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Phone sex therapy

Phone sex therapyAs you already know, one call with me is not nearly enough to feed your sex addiction. I’m hard to resist baby, this I know. You already know that calling me for some naughty phone sex therapy is the only way to find a cure. There is an insatiable sexual appetite within you for deep and meaningful intimacy, that of which you have not been able to find in anyone else. Share with me your life stories all night long. Perhaps sex won’t be the goal and instead an added bonus between the two of us. Whether you are married or not, we all long for the way it feels to be given attention and the time of day. Some flavors can tend to manifest in very interesting ways but i’m here for it. First off, you must admit that you are intrigued. I have brains, beauty and confidence.. what do you bring to the table?! I’m the mastermind therapist and you are here to be recognized. My treatment options usually tend to be humiliating to my client in some way. I am the only one who can offer you what it is that you are seeking. Your untamed infatuation with sexual deviancy turns me on, I must admit. The truth can be hard to face but it’s time to accept it. Some refer to me as a controversial genius who keeps you on edge, but don’t worry… I won’t let go. 😉

White cock isn’t as bad as I thought

Sexy ass picI can’t believe how envious my caller was of all the nasty fun that I have with my Big Daddy King’s big black anaconda cock. He saw my sexy ass pic and wanted a chance to prove to me what he had packing as well. Even though he’s a white boy, he had a long ten inch dick. He told me he had a fat shaved boner and a fat wallet, just like BDK. I still wasn’t 100% convinced. I needed him to prove his worth to me so I stripped him down and ripped off his pants to unleash his so called white python. I love black dick but I’ve always been intrigued by caucasian men too, a little swirl never hurt anybody lol. I was a little taken aback when I finally got up close and personal with his cock, it was indeed pretty large. He was begging to taste my pussy after I bragged about how good my Big Daddy King eats me out and licks me all over, he wanted to indulge in my delicious juices as well! I let him shoot his shot and I wasn’t disappointed! I bounced my sexy slit on his face and sucked his dick at the same time, his nutsack slapped against my chin and he busted his load of cum down my throat. He was pretty yummy, I must admit! It’s nice to know there are huge white dicks out there as well that are eager as fuck to have some fun with my fuck holes.

Millionaire facials from Big Daddy King

2 girl phone sexBig Daddy King had some super naughty 2 girl phone sex with me and my sexy latina mami Loretta. My living legend has been working his ass off overseas, closing multi-million dollar deals and expanding his businesses immensely.. he works very hard to make bank and keep his sexy princess spoiled as fuck! I wanted to surprise my BDK with a special present so I went and picked up Loretta in my brand new Porsche that my Daddy bought for me a few weeks ago. She was soooo excited to finally be able to meet my prominent Big Daddy and his monster anaconda cock that I can’t stop bragging about! I went ahead and bought some new lingerie for the two of us to put on for BDK, I know how much he enjoys me in my skanky little outfits so I can only imagine how obsessed he’s gonna be with her and I both together wearing our naughty bra and panties. When we pulled up to my palatial mansion her jaw was dropped, she couldn’t believe her eyes and that this entire property was all mine! I wasn’t lying when I said my King spoiled me rotten! The interior made her even more awestruck, everything encrusted in gold and diamonds… it’s unlike anything she has ever seen! We glided up the sprawling staircase and I opened the huge french doors leading to the master suite where Big Daddy was sound asleep. He looked so fuckin sexy underneath the white silk sheets and his monster cock was outlined perfectly, he stays rock hard and throbbing even in his dreams! Loretta and I slipped into the bed on both sides of him and gave him soft kisses to wake him up to his hott surprise that he had waiting for him. His eyes lit up when he saw his gorgeous goddess and my best friend loving all over him. We showed him our sexy lingerie and he loved that I had them custom-made to say ‘Property of Big Daddy King’ on the pussy. We gave his delicious monster dick a tongue bath, hearing Daddy moan with pleasure only makes us hornier and wetter! When he was ready to bust that liquid gold for his naughty little girls, he pushed our faces cheek to cheek and we stuck our tongues out eager as fuck for that tasty cock cream. Big Daddy King exploded all over and gave us millionaire facials, we both looked so fuckin hott smothered in his godly cum. It was trickling off of Loretta’s dick sucking lips and I couldn’t help myself but to suck it off! BDK deserves to have the best of the best, that’s why he keeps sexy hot women like me and my bestie Loretta around to please him at all times! I love being his nasty little sugar baby princess!Sexy hot women

Your face is my throne

Ass fetishYou have quite the ass fetish, don’t you dirty boy?! Well today is your luck day because I am going to punish you with my sweet booty and delicious pussy. I am going to dominate you baby because after all, your face is my nasty throne! You fuckin love how I bounce that ass on your tongue and grind my dripping wet cunny slit on that sexy jawline of yours. You beg for me to let you taste me deep… you’re so fuckin cute when you beg! I throw my body back on you so hard, I have your entire skull sore from taking all the sexual pressure that I put on to you. While you’re eating my pussy baby I wanna grab on to that dick and play with it. Sucking, spitting, slobbing and choking all over it… you have my mouth sloppy wet and my eyes watering while we sixty-nine one another. My saliva is stuck from the tip of my tongue to the tip of your cock and you love the view! I use both of my hands and stroke that dick, take care of that dick and love all on that dick. Meanwhile, my pussy juice is squirting out all over you and you’re guzzling me down… you love that shit! Consider yourself lucky to be smothered by my perfectly round booty!

Sexy bad bitch

Fantasy phone sexI’m a sexy and bad little bitch, but you already knew this! You need to know your fucking place and if you don’t already know it then it’s about time that you learn… don’t ever forget it either! I love having mind and dick control over you and you can’t help but give in to all of your temptations. Degrading you gives me the utmost pleasure. I’m going to expose you for who you really are, a sick pervert with sissy urges. Let me ruin you, i’ll be the devil on your shoulder that’s persuading you to keep drinking the poison, hehe. Don’t worry, i’ll be encouraging you right along to get all dressed up for me in my sexy panties…you’re about to be exposed for who you really are! Those true colors and intentions are about to shine brightly, sweetie. You’ve kept your depraved taboo fantasies hidden for so long, it’s time for them to come to light! You need only what I am able to give because no one else can do it like this sexy Goddess can. You’re going to be my loser pay pig forever and ever, so give in and risk it all while we have fantasy phone sex! 

Off to the Bahamas with my Big Daddy King

GFE phone sexMy Big Daddy King just got back from a month long business trip in Japan, closing multi-million dollar deals and raising his net worth even more! No one can stack their money and make their bank account explode like my living legend does! As a welcome home gift during GFE phone sex, he told me to look out of my bedroom window and just as I did, a gorgeous and brand new murdered out Porsche pulled up into my driveway! It was all wrapped up in a pretty bow and it was all mine! BDK always gifts me with top of the line expensive things… and best believe it was all decked out in the most high-end detail! He calls me his Porsche Princess, rightfully so! My living legend King had me drive over to the airport in my sexy new whip, I looked so fucking hott in it. He has the most exotic taste when it comes to cars! Big Daddy said he had a surprise for me when I arrived onto his gold encrusted private jet.. all he had told me prior was to pack bikinis, heels and diamonds… I knew I was in for some fun! There’s a photographer in the Bahamas that is dying to do a photo shoot with me and my sexy Sugar Daddy King and we were about to fly out there to have some erotic one-on-one time with one another and enjoy a tropical vacation, just like how we deserve! I was so fucking excited, I kissed all over my my King’s monster anaconda cock through his jeans with my dick sucking lips. His dry cleaner alwaysssss wonders why he has a rainbow of lipstick prints all over his expensive designer pants lol. We turned on instagram live and hastagged our entire way to the Bahamas.. we love making everyone jealous as fuck of us! I sucked that perfectly huge cock while staring up into his eyes, he loves looking into my soul while I deepthroat his millionaire anaconda. Big Daddy King said he had one more surprise for me that was extra special and only I deserved something of such a high honor. I opened up the gift bag and wrapped all nicely inside was his NFL jersey, the same one he wore when he won the Super Bowl! He said it was all mine and had me put it on right then and there, tying it up underneath my big boobs, it looked perfect! My sexy stomach was showing and my long dark hair was draped over the fabric, he couldn’t wait to fuck my perfect pussy any longer! BDK bent me over and gave my big booty the spankings that I deserved while he plunged his big black cock deep inside of my wet, tight little slit. I screamed out to ‘Cum inside of your naughty sugar baby pussy that’s all property of BDK, baby!’ and be exploded his golden cum all up into my hott body. I love being his nasty cock-worshiping goddess, I am the luckiest girl in the whole entire world!

Your little Princess

Princess phone sexI’m a very dirty girl with a very dirty mind and princess phone sex gets my pussy so fucking wet! It makes me so horny to be worshiped, spoiled and satisfied like how I deserve to be at all times. You better drain your fat wallet in order to make me happy. I really don’t care if you go broke for me, I want all the happiness and riches in the world! A Goddess like me is the hottest to ever walk the planet! My big tits, tiny waist and juicy booty have you wrapped around my finger which is exactly where you belong! I’m a real nympho and it turns me on to have a naughty pay pig weak at the knees for what I got! I have something very special for you and I can’t wait for you to explore to find out what it is! Fulfill my fantasies and beg for more, my pleasure is your reason for existence. Plus, you’re so cute when you beg. 😉

Voyeur vixen

Voyeur phone sexA cock worshiping voyeur vixen in the truest form, that’s exactly what I am. So soft, sweet, sensual, petite and ready to please, I love being watched by horny perverts as I get my pretty mouth filled up with fresh cum. I am so fucking eager to taste, to worship, to please… there’s just something so undeniably sexy about a throbbing hard ass cock that sends me over the edge! My intoxicating eyes gaze up at you as you watch me swallow you down, our audience cheering us on. My warm tongue gives you a bath as I lick all over your shaft and nut-filled balls. I consider myself to be the hottest cum slut around and you couldn’t agree more. The way a pulsating boner tastes, smells, feels and swells in my mouth drives me crazy. I love knowing I am the Goddess who has pleased you by receiving that full load all over my face and deep down my throat. Shove it inside my tight pussy and make my booty cheeks clap against that huge cock. Wrap my lustrous, soft hair around your strong hands and skull-fuck my pretty face until i’m smothered in cream. You’re gonna have me guzzling down every last drop, baby. Let me taste it, wear it, revel and bask in it. I need your cock soooo bad, shoot your load all over your sexy cum dump as I make a mess with my squirt! Voyeur phone sex with you is the best… 😉

Cum guzzling hotties for BDK

2 girl phone sexWhen you fantasize about having the best 2 girl phone sex, we pop into your mind and give you an intense craving that you can’t resist. I told my Big Daddy King all about the nasty fun that Loretta and I love to have together. We are both addicted to guzzling down cum and I’ve been so spoiled with my BDK’s delicious millionaire nut… I’m always bragging to her about how he lets me slurp down his perfect anaconda cock anytime I want! She’s soooo envious of me and said she wants to worship and taste the Living Legend’s liquid gold for herself. Her cocksucking skills are just as good as mine, we’re both deepthroat fiends and obsessed with huge black dick inside of us! Our wet mouths keep it filthy and sloppy… the nastier the better, just how he likes it! Big Daddy King has high-class taste and deserves only the best cock suckers, that’s why I want Loretta to come over to my palatial palace so that I introduce the two of them and we can all become acquainted, hehe. She’s a hott latina princess and I love tasting her juices off of my King’s cock… she makes me so wet when I hear her moaning and speaking Spanish! I’m more than willing to share BDK with her sexy ass, after all, he has more than enough BBC for the both of us! She is well aware of how much my Big Daddy loves to spoil me and wants in on our naughty GFE phone sex action. 😉GFE phone sex

Small dick versus BBC

Cuckold phone sexHey there you little dick, do you like what you see? Sure, we can have some super kinky fun together but just so you know, I’ve got a couple friends coming over soon to play with me. No worries, though, maybe if you’re a good boy we can all party together! Oh, but wait… you thought I meant it was my girlfriends that were stopping by?? Haha! Hell no, i’m the only bitch invited to this fuck fest. The sexy guys that will be here soon are big, black, buff, and hung like a motherfucker, just the way I like ’em! You wanna be let in on our fun?! Just be a good boy and stand back while the real men take charge of me. It’s okay, you can kick back and watch while I get fucked by delicious BBC! You can even jerk yourself if you don’t mind how puny your little pencil dick looks next to those huge slabs of thick dark meat. Don’t be surprised if they mistake your peen for a clit and want you to get on your knees to service their huge monster cocks! Open wide and eat their big clumps of jizz out of my tight cunt. Just remember, you were warned sweetie! I get so fucking horny whenever we have cuckold phone sex together!

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