over and and gape my holes with his big cock. The other night he stayed over and fucked me for hours he will tie me up and fuck whatever hole he wants. Want to know his favorite ? My little pink ass hole. I think its sexy too I have to say I take pictures of it and fuck myself to my own pictures. He even lets me fuck and lick his ass hole. My strap on opens him nice and wide we love to use it on each other. If you love mature phone sex and fucking my holes and letting me fuck yours i’m ready for you.

Men These Days

sexy women masturbatingIf you can’t buy me a fucking martini and have a decent conversation with me then just fuck off.
What is wrong with these men that have small dicks and can’t keep up with a woman like me ? If you can great, lets chat and have some fun. When I get off work I enjoy a nice book , wine and some great head but I haven’t had any in a little awhile. Is this the generation where men think they have it all figured out they don’t have to put any work in? I get off to my callers more so then the real thing. I guess someone will eventually prove me wrong right ? Who knows if not It’s great I have phone sex might as well fuck my self for now.

Late Nights

best phone sexTonight all I can think about is getting double penetrated I just bought my double sided dildo to use tonight with my fuck buddy when ever he gets off work we will both be using it. I really just want to bent over dick in my pussy and dildo in my ass. I haven’t done it yet can you believe that? If you are interested ill let you know how it went. The thought of another man getting that prostate milked while I orgasm is the best feeling. Wouldn’t you agree. I need passion and a great fuck to make my days and nights. If you need a girl to make you sleep better I’m here. Let my mind, thoughts, and voice stimulate that mind and cock.

Hot Sexy Woman

hot sexy womanI just arrived at the very private leather and lace party. I feel like a little girl who has been turned loose in the candy store. There is so much to see and explore. There is a fully equipped fetish section, open lounge, group play, and hidden nooks. Oh, there is so much to see and take in and it is making my pussy soaking wet. I saw you totally naked and all tied up to a Saint Andrew’s cross. A very hot sexy woman was rubbing an ice cube up and down the sides of your big hard cock. She was teasing just the mushroom head of your big hard cock with the ice cube. She asks me if I wanted to kiss just the tip of your scrumptious cock. I, of course, wanted to. I could taste your warm salty pre cum on my lips. She leaned over and licked the pre cum off of my lips and then started french kissing me. We could tell how aroused this was making you. You started beginning her to pleasure you. She told you that you would have to wait your turn and then she started kissing on my breasts and sucking my nipples. We could hear you moaning and begging for attention. She reached over and started lightly touching your balls with one of her hands. She took her other hand and started rubbing my hot wet cunt through my soaking wet panties. She then instructed me to start jacking your cock while she finger fucked my

wet luscious cunt.

Erotic Roleplaying and Sex Therapy With Gwen

erotic roleplayingGwen likes to do sex therapy sessions with you. She wants to hear all about your sexual desires and what kind of erotic roleplaying makes your big thick cock get rock hard. Nothing is ever off limits or taboo with Gwen. You are always free to share with her your dirtiest, kinkiest, and wildest sexual fantasies. I will never judge you. The truth be told I am a very kinky girl and your dirty little sexual secrets make my pussy soaking wet with desire. If you dream of fucking sisters Gwen wants to hear about it. If you want to be a sissy slut tell Gwen all about it. If you have a foot fetish or want to role play share it with Gwen. Gwen wants to help you live out all of your wildest kinkiest sexual fantasies, but you do have to tell her what they are before she can help you.

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