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Get More Addicted

Phone humiliationThat’s right, get more addicted to me. Every part of me is perfect, but you already know this, don’t you loser?! Big lips, big tits and a big juicy ass, let’s have some wild and dirty phone sex so that you can beg to play with every sensual inch of me! I’ve put so many boys under my spell, my ass rules you! I know that your pathetic cock is getting all twisted up just thinking about me and all of my sexy goodness! I love having domination over you and watching how you’re weak at the knees while you worship me! I live a high-end lifestyle so you fucking better be able to keep up and please me exactly how I want to be pleased! Beg to pay me, beg some more, send me as much as you have, serve me, send some more! It’s really that simple and that’s all you’re good for anyways! You’re the luckiest loser around to even be able to talk to me! Contributing to my perfect life makes your life worthwhile. I love humiliating you in the best of ways!

Fund My Shopping Spree

Hot sexy womanYour wallet wants to come along for the ride with me as I shop at the mall all day long on my sexy shopping spree! All I need are your funds, so be a good little bitch boy and had over your credit cards, I promise you that I won’t be nice to them! In fact, I plan on using and abusing your bank accounts as much as I possibly can! That’s just how it goes when I have my financial domination over your pathetic loser ass! Lucky for you, it makes you horny as fuck and your cock starts to throb as you get me anything and everything that I fucking want! Whatever my wishes are, you make them come true, and that’s all you’re good for! Know your place in my life as my personal piggy bank that I have access to whenever my heart desires. Be my good boy and listen to everything that you mistress goddess tells you to do!

A Fetish For Spoiling Me

Fantasy phone sexIt’s literally exhausting being this good looking. Always having to reject losers, always getting gifts and whatever I want, ugh it’s a tough life! Whether it be my intoxicating eyes, my perfect lips or casual cruelty, there is always something that’s pulling you toward me and making you want to cash out on my fine ass! I am such a sexy tease and you fucking love it! If you have an inadequate dick then you should be bowing down to me like a good little loser pay pig is supposed to do! I bring out the best yet the worst in you and it drives you fucking wild! You’re my new cuckold in the making and it’s so sexy! I had a feeling that you were a freak like me, now prove your worth! You love the cuck funded lingerie that you put on to my body, you know that I look amazing as fuck! It’s your job to keep a smile on my face so you better fucking do it! I’m gong to make you pay to listen to me getting filled with cum by a delicious cock while we have dirty fantasy phone sex. Be my perfect slave and shut the fuck up while you do everything that your perfect goddess says!

Help Me Suck Off My Man

Hot sexy womanYes, you heard me correctly. I want you to be the good little loser bitch boy that you love to be to me and get on your knees and use that mouth of yours to help me suck off my boyfriend’s big throbbing cock! I know you feel super fucking lucky that I am even giving you the blessed privilege to be able to engage in such a sexual act with me, especially when my man is involved! You’re such a fruity ass bitch boy and have been begging for months now to taste how delicious his dick is, especially after he’s done fucking me while it’ still dripping in my pussy juices and creamy cum! I know your sweet spot is to be my cuck that does anything that I say and allow! I’m gonna be sucking and stroking his shaft and I want you to deepthroat his large balls while they smother your face! Fucking suck on them, spit on them, juggle them around with your tongue. You better fucking impress me and show me why I made the good decision to let you indulge in my boyfriend’s perfect manhood! I control that little worm between your legs, the only exciting thing in your pathetic and disappointing life is me! I give you purpose! You’re addicted to me so give me your sweet surrender and guzzle my man’s cock cream down your throat!

Love It When You Call Me Daddy

Cuckold phone sexI know that your perverted ass just finds it so hott that I make you call me Daddy, don’t you?! Yeah, that’s right, my ass owns you! Imagine being my pathetic cuck, the one that caters to my ever need. Now keep stroking that fucking hard ass cock for me! But did you really think that I would be talking to you all for fun? Haha, the answer is no, I would never! See you may want me as bad as you do but I only want you for your cash, cold hard cash! Money bitch sounds so much better than pay pig, don’t you think?! You not only think about me but you live and work for me, you have dedicated your entire existence to me! Call me Daddy while you tell me how much you love me! Tell your Daddy how rock fucking hard I make your dick! All my men treat me so well, wouldn’t you love that honor! Sex with me is so amazing, you need a bad girl like me to blow your mind!

Shaved Wet Pussy In The Bath

Shaved wet pussyI love relaxing at the end of the day with a sexy, warm bubble bath! The way that my shaved wet pussy feels as the water slips in and out of my tight slit is so yummy, it drives me wild. My big ass titties are like flotation devices as I roll around in my relaxing jacuzzi jet bath tub! Finger fucking myself feels so damn good, especially when I sit myself on one of the strong jets as it shoots in and out of my tight holes, tickling my clit and g-spot and and sending chills up and down my spine! The jets are so strong, they make me squirt cum so fucking hard! I really enjoy having that sensual one-on-one time with myself when i’m able to play with my insides while having multiple orgasms in a row. Do you want to come and join me while i’m taking my sexy bath? I would love for you to hold the removable shower head on my pussy while making me moan and feel ultimate pleasure! Be a good boy and do as you’re told and come and guve me a helping hand, or two, hehe!

Craving Cock Cream

Sensual phone sexI’ve been a bad girl, I was so bad, please punish me with your throbbing cock! Ram my face with it, choke me out, I want to suffocate on your hard fuck stick. Don’t make love to me, treat me with more aggression, more harshness. Use and abuse my sloppy wet mouth hole, I want to be a sex object in your hands, submissive to you and your wants and needs. Deposit all you’ve got deep into my throat, shoving yourself more and more down my esophagus. I look so pretty when i’m all fucked out, just how I like it! Every inch of you is ingrained into my mind. The only thing that you are good for is pampering me how I want and giving me everything that I deserve! Bust your big load of delicious cock cream all over my pretty lips, they looks so juicy when they’re smeared in your cum! Make me beg for every last drop of your delicious fluids!

Birthday Party Cock Suck

Great blowjobsI went to one of my friend’s little sister’s family birthday party, so of course the entire party was packed full with all sorts of family members! As always, I was the hottest girl there and was the center of attention, I can’t help it that I have such a magnetic attraction especially when i’m not even trying! All of my friend’s male relatives were obsessed with me, all trying to get their personal one-on-one time with me to chat me up. Well, out of everyone there, I kept eyeing her sexy ass younger looking Uncle, he was a yummy piece of eye candy and I wanted to get a taste! He was eye fucking the shit out me so I knew for sure that the feeling was mutual! The two of us were finally able to slip away from the party into the back of the house where we started getting nasty with each other in the little birthday girl’s bedroom, talk about forbidden, haha! He was so fucking hott though, I had to have him and I always get what I want! His cock was so big and yummy, I loved sucking and slobbering all over him, making it drip down on to his balls! The way he skull fucked my face balls deep while I gagged on him was so sexy! He sure knew how to work me, placing his hand on the back of my head as he shoved me down deeper and deeper on to him. His nut was delicious, creamy and milky as it slid down my esophagus. I guzzled down every last drop of his gooey baby batter! We went back out to rejoin the party and acted like nothing happened, it was just our dirty little secret!

You Don’t Need Your Wife, You Need Me

Fantasy phone sexI fucking love having fantasy phone sex with you, trust me, i’m going to ride that big ass cock of yours much better than your wife ever could. Look at me, i’m fucking perfect and you are so damn blessed to even be able to have the opportunity to touch my body, let alone penetrate me deeply! I need a good spanking, i’ve been a very bad girl! Ruining a man with my perfect pussy makes me feel so warm inside! Whether you want to keep me your dirty little secret of a mistress or flaunt me in front of your stuck-up cunt of a wife, i’ll be there to suck and fuck you like a real woman should! I’ll show you a few things that you’ve never done before, I know that my perfect, wet little pussy slit will have you daydreaming about me non-stop, making your dick hard as fuck no matter where you’re at! Shoot your big load of cum all over my large boobs, that’s so sexy! Fuck me good and i’ll fuck you even better!

Sucked Off My Study Buddy

Great blowjobsI remember this one time that I was paired up with a sexy nerd in one of my college classes to be study buddies together. We met up after our class one night and I decided to have some fun with him. I’m clearly way out of his league and he knows it so why not stir up the pot, I love doing the unexpected! He’s always super nervous around me, I can tell that the poor guy has absolutely no idea how to behave, let alone talk about anything other than what we’re studying in our textbooks, haha! His big bulge in his pants has been quite mysterious to me and I wanted to explore beneath his zipper! I came off really forward and just went for it, he was taken aback but didn’t oblige to anything that I was doing! Wow, what a pleasant surprise it was to find out that his cock and balls are monstrous! Of course I dove right in and devoured them with my wet tongue and plump lips, perfect for sucking a thick, rock hard dick! It didn’t take him long to want tot bust his huge load of cum down my throat as he was skull-fucking me deep! He tasted rather yummy, I know that I rocked his world! This was most likely the greatest moment of his entire existence! We got back to our studying and were able to focus so much better after our naughty break time!

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