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Sexy Cucky

Femdom phone sexDarling, can I call you Cucky in public? Because that is exactly what I am going to do. We are going to take a casual walk to the bank, it makes me wet as fuck every single time you make a deposit into my account! Just talking about it is making my temperature rise! I’m not even surprised anymore by the amount of small dick losers that I talk to, anxiously awaiting their chance in line to serve me like I deserve to be served. All I have to do is crack a smile and I have men dropping at my feet like dead flies, it’s amazing! You day deserves to be filled with hard work and sacrifices made for me. My bank account is never high enough and yours is never low enough. You will do what I say and keep sending me tributes until I am fully satisfied, which will be never! I love having financial domination over you and it drives you wild to have me as your sexy findom goddess!

Mean and Spoiled

Tease and denialBeing mean to men comes so naturally to me, haha! I really can’t help myself though, it’s so much fucking fun and it’s way too easy! I can’t fucking stand sissy men, good boys always pay up without having to be told. I love draining weaklings first thing in the morning, it should be a sin how much I enjoy it! All I want to do today is talk dirty while you slave away at work like a good boy should for his sultry slut. Throughout your day you always miss me, my voice, my control, my humiliation, I am truly unparalleled to anyone else!  I am able to taunt the fuck out of you with doing the bare minimum, it’s great! I am living, breathing art and you shall always obey and treat me as such! Just the thought of talking to me and being next to me gets your heart racing, your palms sweating and your mouth watering, catering to me is your drug! I’m ready to mind fuck you dry, hehe! Tease and denial with you is too much fun!

Feeling Feisty

Edgeplay phone sexI’m in a very feisty mood today and I want you to so do something original to capture my attention. You want my undivided attention so fucking badly, don’t you?! Well why don’t you send me a tribute and jerk off then eat your cum like the good slave that you are! You will cum like a loser while humping your pillow the way that I tell you to do so. What have you done for me lately? If the answer is nothing then you better figure out what you can do to better my life rather than being a stalking nuisance! Your balls are sore from holding in so much cock cream, does my little loser want to cry about it?! Go ahead and cry like the bitch that you are, put your face on to my feet and tell me how mean I am to you! You’re only good for having a limp dick and an empty wallet so you better get to worshiping to my superiority!

Pure Ecstasy

GFE phone sexPush me up against the wall, sink your teeth into my skin and kiss my neck, your hot breath in my ear telling me how fucking irresistible I am, your fingers slipping in and out of my wet pussy slit as you whisper for me to cum for you. That to me is pure ecstasy, when you fuck me like you’ve missed me. Don’t even say a word, devour my body with all of the fire that I see in your eyes, your hand on the small of my back as we move to our own rhythm. My legs are wrapped around your waist, my heels on the back of your ass as I pull you even deeper into me. Let your lips dance between my creamy thighs and then let your tongue tango with my lips. I drive you absolutely wild as i’m wearing nothing but stilettos and a smile. Pretend you’re on death row and I am your last meal, consume me completely! This isn’t my first rodeo but I am going to ride your face like it is. Growl my name when you bust your huge load of cock cream for me, I want you to be my dirty sexual deviant! I’m quite a catch and you should feel beyond blessed and lucky as fuck to have the pleasure of giving me so much pleasure, just like how I deserve! It’s so fucking sexy to have GFE phone sex with you, babe!

Pussy Pleaser Humiliation

Phone humiliationBeing submissive to me is a personality, you either want to give yourself to a dominant, sexual goddess like me in any way that you can or you just don’t. Your mouth is a pussy pleaser and my clit is going to invite you in to play! Every time you have a thought about your cock entering up into my goodies, I want you to pay me! Sorry but I value my time way too much to be conversing with men for free, haha fucking pathetic! You should be on your knees thanking me for this opportunity to please your nasty, sexual whore! You don’t want more of me, you need more of me, don’t lie to yourself! You can’t control your fetishes, can you?! You start salivating as soon as you see my sexy ass! You’re a freak so you’re going to get treated like one! I know it hurts, you know i’m going to quench that naughty thirst of yours!

Rub My Feet And Fuck Me

Foot fetishesMy sexy and perfect feet are my sweet spot, to say the least! I absolutely love having them rubbed and played with, licked and sucked on, that shit makes me so horny, especially when you’re doing it while we are fucking! They’re like my second g-spot, it feels so damn good and I get so turned on by how nasty you want to get with me! It’s so sexy how much of a naughty foot fetish you have, I want to see how dirty you really love to get with my set of yummy soles. I want to fuck your mouth with them, slip and slide your tongue in between my toes, tickling me and making me giggle with pleasure, I seriously love that shit! My pussy gets wet as fuck from the sensation, it sends chills up my spine! Massage my calves and ankles while you smother yourself with my feet! Bask in how delicious they are and use them to stroke your throbbing cock! Shove your shaft deep up in to me, stretch my lips out with your hard ass dick! I want you pounding my fuck hole while you obsess over my soft, silky feet! When you make me orgasm, it will be so much more intense and i’m going to squirt juicy cum all over you! It will splatter all over my creamy thighs, I want you to lick it up! Can’t wait to get kinky as fuck with you and all of your fantasies!

Pay My Rent You Loser

Erotic roleplaying I’m a sophisticated hottie with some deliciously creamy thighs and I deserve to have all of my rent and bills paid for by your loser ass! I know you can’t resist me and I know that you love to do whatever I say. You’re my weak loser boy sugar daddy that never gets any sugar, haha I love being a sexy ass bitch to you! Having my cake and eating it too is the best. Your fetish is my gain! I’m your reason for living, so keep on destroying yourself for me! My tits and ass own your bank account, so shovel it over to me you filthy mother fucker. Spoil me as much as I want! My rent is expensive and so am I, so get with it! While your human garbage ass is working and making a salary to pay for my lifestyle, i’ll be lounging lavishly by the pool, enjoying another beautiful day in paradise! You’re a dumb fanboy and you need to hand over your life savings right now!

Best Phone Sex Slut

Best phone sexI love being a phone sex operator, I get to do and say whatever the fuck I want to do and say while sitting on my throne like the horny, naughty little slut that I am! My callers get off on having super kinky fun with every inch of my perfect body, inside and out! I always have the best phone sex, leaving you wanting more and more that you don’t even know what to do with yourself! I’m an addiction that you cannot contain! I love when a man has a super sexy ass fetish, that shit drives me crazy! My bubble butt should be considered a wonder of the world, it’s that amazing! Orgasming while a man licks your asshole is one of the best feelings ever and I can never get enough of it! Your sloppy wet tongue plunging in and out of my tight hole feels so fucking amazing, I want you to dive in head first and suffocate yourself between my cheeks like a good boy should for his perfect goddess! Give me a rim job and eat me out while I use an intense vibrator on my throbbing clit, fuck it feels so magical! I always look so perfect, you can’t help yourself but to indulge whenever you’re blessed enough to be in my very presence!Ass fetish

Get More Addicted

Phone humiliationThat’s right, get more addicted to me. Every part of me is perfect, but you already know this, don’t you loser?! Big lips, big tits and a big juicy ass, let’s have some wild and dirty phone sex so that you can beg to play with every sensual inch of me! I’ve put so many boys under my spell, my ass rules you! I know that your pathetic cock is getting all twisted up just thinking about me and all of my sexy goodness! I love having domination over you and watching how you’re weak at the knees while you worship me! I live a high-end lifestyle so you fucking better be able to keep up and please me exactly how I want to be pleased! Beg to pay me, beg some more, send me as much as you have, serve me, send some more! It’s really that simple and that’s all you’re good for anyways! You’re the luckiest loser around to even be able to talk to me! Contributing to my perfect life makes your life worthwhile. I love humiliating you in the best of ways!

Fund My Shopping Spree

Hot sexy womanYour wallet wants to come along for the ride with me as I shop at the mall all day long on my sexy shopping spree! All I need are your funds, so be a good little bitch boy and had over your credit cards, I promise you that I won’t be nice to them! In fact, I plan on using and abusing your bank accounts as much as I possibly can! That’s just how it goes when I have my financial domination over your pathetic loser ass! Lucky for you, it makes you horny as fuck and your cock starts to throb as you get me anything and everything that I fucking want! Whatever my wishes are, you make them come true, and that’s all you’re good for! Know your place in my life as my personal piggy bank that I have access to whenever my heart desires. Be my good boy and listen to everything that you mistress goddess tells you to do!

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