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Latina fix

ass fetishI am all for getting a cock off at any time of the day. All it takes is the right situation, and I am all for it. When I noticed my boss was jonesing for my latina holes, I couldn’t hold out. I knew he wanted me bad and I was really into his giant Italian cock. I could see how desperate he was for me. I dug the ass fetish porn in his browser history. I sympathized with him I knew to have me as his secretary must have been hard.

I always was turning him on. My short skirts and heels were kryptonite to him. He could stare at me all day. On one late afternoon when everyone clocked out, I decided to step into the office with a trench coat on and some hot lingerie underneath. I was craving some Italian sausage. I wanted to make him cream so bad, and I wasn’t going to stop till I made him pop. It was so easy to get him off, but he sure wasn’t selfish he made sure my latina holes were satisfied, and It wasn’t a one-time thing. It was every afternoon and night thing after that. I wasn’t going to let him go and he was sure as hell not going to stop our very hot sexy fun.


sexy breastMy latina body hypnotizes you and lures you right in. You try your hardest to not give into temptation but you can’t say no. I like having that effect on you. Its complete power in my eyes and gives me a rush. I like showing you what I can do to your throbbing cock. I am the best little fucker ever. I am more than sexy breast and a tight ass. I am an enigma that you will need. You can’t wait to have me riding your cock and taking you inch by inch. I always want more. My purpose is to get you hooked and treat that cock like it has never been before. I will having you climaxing like no one has made you before. When I am done with you I will etched in your mind forever. I have done it time and time again. Once I fuck someone they are forever hooked on me. Let me be the best you ever had.

BBC loving Sugar babies

Ass fetishsexy chickssexy babeI have fun with one of my best friends ever. Denise is a hot sexy Latina like me who enjoys the finer things in life. We are complete spoiled sugar sluts. She knows all about my yummy rendezvous and my love for BBC. We both love it so much we spent a whole day talking about all the lavish trips and shopping sprees we have done only to go back home and get dicked down by real men. Tiny white stubs don’t do it for our grade A tight Latina slits. We both are sexy chicks that need thick black cocks. She got a little jealous when I mentioned that I have experienced the best of both worlds. I have had the best sugar daddy ever with the best cock ever. No one quite compares like papi king with his Anaconda. I love Denise but its safe to say I win in the five star sugar baby rating experience. A little healthy competition has nerver hurt any friendship.

Strap fun

sexy chicks

After a long night I decided to hang out with one of my hot slutty friends. I love sexy chicks. I hang out with hot sluts that can party. We hung out at my place and got super acquainted. I enjoyed using her hot body. She was perfect slut and I had to bring out my fun toys. I loved rubbing her tight and and finger fucking her. I got her so wet and ready to be used. She kept quivering with each finger fuck. She was ready for me to pound her with my strap. I got her on all fours and gave it to her. She was begging for it even more. I had to give her what she wanted. I kept pounding her till she creamed all over that rubber dick.

Halloween Party

sexy chicksI went to the Halloween party at the country club with my husband. I was bored out of my mind but spotted something that caught my eye. I went to follow what got my attention. It was one of the bus boys. I signaled him to meet me in one of the empty ballroom venues. He froze and didn’t believe I was talking to him. I’m sure he is used to sexy chicks wanting his attention but not a sexy woman like me. He was tall dark and handsome. I knew he had a big black dick. I saw that bulge across the room. He wasn’t even hard. Once I got him alone, he was. I could see his dick was popping out of his pants and I knew I was going to get it in my mouth and tight ass. It is my weakness. Big beautiful cocks make me weak, and I need them badly. When I pulled it out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tried my hardest to keep quiet, but I kept moaning. Thankfully no one heard me, but I needed an encore. I grabbed his number, and I made sure to store it. I can’t wait to get my cock fix again.

The best cock ever

cum on boobs

Above all else I love a huge black cock. One that keeps me addicted and coming for more. I like worshiping the superior dick of all dicks. There is nothing like a big chocolate cock fucking all my hoes. My Latina cunt craves it on a daily basis. I love it so much and when I get the creamy load I need it all over. Love to taste it and having cum on boobs is the hottest. I loved jerking your cock and teasing it in my mouth. Feeling that big chocolate dick grow is the best. It feels like it will never stop expanding in my mouth. No other dick has power over me like black dick does. I worship it and have to have it!

Kryptonite=Cock Cream

sexy babe

I am addicted to huge cocks. My favorite thing to do is dress up like a hot slut and get myself ready for you. I like going over to you and making that cock cream. I have been dick deprived for a while now being with a short dick loser. I crave cock that makes my pussy wet as can be. I like nothing but the best in every situation. I need someone who has a long dick that can give me plenty of loads. I am not a one and done kind of gal. I need you to shower me in your nut cream pretty please. A sexy babe needs her kryptonite. If I can have it every single night that will be even better. I like sneaking around and getting my vice. It’s what keeps me happy and fulfilled 😉 very filled.

versace on the floor

Great blowjobs

Dressed up and looking like a sexy slut. I like to make that big cock cum. I love dropping that versace dress on the floor and making your cock rise. There is nothing like a hot latina willing to drain your balls. I can’t get enough of your cock and crave it every moment of the day. My husband doesn’t give it to me like you. I like to whisk away and get my tight holes filled with your cream. I get addicted each time you fuck me. I’m hooked and won’t feel bad that I am getting what I need. Instant satisfaction is what I have when I see your cock. I know it will feel good in any of my three holes.

I kissed a girl

sexy chicks

Well, I did much more than kiss a girl. It wasn’t even planned. I grew a crush on my brother’s girlfriend. We clicked, and I like sexy chicks so hanging out with her made me want to fuck her even more. One day I felt brave after a couple of glasses of wine and went for it I knew she found me sexy and she would always make comments on what a hot latina I was. I made my move and wished I had done it sooner. I got her pussy off with my tongue and fingers. Caressing her body and getting her ready to climax was all that I wanted. I licked her perfect pussy, and she did mines. I enjoyed scissoring her till she moaned in bliss. I’m sure my brother hasn’t made her cum this hard ever. 

you can look but don’t touch

sexy legsMy newest sugar daddy loves when I bring over hot friends over. He sits back and relaxes as I show him my hot Latina body. He loves my sexy ass and sexy legs. He can’t keep his eyes off me and has the need to spoil me nonstop. He spoils me pretty well. The only downside is his short dick. I don’t get near that thing. I am accustomed to guys who pack heavy equipment for my tight tiny body. I will let my sugar daddy watch me and my hot friends but he’s not allowed to join in. Sucks to suck! At least he keeps my pockets happy. Not many can have it all 😉 . After all I was meant to be the latina tease that makes your cock twitch. 🙂

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