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GFE Phone Sex

I’m your sexy girlfriend that all your friends are jealous of. You love to show me off in front of them and watch as they stare at my hot body, wishing they could get a taste. One night, we head over to your friend’s new house just to kick it and hang out. While we were hanging out in the living room, I got a call, so I stepped out into the backyard to take it.

A few moments later, when I hung up the phone, your friend came out there and tried hitting on me! He asked if I wanted to bend over and let him hit it real quick while my man was inside. I gasped and told him never and then came back inside to find you. I didn’t even have to tell you what happened. You heard it all from the open window and had already decided to teach that friend a lesson about messing with a devoted girl like me.

Kissing my neck, you pulled off my clothes right there in the living room in front of your friend. Of course I let you, because I’d do anything for my man. Now naked, I laid on the couch as you held my legs over your shoulders and unleashed that massive cock that keeps me from straying off with other men. I could tell your friend wasn’t as well-endowed and that he had just realized what he was up against.

Pushing into my pussy, you fill me up and make me moan as you fuck me harder and harder. It turned me on so much to be rubbing it in your pal’s face that he could never have this. When you started to rub my clit, it was all over for me. I came hard enough to take my breath away. To show what a good little slut I am for you, you had me suck you clean and swallow every drop of nut that you could squeeze out of your balls, making your friend red with jealousy.

Bisexual Girlfriend

Great Blowjobs

Nothing gets me quite as wet as getting both a man and a woman in bed with me at the same time. I invited my friend over so she could introduce me to her new boyfriend. What I didn’t realize was that they were both super kinky and looking for a third player to join them tonight. It was his fantasy to have two sexy chicks worshipping his cock, sucking and licking his balls while they played with each other.

Being a good friend, I agreed right away as we all got naked and started fooling around together. We switched off between sucking the shaft and the balls, alternating until his dick was throbbing and twitching. He bent my friend over and started plowing her while she buried her face in my slit. Her tongue felt so amazing on my clit, all I could do was moan as I pushed her deeper into my juicy cunt. Fuck yes, eat me just like that!

Laying her man on his back, she straddled his face so he could eat her out while I rode him. I bounced up and down until I was cumming all over his giant rod and my friend was cumming on his face. Getting to our knees, we let him jerk his load onto our titties and licked it off each other. It was an awesome time!

Fuck Buddy

Fantasy Phone Sex

Feeling rather horny, I texted one of my fuck buddies and he was at my house in record time. Kissing as we stumbled into the bedroom, he tore off my panties. I wanted him so badly, I didn’t even bother taking off the rest of my clothes. He licked and sucked my toes before eating my pussy and ass from the back.

I trembled from the touch of his skillful tongue. Kneeling behind me, he rubbed the head of his cock against my clit before pushing all the way inside me, balls deep. I yelped with each thrust as he squeezed and spread my cheeks. His throbbing dick felt so amazing stretching my wet pussy, this was just what I needed.

Laying me on my side, he played with my toes in his mouth as he fucked me like a whore. My tits bounced from the force of his hips. Reaching down, I played with my clit until I was cumming on his juicy rod. This really got him going, so he had me suck him off, licking all my cum off his shaft. Tasting my own pussy on him before he filled my mouth with his load really turned me on. I swallowed every drop. Glad I called him over!

Strap-On Lesbians

Lesbian Phone Sex

I moaned as the sexy blonde I brought home licked my clit. It felt so amazing to have her fingers deep inside me, rubbing my sensitive spot as she used her tongue to send me right over the edge. My tits shook as she went to town on me. I couldn’t hold back anymore. My whole body trembled as a powerful orgasm overtook me. Smiling, she kissed me so I could taste my pussy on her lips.

She was a bit older than me and was very dominant. Straddling my face, she jerked her hips as I massaged her clit with my mouth. I put a finger up her ass, causing her to orgasm and spasm. It was so hot watching her cum on top me like that. I thought that would be the end of our play time, but I was wrong. She pulled out a strap-on and demanded I get on all fours. Yanking back my hair, she squeezed my ass with her other hand as she slammed into me. Gasping, I yelped with each thrust as she beat my pussy up.

After a bit, she sat down so that she was still sitting up and had me hop on. My titties were jiggling in her face as I rode her. For the second time, I came as hopped up and down and felt her tongue flicking my nipple. She was an amazing fuck!

Let Me Bring You to the Edge

Edgeplay Phone Sex

One of my favorite things to do is bring a guy right to the brink of an orgasm and then let him calm back down. I’ll do this over and over again until he explodes in such a gushing eruption that it coats my tits in his creamy cum. Actually, let me show you what I mean! I get down to my knees and lick your balls, swirling them around in my tongue while I stroke your big, hard cock. When I take the length of your shaft down my throat, your toes curl from my mouth skillfully massaging that throbbing dick.

Your body begins to tense up, which is when I pull you out from my face and do a sexy little strip tease as your climax begins to subside. Straddling you in your seat, I then slide down your rod, moaning at the way it fills my wet pussy. Your hands grope my body as I grind my hips, feeling you stretch me out. Your breathing quickens as you nearly blow your load, but I won’t let that happen quite yet. I hop off and kiss you while you simmer down.

When you’re ready again, I get down to all fours so you can spread my cheeks and plow into my snug asshole. You go deep as you slam into me, making me scream. Grunting, you bust a fat nut right into my rosebud until it’s dripping out and down my legs. Still shaking, you lay down next to me and catch your breath. I love having kinky fun with you!

Cock Sucking Girlfriend

GFE Phone Sex

I love being your perfect girlfriend. I never get mad at you and I always have some encouraging words when you’re feeling down. The best part about me? I’m always horny for you, baby. Anytime you grab my ass or rub my inappropriately out in public, I never get angry or cut you off. I’ve always got a cute little giggle for you as I let you do whatever you want to my body any time the mood strikes.

When you just want an amazing blow job after a long day, I’m happy to get to my knees and suck your perfect cock until you are on the brink of cumming. I’ll swallow if that what pleases you, but feel free to bust your nut all over my face and tits. I won’t ever complain that you stained my blouse or got it in my hair. In fact, that stuff only turns me on more! Oh baby, I want to know all your filthiest kinks and fetishes so I can make them come alive for you. I’m your personal whore who has absolutely no limits. Lay it on me!

Women In Charge

Sissy Maid Stories

I am part of a highly exclusive club where things are a little turned around. Here, it’s the boys that drop to their knees at the command of a woman. The ladies get the VIP life, while the men are collared and leashed to serve the women. We keep a few of the buff bodied sissies up on the stripper poles, doing sexy little dances for some of the femdoms who are chatting with their friends, of course, using the men to sit on or as foot rests. Sitting at the bar to order a drink, one of the sissy boys dressed in a little maid’s uniform came up to talk to me, as was customary when a femdom walked in and was not already accompanied by one of the girly boys.

I kicked off my shoes. I had spent a long day on my feet, so I ordered him to massage my feet through my stockings. The bartender brought me a drink as I moaned from the tension slipping away from my body. Opening my legs, I signaled that he should now begin to please me in a different way. He kissed up my thighs before licking my clit. I pushed his face deeper into my pussy as I came on his face. After catching my breath, I dismissed him. I didn’t need him getting attached and trying to get me to take him home as my permanent pet.

Humiliating a Sissy

Forced Crossdressing

I brought a guy over to my house because I was feeling a little wild. In the mood for punishing a little sissy boy, I lured him onto the bed. When a sexy woman ties you up, you don’t argue. I tied each of his hands to the tops of my bed posts while he was facing down and on his knees, almost like he was bowing. Then, taking the nylon rope, I tied each of his legs so they were stuck in the kneeling position. His ass stuck out behind him as I blindfolded and gagged him.

Now he was worried, I could tell, as he said tried to mumble something, but the gag muffled his words beyond recognition. He was entirely naked, but now that he was immobilized, it was time to have some fun. I took a strapless bra big enough to fit his broad chest and hooked it onto him. What a pretty girl he made, hehe. I even took some of my blush and made his cheeks nice and rosy. He tried to free himself from the restraints, but to no avail. What a wimp! Grabbing a jeweled butt plug, I made his asshole shine with some feminine bling. Taking a nice, leather crop, I spanked him until his cheeks were neon red as he screamed through the gag. Now that I had my fun, I reached down and started stroking his cock until he was hard. I kept massaging his shaft until he came in my hand, after which I pulled out his gag to force feed him his own cum. I loved humiliating him!

A Sexy Surprise

GFE Phone Sex

As your devoted girlfriend, I wanted to do something extra special for you. No particular reason, but surprises can really be a lot of fun. Especially the one I had in mind! I got one of my friends and we dressed up in sexy lingerie. When you walked through the door, there we were, waiting with our asses out, ready for your big cock. Your jaw dropped as I pulled her close and started making out with her. Falling onto the couch, we groped each other’s bodies as we pulled off what little clothes we had on, popping out our perky titties. I could see your cock was ready to burst out of your pants so her and I got to our knees as we took out your cock. Swirling my tongue around the head of your dick, I worked your shaft as she massaged your balls in her mouth. I felt your hand through my hair as I gagged on your meaty fuckstick. My friend then laid on the floor as I buried my face between her legs. Her pussy was already soaking wet when I started flicking her clit with my tongue. You fingered my ass while you guided your throbbing boner into my tight cunt. I moaned into her slit when you started pounding me. Having her spread in front of me while you nailed me was so fucking hot, I squirted all over your rod, shaking from the massive wave of pleasure pulsing through my body. Now, it was my girlfriend’s turn. I held your cock in place as she lowered herself on your shaft. Grinding my hips on your mouth, I rode your face, watching her bounce up and down on you. I reached out to rub her clit, causing her to have a screaming orgasm. Then, stacking our asses on top of each other, we let you cover us in your cum, licking it off each other’s cheeks once you were done.

My Feet Got Fucked

Foot Fetishes

After class, I made my way to my favorite coffee shop. On the way there, I ran into this sexy man who invited me back to his place to have some fun. Throwing me onto his bed, he pulled off my jeans, taking off my thong with his teeth. Next, my top came off. Laying nude underneath his gorgeous, naked body, I moaned as he played with my clit. He leaned back on his knees as he lifted my feet by his face, kissing them. I giggled as he licked each toe. Watching in awe, he nearly came when I started rubbing my perfectly pedicured foot against my clit. My pussy was dripping wet as he held my feet around his cock. Finally, he rubbed his boner against my clit before sliding all the way inside. I gasped from the pleasure of his fuckstick stretching out my tight cunt. Rubbing my clit with his thumb, he gave me an enormous, squirting orgasm, and using my cum for lube, he went back to fucking my feet. Grunting, he blew his hot, sticky load all over my feet, covering them completely.

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