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Luckiest Magic stick

cum on boobsCum on boobs on st. Paddys. I have been fucking a cute young thing from the neighborhood. I love college boys, and they sure love my latina ass. I get all giddy and excited knowing my husband will be away. I can spend my time plotting and getting ready to fuck for the whole weekend. I let the cute neighbor boy take me to an st — paddy college party. I was going to look hot as ever and give the girls tens years my junior a run for there money. I may be knocking on the dirty thirty, but I still look like I just graduated.I went with intentions of making the girls jealous and making my guy for the night the luckiest of them all. All eyes were on me, and I love attention, so I was there for a while. I was grinding and dancing with my cute neighbor, and I could feel what he was packing in his pants. Lucky me! That dick was nothing to play with, This sweet boy had a monster cock, and I wanted that more than anything. I could feel him grow desperate and wanted to head out and go to my place. Neither of us could take it any longer; I wanted that magic stick in all my slits. It was his luckiest day because I was going to let him ram my tight ass. I knew he had a hot ass fetish and I was going to give him what he wanted most.


ass fetish

Sexy babe wont be tamed

Sexy babeI sneak in big dick men in the house. I am a sexy babe that loves a real man’s cock. I have made it clear that I won’t be tamed. I have always been a lover of the more exceptional things in life, and while my husband can provide financially, I need to be satisfied sexually. My cunt is always wet and ready. I have fucked so many of my husband’s employees and even family members. No one is off limits. If I see someone that will deliver me great orgasms, I make my way. I know I should be much more of a Stepford wife, but I am not that. I won’t settle for a tiny dick. My pussy needs to fucked and stretched oh so well.

Lo From the block

sexy babeA sexy babe like me knows how to treat her man like royalty. My body was created for fucking, and there is no denying or hiding that. I happen to be your complete lust and fantasy. Once you lay your eyes on me, you have to have me. I walk right up to you because I have my eyes on the prize. Making you release all that candy rain is all I want. This Latina knows how to please and makes sure to leave a lasting impression. The only Spanish mami you will ever need. I am determined to make you mines. I will be the best you ever have. 

latina phone sex

Latina phone sex may be something you dabble in occasionally, but once you have it with me, you are hooked for a lifetime. You know it drives you crazy when I call you Papi. I know how to make your cock happy. My sexy tight bum makes all the boys on the block go loco. I have a perfectly plump derriere and the hottest pair of boobs straight from Bogota. This Caliente Colombian mami knows how to take dick. It has been said I am a carbon copy of Jennifer. Well thanks guys but  Pshh Ms. Lopez isn’t even a quarter of the freak I am. You can call me Lo from the block because I don’t mind getting around it one bit. 

ass fetishSo Papi, if you have a raging hard-on matched with an insatiable appetite and ass fetish, come holler at your girl. Let me take that dick and work that load right out like the bad Mamacita I am. This tight ass was made for fucking, and that is what I am going to dowith it,  I am going to get loads of cum. I am happiest when I use my assets. Let me show you the best time ever. A no limits latina is what the doctor ordered. 




Latina phone sex with the best

latina phone sex

Papi wants to have fun have latina phone sex again. 😉 Let me show you my assets and make you weak in the knees.

My sexy body and holes are all yours to play with; I love to worship you and make you happy. I am yours for the night and possibly every night.

I want to play my cards right and show you how grateful I am to have you devour every inch of my body. I want to feel you take control of me and use me to your liking. I know my tight ass has your cock growing and ready to pop out. I cant wait to rub and tug on it and lick the head and tip. Feel my tongue flicker all over and watch me spread my legs and rub my clit. I know it drives you crazy when I moan and call you Papi. You are this latinas master. I want you to fuck me raw and let me build up the biggest cum load. I wish it all over me.
Most importantly let me have a taste because I have a sweet tooth for your candy rain. My mouth full of cum is the treat I been waiting on. Great blowjobs are the best with this Spanish slut.

great blowjobs

Bad Idea

best phone sex

Best phone sex with a slut who will do anything to make your cock cream is the best. I know you sit there and wish you could have a slut like me. One who will make all those bad ideas reality lose control and let me be your hot slut. I know you are my best friends boyfriend, but I want your cock more than anything. You feel my hands jerk you in the middle of dinner. We are out in public, and I am a nasty slut letting myself lose control. You can’t take it anymore, so you begin to fall into my advances. It’s no secret that I got her fucked up and made her pass out on purpose. I want you all to myself for the night. While my best friend, Your girlfriend is in deep slumber I am going to make your cock cream and make you addicted to me.

7 Rings

latina phone sex

Latina phone sex is the best. I am a hot sexy Spanish slut who happens to have equally yummy friends. My girls and I get together. We live a life most would only dream of and we tend to get out of the house for a girls night out once in a while. We all have cucks for husbands Men with big bank accounts but small dicks. We all crave big black dicks, and we get them. Little by little, we have let the cat out of the bag.

All of our husbands know very well that we sit around and burn them. We laugh at their misery and can’t get enough of what losers they are. We have all been planning a cuck party for a while now. All 7 of us got together and brought over our significant others. They were in for quite a night. Our special guest was the local college basketball boys. All tall dark and handsome and most importantly, Well hung! That’s the way we roll.  One by one they made it in. We weren’t only going to fuck these boys. We were going to humiliate our little dick worthless husbands and boyfriends. Seven rings all lined up. Cock rings, of course, We each put them on them and couldn’t contain our laughs. The look of defeat was priceless. My sexy chicks and I got fucked till we could barely walk. Our husbands couldn’t even jerk til the very end — complete humiliation.


sexy chicks







Valentines day and cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sex

My short dick significant other needs to learn his lesson. Poor guy thought this valentines day he would get lucky and get to fuck all night. I’m sorry love but only real men get to ride this ride. I have no problem shutting you down and making you my cuckold phone sex slave while you are far away. I know you work hard to treat me like a princess and spoil me rotten. Too bad your dick lacks luster. I like all the fine things. You should know that by now. You didn’t get the trophy wife off your looks. I would of thought god of thrown you a bone and at least would make your cock a decent size. You are a pathetic joke and while every couple is getting romantic on valentines you are stuck watching me get pumped and fucked by real cock. You can surely be the cleanup system.

Cartel cock

GFE phone sexGfe phone sex is something I am overqualified if you ask me. I have the perfect attributes to make you weak in the knees. My ideal body and slight tan will have you feeling ready to explore me — a sexy latina who has frolicked with the elite. I have expensive habits, and I am a bonafide label whore. Armani and Gucci are my go to’s; I seduced one of the top cartel kingpins in Medellin Colombia. I was whisked away to the south beach, and from there on I made my way to the great big apple and made my connections there and finally made the great west my home. A hot Spanish slut was rubbing elbows with the big boys. I have been known as a social climber and who can argue with me when I give so many perks. I am the perfect arm candy and will make any guy whimper and submit to me. My old cartel kingpin boyfriend was entirely inferior to me. His cock was so tiny even though his bank was big. I enjoyed the humiliation I inflicted on his pathetic ass, and I have him to thank for the life of luxury I ended up inheriting even with his short cummings I still manage to be a sweet, sensual girlfriend in public. Behind closed doors, it is a whole other ball game. 

Big ballers and big balls


sexy chicksI only have eyes for ballers. They have what I crave and what my best girls crave too, Those big black cocks have our tight cunts creaming. I like it rough and love getting pounded. I hang out with a sexy babe who knows how to keep up with my tempo. Last week we went to a game, and we went wild and crazy on a big black cock. It was the MVP’s Dick. I only like high-quality cock and having his black cock stretch both of us at the same time was the best way to end our Friday night. The best threesome ever was between my best latina slut and my favorite chocolate cock. Latina sluts do it better! 



Jungle fever latinas

sexy babemilf phone sex

2 girl phone sex

My girls and I have severe jungle fever. We can’t resist big cocks. The bigger, the better and there is only one type of cock that satisfies a sexy babe like me. Big black cocks that are the size of a stuffed eggplant. My friends aren’t any different. We all meet up and take the same cock together. When you deal with the big boys, there is plenty to go around. Sharing is caring in our book. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving. We have shared cocks and cum loads for a while now.

It started in the club where we worked. We each had goals of finding rich men willing to be complete cucks. It took some time but we each got that. Sneaking around was hard, and I had to fess up to my husband. Eventually, I was going to become reckless and not care. Luckily he good sport about the situation. One rule we have is that it stays within our circle. The last thing powerful men want out is their dirty secrets.

Selina and Denise had the same agreement. Like they say its cheaper to keep her. They knew not only would the embarrassment of everyone in town knowing they been cheated on, but also that everyone would know they get their rocks off watching their wives get pounded by other men. It was too much to risk, so we got what we wanted to like the sexy chicks we are. You can be we started to go wilder than ever. The three of us weren’t afraid of rubbing it in our husband’s faces together. We had to keep up with our jungle fever. The sexiest thing is having them look straight into our eyes while we are on all fours getting fucked from behind by big juicy black cocks. They married sluts with jungle fever.

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