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Virgin cock

ass fetishI was dreading staying home, so I decided it was time to go out and have a good time. I met up with a guy that wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. I was just horny and ready to get some dick that I allowed him to take me out. He was a bit younger like fresh out of high school young. I was shocked he could afford the 5-star restaurant we were heading too. I just rolled with it and thought maybe his parents gave him an allowance. It was like nails on chalkboard talking to him. He was too sweet, and I felt terrible that I was giving him any illusion that I was okay with going on multiple more dates. I certainly wasn’t going to call him after this date and after I got his cock. He was nervous as hell when we finished our date. I invited him inside. I knew he had a mean ass fetish by the way he was already creaming his damn pants. I wanted his dick and wanted him gone. He took forever and kept stalling. It wasn’t until a couple of minutes in did I realize he was a virgin. I was devastated, but I knew I needed some. I did what I could and made him my fuck toy for the night. It took some trial and errors, but he finally did it. He came to quick the first time, so I had to punish him and make that tongue work before I gave him any more attention. I created a decent fuck. I might even invite him over again.

The Wife and the Mistress

2 girl phone sex

When I found out about my ex husbands secret affair, I was livid and fuming. I didn’t say a word I was going to get even my way. I did investigate and confronted the slut. I was shocked she was willing to meet me up. When I saw the sexy babe, I kind of forgot how angry I was. She was gorgeous. I knew I was going to like her. Her name was Denise she was young beautiful and had great style like me. We hit it off instantly, and I just had to take her home. We were tipsy from drinking, and we were excited to have some fun. One thing leads to another, and we were stripped naked, and I reached for my toy chest and begun exploring her body. We were fucking each other with my toys and had been at it for hours. My poor husband made it home to find his mistress and wife fucking passionately. Oh, no loser you can watch, but you can’t touch. He was going to sit and enjoy the view with a chastity penis cage. He wasn’t allowed to cum only we were. His cock is pathetic, and we let him know how we are sugar sluts who only care about his cash flow.

sexy babe

Bdk’s sexy surprise

sexy legssexy babeOur Papi king loves when Lena and I both strut in our bikinis. Summertime is fast approaching, and I can’t wait for our sweet BDK to set some time from his busy schedule and spends time with his two favorite girls. Papi king has already spoiled us enough with our fun shopping sprees and our late night rendezvous.BDK’s anaconda has a mind of its own when the anaconda catches a glimpse in our custom made bikinis encrusted with BDK on it; The anaconda wants to come out and play. Lena looked hot in her unique bikini. Her sexy legs were fascinating. I, of course, had a beautiful bikini too and Papi king couldn’t get his hands off me when he made his way to us. Papi surprised us when he arrived from a busy workday. While our king was away, he set us up with a spa day, and he wanted tons of pictures of us in our new bikinis. The anaconda was ready to play when he got to the spa. Lena and I always have to show our gratitude to the delicious anaconda. We both love million dollar nut cream.

The best Papi King ever

πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–ass fetishπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–2 girl phoneπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

The next day after the club premiere Lena and I had a bunch of jealous whores leave sly comments. We paid no attention to salty sluts. We are sugar babies, and we don’t let anyone sipping on haterade get to us. BDK was so sweet and ever so generous as he usually is and sent us both off on a long shopping spree. I loved hitting rodeo with my best friend, Lena. We got a ton of outfits we knew our big daddy king would enjoy. Papi king loves to have his sweet girls dressed in insanely sexy attire but most importantly he loves having the world know we are his property. If you don’t know now you know πŸ˜‰ Everything looked so right on Lena her tits are to die for and my nice round tight latina ass will make any guy develope an ass fetish at first glance. When we finished our shopping spree, we had to get to daddies estate and give him and that yummy anaconda some extra lovin








BDK’s sugar babies

sexy chickssexy babeIt’s the grand opening night of a major club. Big Papi rey is friends with the owner and wanted Lena and me to get dressed up and make the whole club green with envy. Papi king knows how to treat his sugar babies. We are his property, and we know it. We had the sexiest outfits jimmy choo’s and mini skirts, and we couldn’t forget our BDK branding all over. We were proud to let the world know we are the king’s property. Its an honor to be his princesses. Lena and I are half BDK’s age. Actually, Lena and, I ages combined don’t even equal to Papi’s age. We are his youthful babies. Doused inΒ  channel of course.

We walked in, and all eyes were on us. We knew they all were green-eyed monsters. All the girlsΒ  were drinking that haterade. It didn’t phase us we made our way to the VIP section. We were helping our king host the night. I couldn’t help but be his latina mami and tease Papi real good. That anaconda was popping out offΒ  papi’sΒ  Versace pants. Lena and I just had to give that anaconda what it needed. There we were in the VIP room treating our beloved anaconda with french kisses and letting Papi provide us with that five star million dollar facial we love.





Latina tease

ass sex pornBefore I got into the sugar baby lifestyle, I was using my body and looks to get exactly what I wanted. I had just started working as a tutor for a wealthy family. The man of the house was very intrigued by my hot body and my sexy latina look. I was fucking him for bonuses. He loved ass sex porn and enjoyed making me watch it like a good slut. I would have to strip naked for him and let him fuck my tight twat. I love having that big cock deep inside I just kept begging for more. Each inch going in had me needing it. I was getting addicted to that daddy cock. It was like no other cock I had gotten up to that point. I was fucking pathetic dweebs my age who couldn’t make me orgasm like an older guy with experience. I especially loved fucking him in his bed where he would sleep with his wife. It was taboo and had me going every time.

BDK’s babes

sexy legsLena came over to tell me all about her fantastic weekend with BDK. I know we had a blast last time the three of us hung out but hearing about all the adventures they have been on and all about that yummy anaconda had me wanting and an encore. I couldn’t stop thanking lena enough for introducing me to royalty. No one compares to our beloved BDK. He is the king of kings, and he sure knows how to keep his girls happy.Β  I loved watching Lena grab that big anaconda and start deepthroating it like a good girl.Β  It’s such an honor to be in the presence of true royalty a true living legend. We have it all with our BDK. Meeting Papi king has been just about the best thing ever. I always find myself rubbing my cunny thinking about that beautiful cock and Lena too. We can’t thank our king enough. Everything about him is perfect.

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Fucking the delivery boy

Sexy legsIt was a casual weekday afternoon I was awaiting my deliveries. I get bored, and I start to order up a storm. When I heard the knock, I ran to the door to get my deliveries. I must have made an impression on the hot delivery guy. I had on a mini skirt, and my sexy legs were showing, and my tight toned body was catching his gaze. I was in lust at first sight. This delivery guy was more than handsome and looked like he was packing an excellent big package of his own. The words came right out of my mouth before I could even process them. I asked him if he would like to come in for water. I was going to quench his thirst for more ways. He needed to be quick, and so did I. He had plenty of deliveries he had to get too. I learned he was twenty-two and was in college full time and he plays college football. I quit the chit-chat and made him show me his cock. I got to suck it, and I got on all fours and let him pound my pussy till I squirted.Β  Someone was watching us it was his partner we were so busy that we didn’t even realize. His partner was checking what was taking him so long. Well, he saw and joined in. They both pounded my pussy I sent them out on their way when I had my big O.

Craving Chocolate

Sexy babe

I’ve been a nasty girl again. I couldn’t contain myself. This time this sexy babe betrayed her best friend. I’m all for girl code but, when it comes down to cock its cock over everything. My friend Trisha’s just got herself a hot new young guy. Trisha’s new man is also packing a huge black mamba in his pants. How am I supposed to turn that down? I’m a chocolate addict, and for that, I will do just about anything. BBC is the cream of the crop. Like a black on black bugati, it doesn’t get any better. When I say things escalated, I mean it. One second I was being greeted and introduced to him the next we escape out back for a quickie. Poor Trisha has no idea her BBC will be permanently mine soon. πŸ’œ


My husbands younger brother

ass fetish

My husband was telling me that he needed to bring over one of his brothers. I was very irritated and didn’t like the idea; I hated the fact that his brother was such a bum. I have heard stories, but I’ve never met him. I knew he was about 22 and such a troublemaker. I knew he was going to be around the house not doing a thing.

Knowing he would be a fly on the wall present for all my rendezvous had me nervous. I was frustrated I knew it was going to put a damper on my plans.

When I was introduced to him, I saw something I didn’t think I’d see, my husband’s younger brother was everything he wasn’t.
He was handsome, and I could already tell he was well hung.

The chemistry was instant I was already wet as can be within seconds of meeting him.
To my surprise we hit it off, he was quite the Joker and told me all about his ass fetish.

I could tell he liked what he saw because he couldn’t stop checking me out since the moment he stepped in the front door.

When my husband was gone one morning, I would soon realize the extent of it. I woke up to someone pulling my panties down, and just going down on me.

I honestly thought it was my husband using his pathetic charm on me, the only way my husband knows how to get me off is with him eating my pussy, so I assumed it was him, but then I saw that it was his brother.

I couldn’t deny that I was wet as can be even if I did tell me to stop he would call me out. I let him finish up, and then I gave him a return because honestly, I just imagined his big beautiful cock in my mouth. You can imagine how much fun we had whenever my husband would be out the door from then on.

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