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Sexy women masturbating

Sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating is probably a view you urge to see. I have already told you how much my husband gets on my nerves. I  still love to tease him and show him I like a good time. I send him the same pics I send all the guys that come over to pound me. The difference between my husband and the guys that come over? Is just that they get to reap the benefits of fucking me. While my poor husband gets deprived I satisfy guys with huge cocks. I like being an evil slut. I love seeing him come home rushing trying to get his cock to me and I just turn him down. I love getting his cock hard just to laugh and walk away and say not today. I do occasionally give in and feel bad but why should I? He has a clit for a dick and I just can’t fathom having it in me at all. It barely fits. I will continue to tease him and let him down

hot sexy woman for you

hot swexy womanHot sexy woman for you was what my latest ad read. I was looking for something new I have had half the cocks in my neighborhood and was craving something more exciting and different. I got a reply from a cute Asian slut. She wanted to come over with her boyfriend who had a massive chocolate dick. I of course accepted. As soon as they arrived I was soaking just watching them make their way inside. Things escalated rather quickly. I ended up taking his dick and eating her cunt at the same time. He had whipped out a camera and recorded the whole thing, I looked at my email the next day and saw the video I opened it up and got excited again and Invited them up again. This time my husband was home and I was being banged and fucked all the while he was in the next room. It was quite tricky to make this mission possible but those orgasms and the riskiness of it all was well worth it.

Sexy babe who likes to tease

sexy babeSexy babe who enjoys real cock that is totally me.  I have a husband who treats me like a total princess but I can’t stand him. He irritates me because he doesn’t please me. I of course hide it well I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Sometimes I joke around and I do tell him how pathetic his shrimpy cock is, He totally laughs it off but I am so serious and I don’t care how bad it hurts him when I am horny. I usually rub one out or wait til the poor idiot falls fast asleep. Within minutes I am getting pounded by my neighbor friend or calling a female friend over to assist me with my yearning for a real orgasm. I can’t say that I feel bad at the moment I just want my pleasure and thats all that matters to me. I’m hot and have a banging body I deserve to enjoy myself while I’m this hot.

Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying has always been something I truly love to engage in. Sadly I married someone so boring and so unimaginative. It sucks not getting what I need from my husband that why lately I have totally rebelled and have been on a cheating spree. I have gotten it from everyone I laid my eyes on. If I see someone I like and someone I want to fuck I will do so and I will do so with no regrets. I use to feel bad for my husband but not anymore. I like dressing up and I love pain. Pain and pleasure go together In my world. I love inviting over those who will fill me up and make me orgasm not stop. I enjoy hot sluts like me I like dressing them up and licking their slits and making them cum with me. I have a hot plan and I hope my boring husband will participate. I plan on showing him what brings me excitement later this week. I will show him what gets his slut wife off. Hoping he’s a good sport and learns to please me like a good bitch. I just dream of fucking a ton of people right in front of him and I plan to make that happen ASAP. erotic roleplaying

Beautiful ebony pussy for me.

beautiful ebony pussyBeautiful ebony pussy is my latest addiction, I met my husbands buisness parthers wife. She was gorgeous 5’4 nice chocolate skin huge 34 double d breast all natural and a beautiful hour glass shape. She had the most beautiful smile and such a nice toned figure. He ass was out of this world. If you know me you know how much I love and appriciate a nice bum. Her name is Oasis her name was super unique and it fit her. I defintley was lusting over her. I have been rubbing my pussy just thinking about her hot body and how great she looks right under me. I’d love nothing more than to have both our husbands watch us fuck hard. All they could do is stroke while we pleasure each other nonstop. My husband would be so jealous because he is incomptent when it comes to me. I may just laugh at his face maybe even let his business partner join in just to be a little spitefull. I dont know though I think I want that hot chocolate treat to myself on second thought/

Sexy hot woman being naughty

sexy hot woman

Sexy hot woman being naughty is a beautiful thing. Haven’t you ever fantasized about fucking your girlfriend and her best friend? Well if you are like my husband probably not. My husband is so boring and just the definition of sad. I no longer feel bad about my sexual escapades with neighbors and randoms. I realized that I need to take care of my needs and I have been a pretty damn good wife keeping in shape and looking my best. I signed up to be living the dream life he promised me. I never knew it would turn out to be a dream life with terrible sex. So I get my fix with Roxana and Gabriella and Brielle. They are hot, delicious and slutty. Roxy came over today and we immediately helped each other to orgasm. My husband would freak out if he knew that my pussy has been being pleased by half the neighborhood and many of our wedding guest and friends.

Forced crossdressing on my husband

forced crossdressingMy poor husband is in for even more humiliation. I am so sick of being dissatisfied and I have made it my mission to get back at him at all cost. I have to admit I get a ton of release fucking other guys and girls, and just maybe I should be a bit easier on him, but I don’t want to and I won’t. See the thing is, I feel I am the total catch the trophy wife many men desire and try so hard to get.  I may enjoy a lot of perks living the so called “dream life” one that is much desired, but in return, I don’t get to have the sex I am addicted the type that I crave and desire. I have become quite the serial cheater lately. basically daily and now I am making my husband wear my panties and heels and lingerie just to laugh some more at his face all the while I have just gotten in from a series of hard long fucking sessions. I’m hot, not perfect.

Small dick humiliation story of my husbands life

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what you deserve if you can’t please me. I love to make fun of my husband I let everyone I fuck know that they need to step up their game if they are fucking me. I am sex craved and hungry for real cock. I have no time to waste. I just want to get off and get back home to pretend with my pathetic husband. Why do I put up with such an idiot? Simple he gets me all the materialistic things I need. Except for being pounded hard. I crave real men with real hard cocks. I cheat none stop and have no shame in my game. I was with my neighbor again this weekend. My poor husband had no idea I was sneaking out every night to be screwed by our well-hung neighbor. He has no idea I am hooked on huge dongs. My neighbor even made me squirt. I have never had that experience before so you can say I am a bit hooked on that good dick. 

My husband gets tease and denial

tease and denialTease and denial, My poor husband gets ignored daily nowadays. I use to feel so guilty and terribly bad but now it’s a different story. I have to admit I have become quite the selfish stuck up bitch lately. I joke around about my husband’s size to anyone who wants to hear. I degrade him when he isn’t around to defend himself. It gets me wet to make him feel little. Well since he is little he deserves to feel that way. He isn’t puzzling the picture together. He believes it’s a phase I’m going through and I am only joking when I deny him and poke fun of his “manhood” well I call it clit-hood.  *Giggles* Well it’s true. He has no idea about the things I do behind his back. I’m cheating on him almost daily, Going on vacations with my best friend and fucking her tight pussy with all types of toys and strap-ons. I’m using hook up apps and fucking our neighbors. He would never guess that his trophy wife was really evil and such a sex craved slut who could care less about getting satisfied by him because well, it never seems to happen. I think he might never piece it together cause I’m that good. I will keep reaping the benefits of being a horny housewife.

2 girl phone sex- Loretta

2 girl phone sex2 girl phone sex is a category I love. I have always enjoyed gorgeous women. I love threesomes. I mean who doesn’t? When I’m not craving cocks I call my best friend Brielle over and we begin to have a good time by just playing with each other’s kitties and bringing out some exciting toys. We have a little segment of “show & tell” we always try to out beat who has the best toy. Then, of course, we use them on each other and climax to ecstasy. My husband doesn’t really like Brielle much but I think its cause deep down he suspects our long vacations are a little sketchy. I think I spend more time with her than I do with him. Can you blame me? Who doesn’t appreciate 2 hot sluts wanting to get banged at all hours of the day? I mean isn’t that the complete dream? Every girl needs a girls girl. One that will learn to please her body and vice versa. I think I found that in my best friend. We are even looking to bring some friends over to our little one on one parties maybe use those hookup apps that I love so much.

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