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Ass fetish breaks the bank

Ass fetishYour ass fetish is my gain, I love making you weak at the knees! So far today I have accomplished morning sex, brunch and shopping, all on your tab of course! Just another day in the life of a sexy goddess! I get off by breaking bank accounts, it’s what I do best! I’m vicious, i’m dangerous and you cannot seem to look away. Maybe you should be scared because I can guarantee that I will fuck you up! Only real men deserve this perfect pussy, are you a real man?! When was the last time a woman waited in lingerie for you to come home to her? Especially right now around Christmas time, it’s all about me and what you’re going to do for me! You are delusional if you think that the cash in your wallet is yours. Instead, it has my name written all over it! You are elated to even have the chance to be able to talk to me and please me. I am elated to receive your money! Good boys send tributes quickly, good boys aim to please, no matter what the circumstances are! Nothing is too big of an obstacle when it comes to making sure that I am pleased and pleasured in all possible ways! Send without prompt, obey without hesitation, sacrifice without encouragement. I am yours and you are mine!

Good morning losers

Best phone sexWake up sunshine, it’s time to serve your dream girl. Except this isn’t a dream, this is reality, your new reality. Nothing else in your life matters or is more important than giving me what I want, how I want, when I want. You’re a worthless piece of shit who’s only good for pleasing me and showing me how obsessed you are with my entire being of existence! You’ve had girlfriends in the past but none of them even compare to me and all that I have to offer! You think that you have met beautiful women before but I am the ultimate walking goddess and you’ll never get the sexual experience from any of those other sluts like how I make you feel! I make you cower to your knees, weak for me and ready to please me in any way that you can. In repayment, I love to suck on your thick, juicy cock! I’m the best dick sucker around and I am very confident in my skills. No one gives you a deepthroat blowjob like me, that’s why you’re so fucking obsessed and cannot get enough! Prove to me how crazy I make you feel, crazy in all the right ways hehe. We always have the best phone sex, that’s why you keep coming back for more and i’m the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning! Now bow down to your sexy girl and prove your worth!

I am the perfect Christmas gift for you

Ass fetishAll you are asking for Santa for this year is for me and my sexy body to be all wrapped up in a sexy bow underneath your Christmas tree! You love being enslaved to this perfect pussy and ass and your addiction makes me so fucking turned on! Whenever your Goddess wants more, Goddess always receives! Getting paid to be your personal sex toy while degrading you in all the best of ways is it’s own kind of high! My huge juicy tits explode out of my sexy lingerie and it drives you fucking wild, hehe I love watching you so weak at the knees for me! You know that you have to pay to play, so hand over your hard earned cash and submit to your nasty, slutty whore! I’ve been such a good girl on the naughty list this year and all you want to do is give me everything that I deserve, which is a lot! Making you suffer and go bankrupt for me really makes me horny as fuck! You have such a kinky ass fetish too, it’s no wonder you can’t get enough of my juicy booty! Spread my cheeks wide and eat me deep with your wet tongue!

Fulfill your cuckold duties

Roleplay phone sexRoleplay phone sex is the best when I am able to have you weak at the knees and bowing down to please my every move! Fulfill your cuckold duties for me today, after all, it’s the only thing that you are good for doing! If what you’re saying to me and giving to me doesn’t benefit me in any way, then I don’t want shit to do with your pathetic ass! And just like that, I get everything that I want! I love never having to worry about any sort of financial matter, you take care of all of that for me and you fucking love doing so! Need me to be kept as your dirty little secret? Don’t worry babe, I am very good at being your discreet and naughty mistress! Silently spending money on me is one of the most attractive things that you could ever do! Some men can only dream of pleasing and serving me while others actually work hard to earn their position in my life. Even more so if I decide to keep you around and not kick you to the curb once i’m through with you! I create your reality, every male that I encounter is my subject!

Best phone sex with a sensual slut

Best phone sexI like my men nasty as fuck, the nastier the better! You better bring your A-game when you come and fuck with me, I will expect and accept nothing less than the best! It takes a lot to grab my attention and keep it, so I truly wish you the best of luck in all ways! Not a lot of these horny men are able to stay up to par with me, I am not a force to be fucked with! Every time we talk, we have the best phone sex ever! You treat me like the sensual queen that I am, such a good boy you are! My big tits make everything better, and mine just so happen to make you stupid too, hehe. You’re so mesmerized by me and I fucking love it! It drives you crazy with how much I have you wrapped around my pretty little finger, which I love shoving down your throat while you gag for me! You should feel extremely lucky and blessed that I am even talking to you and giving you my time and effort, not everyone is fortunate enough to experience an erotic experience with this dirty bratty princess!

Yummy Pussy

Best phone sexMy pussy smells so fucking good, you cannot get enough of my yummy juices while you devour me with your wet tongue. We always have the best phone sex together! I love finger fucking myself and then tasting my fingers after they have been plunging in and out of my slutty cunt slit. I get so aroused by my own scent, my horniness grows rapidly! It’s so fun to tell all of my callers my kinky stories, I love making that thick cock throb for me! Teasing you is so fucking hilarious, knowing that you will never ever get a chance with me but still so desperately fantasize about me sends chills up and down my spine, hehe. You’re so in love with me and my delicious curves, nothing is going to stop your devious fantasies and wild fetishes at this point! I love to torture and torment you, yet you can’t help but continue to spend all of your hard earned money on me! And at the end of it all, you thank me for it all like the loser bitch boy that you are!

Sexual deviant needs a shopping spree

GFE phone sexMen love to call me their nasty, sensual and sexual deviant, and I really cannot blame them! I get what I want, when I want it and exactly how I want it. Right now, I need a shopping spree for a new Fall wardrobe and guess who is going to get the pleasure of spoiling me?! That’s right, you are! I know it makes your cock fucking throb to be given the opportunity to please me, let alone take me out and about to hit the town to go on a big shopping adventure! I always look like a dime piece for you too, sexy head to toe with supermodel looks in my tiny little dress and heels that I have on! In your twisted little mind, you think I am your girlfriend, haha! Whatever helps you sleep at night babe! I am more than happy to give you the GFE phone sex experience! After all, you would never be able to even have a chance with a girl like me in real life whatsoever. I am way out of your fucking league and you know it! Buy me all the shit that I want you to buy for me, I am going to have you blowing stacks on me and best believe, I am not petty when it comes to keeping a budget in mind! With me, there is no budget, no amount is too much. You will do anything that I ask and I love having you wrapped around my sexy finger! Be a good boy and spare no expense on your sexy queen!

My friends and I abusing you

2 girl phone sexUsing and abusing men for my personal and financial pleasure is so much more fun with friends. I get paid for being myself and taking the utmost advantage of you in all the best of ways, hehe. There’s really nothing hotter than that! My mind gets more twisted the more that we play! I love getting dirty with you and teasing the fuck out of you! I know that you love nasty, classy bitches and that’s why you are so fucking obsessed with me! I’m so mean to you and yet, you continue to return for more! It make me so happy to have control over you cock and blue balls. I need a little bitch boy that is going to fill up my bank account while I fill his mouth with my delicious pussy. Give me everything that I deserve, I know you love to! You really should just stick to anonymous dirty phone sex for your filthy perversions. I love the sounds of grown men begging me for more, findom makes my pussy dripping wet! My friends and I go all out on you, you’re nothing but a personal little slave for us! Nothing turns you on more than serving us in any way that you can, that’s all your pathetic cock is good for!

Trick-or-treat with my feet

Sexy and slutty

Sexy phone sexSexy phone sex with a naughty, slutty vixen like me makes you beg for more and more, surprise surprise! You’re never able to get enough of me and my delicious curves, especially when I give you the pleasure of being able to face fuck my tasty pussy, hehe. I mean, how could you ever resist such a sensual whore like me?! My sexuality is one of my many super powers and I love holding you captive under my spell. I am such an erotic tease, unlike anything that you have ever had the joy of experiencing before! You have always had such a fetish and a hard on for a hot and powerful queen like me! Mindfucking you is my favorite pastime, it makes my sweet cunt gush with wetness to have you wrapped around my pretty finger! You’re weak for me and I take full advantage of it!

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