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Papi Kings Yacht

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I was craving anaconda I had to call BDK and tell him how much his sexy latina mami was missing him. Papi king is all I think about, and I have anaconda on my mind at all times. Papi King was so good to me.

He wanted his latina sugar baby to be spoiled. BDK couldn’t say no to Latina Loretta in a beautiful custom-made bikini. I grabbed my black bikini with my king’s initials on my pussy and put it on. I got all dolled up and ready to meet him and anaconda on deck. I had to wear my red bottoms and brought along my custom

Birkin bag too. Property of BDK was everywhere on me because that is precisely what I am. I am BDK’s property, and I like that all the other whores get so jealous and salty. Anaconda was excited to see this latina chica. I made it to the living legends yacht. No surprise it was top of the line Black on black and tons of diamond and gold decors. It was one of a kind. It was a Yacht made for a king. I had to thank Papi king, and I knew how to do such a thing.

Anaconda loves great blowjobs, so that’s what anaconda got. I got that magic stick prepped and ready to go. I could barely breathe, but it was worth it. I was anticipating that million dollar nut sauce. Papi King asked me where I wanted it. I am a greedy puta so I wanted a million dollar facial, and I wanted it in my pussy. I had to show off on Instagram that I am a bad bitch and I have my sugar daddies name on my pussy.  Not just any sugar daddy the living legends. The king of kings. The best sugar Daddy in the whole world.

Sensual phone sex babe

sensual phone sexI have grown to know what gets me excited. I have spent and wasted enough time finding out that I have made poor choices and stayed with short dick men way too long. I got married way to young and now that I am in my mid twenties with a relationship that has lasted five years too long I am ready to explore what gets my tight twat ready to go. The thing that gets me every time is a fat juicy cock. I have been dick deprived for almost five years. I no longer waste my time not fulfilling what I love. I enjoy sensual phone sex good porn and big chocolate dicks. Its quite simple if your cock doesn’t fit in both my hands I don’t want it.

Craving a colossal cock

I have been craving colossal cocks all day. I have no patience for small dick losers. I know you want a sexy babe like me but you must be able to pass the size requirement to ride this ride. I find it laughable when a short dick pathetic bitch boy tries his hardest to get me to fuck his Vienna sausage. You can show out to all your friends and pretend to be packing but if you can’t show me what your working with and keep my mouth shut with your dick don’t waste my time. My twat only gets wet for cocks that I can jerk off with two hands. I want nothing less than that. If you can’t fill my mouth with your girth please bounce!

sexy babe

July 4th office party

sexy legs

I seduced the dean back my freshman year. I was a student aid and worked for in the office as an intern for school credits. One day we had a office party since it was summer there wasn’t much admin around and it was less strict we were having a cookout and everyone needed to come out looking festive in red white or blue. I chose a white number that was nice and tight and hugged my sexy latina curves just right. My sexy legs were showing and my tight ass was looking great. My dean couldn’t contain himself he kept rubbing against me when no one was looking. I was horny as hell and followed him when no one was looking. We were in the copy room and we started to go at it on top pf one of the printing machines. I couldn’t believe I was fucking the dean but I didn’t want to stop. He got too addicted to me and couldn’t keep the no strings attach rule. I had to cut him off and move on to my next victim. It was fun and hot while it lasted. I got to fuck him in his office and even in his wife’s bed too.

Anxious for Anaconda

sexy chickssexy babe

Lena and I are always anxiously awaiting anaconda. Neither of us has ever had a better dick ever. As we await the arrival, we spend our days training our hot tight tone bodies for BDK, and we make sure to look the best. Our big daddy king only wants the cream of the crop and as he should. Sexy chicks only nothing but the best. Our king deserves the best because he is the most prominent sugar daddy in the world. Everything he touches is gold. We both fien for that million dollar nut sauce and everytime we get it we want more and more of it. Our lips around anaconda and those beautiful balls is truly the highlight of our week. We love making our Papi king happy and relaxed, and he always gets the VIP treatment because he’s the most essential thing in our lives. We can’t help but floss on the gram and send out tweets that will make other girls green with envy. Premium quality and five-star service are what Lena and I offer up out beloved BDK.






5 star sugar babies

sexy legs2 girl phone sex

Big Daddy King did it again he took great care of his favorite trio. BDK is the living legend and the utmost best sugar daddy in the world. Cassandra, Lena and I have all been honored to make our beloved BDK and Anaconda happy. I think I can speak for all of us when I say It’s the most magnificent cock we have ever seen. After a day of shopping and a full-service spa we knew it was only a matter of time before the living legend got back to his estate. We knew he was busy handling business and was coming home soon.



sexy chicks

We knew we had to surprise him. After all we are his sexy chicks. We got all dolled up and ready for the king of all kings. We got our BDK belly button and tongue rings. We were dripped in Cartier and wearing the cutest custom Versace bikini’s branded with BDK. Cassandra, Lena and I are sugar babies that know how lucky we are. Our primary job is to keep BDK and Anaconda in bliss mode. We have to thank our king for keeping us looking like a million bucks and spoiling us with trips and shopping sprees and jewelry. I think I overheard Papi king talking about wanting to invest in a private Island. We live a life everyone envies. They can keep drinking the haterade. We will stay satisfying BDK and Anaconda.



sexy babe

When Cassandra, Lena and I link up, we are sure to be treated with the best facial ever. We got to enjoy our BDK together. It was my first time with Cassandra in the mix. I was ecstatic to see how the OG sugar baby took charge and pleased anaconda. Lena wasn’t far behind. I wanted to show Papi king why he chose me as his Latina sugar baby. I didn’t miss a beat. Cassandra, Lena and I gave anaconda kisses and started to spoil anaconda. We took turns and worked together like the five-star sugar babies we are. When anaconda blew, we were doused with worlds most exceptional load better than a 24k facial.





BDK to the rescue

sexy babeMy boyfriend gave me an ultimatum; he told me I couldn’t keep seeing Papi king if I wanted to be with him. I can’t quit that anaconda its the biggest and best cock I have ever laid my eyes on for real. I refused to abide by his rule so he kicked me out. I made one quick call to Papi king and he came to rescue me. He picked me up in hummer limo and came to get me. I humiliated my boyfriend even more by not taking anything cause I knew BDK was going to gift me with shopping sprees and a ton of things. My boyfriend turned beet red and couldn’t believe I was getting ready to say bye to his small dick loser ass. The pathetic boy thought I was going to quit the king? Is he insane? Each time I get el Rey’s anaconda I get even more obsessed. What happened next I  didn’t even expect, BDK guided my hand to anaconda because anaconda was excited and doing some jumping jacks in his pants. I unzipped and went to work. I love having that anaconda in my mouth kissing it and worshiping it. I like being BDK’S sexy babe. I love being his latina sugar baby. My boyfriend was mortified, I told him to show off his nub. Surprisingly he did!!!! How embarrassing. That’s why he’s my ex, and now I stay in BDK’s fantastic estate. 🙂 

Sexy whores only

Sexy babeI don’t understand how most girls let themselves go. Keep that body right and tight if you want to stay flawless. The prettier you are, the more likely you are to get whatever your heart desires. Beautiful bitches only, please. I will never settle for anything less. I always bring the sexiest nymphos around to share some yummy cock Bad bitches linking up to share a nice hard monster cock is what it’s all about. How hot is it to have a sexy babe ride your cock while you eat the other whore’s twat? Perfect whores for a perfect cock. To keep your man happy, you better be working not only that body out but that pussy too. Push the limits and get nastier and sexier. If you stay in missionary, you are doing it wrong. Ride his cock and bring some hot friends over. No one likes a boring washed up slut. Keep it cute and exciting at all times.

fucking a felon

sexy babeMy husband troublemaker cousin is out of prison. When we first started dating, I met him for the first time. I knew I couldn’t act on impulsion. I was new in this relationship and had to be a good girl. Well, a few years in his cousin is out of jail and needed a place to crash. You can imagine my excitement when our place was where he chose to stay for a bit while he got on his feet. I knew he couldn’t resist a sexy babe like me. It didn’t take much for me to make him pounce me. My husband was gone to work, and I was getting stuffed by his young cousin. I liked how he fucked me. For one he had a nice juicy dick, and he knew all the right spots. He was fucking me hard and releasing all his loads on me. It had been such a long time since he got to fuck a sweet wet tight twat. I liked being a nasty slut for him.

Nasty Naughty Neighbor

sexy babe lMy cute neighbor is home alone again, and this sexy babe is taking notice. I like teasing the fuck out of him. I know he enjoys the show I put on for him. I wear my cutest bikini and soak in the sun showing off all my assets and tempting him in every single way. This time I decided to strip and skinny dip I knew he was playing close attention and I had to keep him in check by keeping him turned on. It wasn’t long after that that I caught him peeping and jerking off to me. I guess he couldn’t help himself I pushed all the buttons to make him fall to his knees and worship me. I had a great personal pussy eater out of him. Sometimes you just need to blow some steam and have someone tongue fuck you in all the right ways.

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