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My brother in law

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My husbands younger brother has been staying with us for a bit. I don’t have any shame in my game because I wait till my husband is headed to work to change my outfit real quick. My young brother in law is here from the service and isn’t working. He is recovering from a knee injury, so the rests a lot and is always around. I have been a sweet sister in law because I still take him to physical therapy and the gym to recover. I know he loves latinas and I don’t mind being a latina tease. I have even made him watch me play with my pussy. I caught him staring at me one day and told him if he didn’t sits and watch me rub one out I would let my husband know of his little peeping tom ways. I loved how beet red he got and how he almost busted out of his pants at the sight of me rubbing my cunny. You can say my brother in law, and I have gotten a little closer lately. 😉

Cheating latina wives

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You know I have been fucking all types of guys lately, and one of my favorite fucks hands down has to be my trainer. He has the biggest cock and sure does know how to use it. I couldn’t keep this to myself, I told my amiga veronica all about this hot fuck I was getting, and she wanted it too. So now she gets to play tennis and play with nice balls, and I get to get in a slippery wet situation when my trainer comes to do aquatics with me. Veronica loved the referral so much she got hooked on our trainer’s dick in no time. I mean what are friends for anyway? I like sharing a fantastic trainer together. We have had such a blast that we even set up a group session. The three of us are going to get a vigorous workout  I can’t wait to watch her pick her stamina up with his well endowed unique tool. We both love having 2 girl phone sex with our trainer too. I mean both of our husbands are always away doing something for work. Veronica and I need cock at all times.

BBC dream

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I had the best dream ever. Have you ever had a dream that felt so good and too realistic that you thought it was happening? Well, I like those dreams so much. I recently just had one of those lucid dreams. I dreamt I was getting pounded by alot of big black cocks. It made me one happy girl. My husband was tied up in a chair watching me get pleasured and cum drenched. I like how it felt to be cucking him.

I was enjoying his cock get hard at the sight of me getting pounded by real men. My husband knows he’s not a real man. My husband can’t get me off, so he has to watch these guys give it to me. It was such a fucking hot feeling. I could tell my husband was put in his place. Thatswhere he belongs constricted with his little penis popping out limp small dick. His dick grew hard when he saw a big black cock. I think my husband has a secret fetish that I just pulled out. 

That dream was so fucking hot I’m thinking its time not to hide it from my husband. 

He needs to see what his trophy wife does all day while he is working hard.

Vacation with me favorite bbc

sexy babe Things have been pretty good with my husband lately. I think he has gotten the hunch now. A girl needs her space. My husband ended up gifting me a surprise getaway for two. Just me and a friend I choose. I knew the perfect friend to bring. I decided

Davonne. My husband thought I was going to enjoy a girls trip. He was beyond wrong. I had a ton of fun just fucking my favorite cock in the world.

I met Davonne when he was setting up the digital cable at the house. He was tall dark and handsome just like I love. He was really into me and kept reminding me thru the whole installation process that I was a sexy babe. If you know me by now, you know very well my pussy is open sesame.

We fucked merely to put it in a term we fucked right then and there. We kept in contact, and I would have his big beautiful black cock whenever I needed dick.

Davonne joined me for the napa spa trip. We had wine toured and fucked everywhere for five whole fucking days. My holes wear filled with cum at all times.

Davone cock is about a good nine and a half inches, and it is so thick, and it fits perfectly in me. My dumb husband probably thinks I’m with a friend; boy does he have no idea,

My new pool guy

sexy babeMy husband was away at work and of course, something had to go wrong, my pool was acting up and I had to quickly call up a poorly company, I waited for the servicemen to come and give me an estimate. The companies van pulled up thru my driveway very shortly after the call. A short guy came out and he was pretty obnoxious and loud. I already knew he was going to be a pain. I knew he was going to overprice me and try to stick me with a crazy bill. He was a sleaze indeed, The whole time he couldn’t stop staring at me. He even said from the moment he stepped in the house” had I known a sexy babe was going to be hot wet and ready for me I would have come even faster”. He walked in and was getting even more annoying by the second. I was shooing him off as fast as possible I didn’t even want him in the house another minute longer.He was making jokes and I couldn’t wait for him to go. I caught a glimpse of his hard-on and my attitude completely changed. I couldn’t believe this obnoxious little shit had such a gorgeous cock I couldn’t believe my eyes. I needed it in me.I went in on his cock, he knew he what he was doing to me. He had a hypnotizing cock. I had him fill my mouth with cum. I swallowed of course. After I felt it grow in my mouth I had to have it stretch my pussy out. Let’s just say I was happy with the discount and dick I got

My bestfriends husband

cum on boobsI got bored and decieded to hit up my friends house. I showed up unannounced and didn’t think she would be busy, I had a key and dropped in. Then it hit me she was gone for the week on a buisness trip. I was already inside the house when I noticed her husband coming out the shower naked. Well thats all it took for me to get wet. He could see I wanted his cock and started to flirt a little. I couldn’t help myself once I see a cock I need it in my mouth. I like to deep throat til I get all the cum out. I love the taste of cum, Most of all I lvoe cum dripping down me. I like cum on boobs and pussy, cum on my face and my tight ass. Pretty much cum everywhere and anywhere . I got to fuck him and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt. I guess when you are nympho you lose your sympathy bone :p

Sexy babe with bad habits

sexy babeSo I did what I shouldn’t have done again. Its okay cause it got me off. Lately, I have gotten a cum fetish like no other. I want it everywhere and I wanna soak in it. My husband’s pathetic cock is no good. I have been seeing this new guy and things are getting pretty serious. I have been thinking about dropping my husband and pursuing things with this guy because he is very successful and has a cock that is not one to laugh about, but then again there is a part of me that has completely loved the humiliation I bring up on my husband and just being the sexy babe trophy wife I am. I am stuck with a nice cock and my evil tendencies. I know if I stay with a guy with a nice cock and massive load capacities I will never be able to be a bitch and dominant again. I will have to figure it out. My bad habits are hard to quit.

Double stuffed

Sexy legs lI outdid myself today if I do say so myself. I was bored and my husband was off at work, I was flipping thru tinder and flipping thru back page and I finally came across a post on craigslist that read “Double stuffed” My eyes gravitated towards it. It read that identical twin brother wanted to fuck a womenand wanted to fuck her at the same time. The description specifically asked for women with a hot figure and sexy legs, I had all those characteristics so I was ready to go and meet up. I was greeted by these two greek twins they were gorgeous and wasted no time. They had huge cocks and basically had me butt ass naked. I was enjoying taking the back seat while they were getting the town on my pussy and ass. They didn’t abandon my mouth either. They were fucking me so good. I had squirted 4 times. I was in a state of pleasure and shock.

Merry Cockmas

sexy babeWhile your wife is returning gifts and trying to get a head start for Christmas 2018 why don’t you let this sexy babe make you cum? I get so fucking horny and lonely. Sure I enjoy going thru those hookup apps and being fucked but sometimes a nice phone fuck is what I need to make me complete. I have talked endlessly how pathetic my husband is, So why don’t you cum with me and make me your little Christmas gift. Fuck me hard and make me squirt like never before. Let me make your fantasies come true. You need a sophisticated slutty hot wife. I’m the ultimate trophy wife that just happens to be sex crazed and horny all the fucking time. Why don’t you help both of us out and start to dial me in Tuesday and let’s get lost in a naughty journey? Have you been naughty or nice this year? If you have been naughty get naughtier and if you have been nice you deserve this! It’s always good to be bad.

My new stepson

sexy babeI have two stepsons. The oldest I know because I use to be his teacher and that’s kind of how I met my husband. The youngest lives on the other side of the U.S on the east coast. My husband and his ex-wife can’t stand each other. I don’t blame the women for hating his guts she got married to him in her early 20’s and wasted so much time with him being super loyal and faithful. Unlike I who needs everyone’s cock but my husbands. Their son is my new stepson so I am excited to meet him and get to know him. I have a ton of naughty things roaming my mind. I’d love to be the sexy babe that I am and seduce not one but both of my stepsons. There’s nothing that I love more than filling my holes with forbidden cock. My husband doesn’t fulfill me and barely gets me to climax so I’m hoping his boys will both be competent. The first one was a blast I’m sure this one will be too.

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