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Waiting For Your Cock

Sexy chatI waited outside for you to pull in next door I was naked and sunbathing in that spot in the yard where you can look over the fence and see me. I knew your wife was away for a few days and I want you! I have wanted you for a while and now is my perfect chance. I make a noise so you turn and look my way. I can feel your eyes piercing my naked flesh. I make eye contact with you and wave you over with my pinky. You waste no time in coming over. You are already pulling out your thick cock and heading straight for my open wet ready mouth. My lips grab a hold of your cock and slide down your shaft. You taste so fucking yummy in my mouth and your so fucking thick you fill my mouth full.

A Twist

Mature phone sex When I sunbathe naked outside in front lawn I do it on purpose to attract all my neighbors and the cars passing by. I love the stares and attention I get. Makes my pussy so very wet. But yesterday when I was sunbathing a twist happened. I got a hoot and a holler from a chick! That is right a chick was checking me out. And she was hot! An awesome set of tits and a slamming body to go with them titties. I yelled back “Get your cute ass over here I want you!” She came trotting in my yard and by now we had a bit of a crowd starting to appear. When she got close enough to me I grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss. I slid my hand over her boobs taking a little pinch of her nipple. I didn’t stop there my hand slid to her pussy I could feel the heat coming off that thing threw her shorts. By now we had an even bigger crowd watching us as we were groping and kissing each other. We went at it right there in front of ever one. She was just like me a fucking horny slut with no shyness about her.

Need To Get Fucked

Sexy chat I need to get laid so freaking bad. My pussy will not stop aching for a huge big fuck stick. I am going to go out tonight to a bar down the street and pick me up some dick. Lol, maybe two or three fuck sticks if I am a lucky little slut. I do very much try to act like the wholesome girl from next door but on the inside I know I am a raging slut and I need lots of dick. I have never turned down a guy who wanted to fuck me. Hell, most of the time I come onto them begging for what is swinging between their legs. It has been almost a whole 24 hours since the last time I had a nice fuck stick stuffing one of my holes.

Putting Out The Fire

Fantasy phone sexI Have a client who loves my fireman outfit! It is the only outfit I wear for him. I come rushing into his office to put out the fire in his pants. And the only way the fire can be put out is with my ass. I cawl up to him backwards wiggling my ass at him. I beg for him to let me take care of that burning fire trapped in his suit pants. He is a wicked kinky man and he turns me on so fucking much. Sometimes he will make a call to his wife as he sticks his cock in my ass. It gets him off just as much as it gets me off. She won’t take it in the ass and he will talk to her and as he is fucking me almost like a virtual slap in her prude face. When he dumps his load he will tell her how much he loves her. Listening to his conversion to the one he vowed to be faithful to as he ass fucks me is such a fucking turn on.

2 Houses Down

Mature phone sexThere is this one sexy man who lives 2 houses down from me. He is an old sexy man in his seventies at least but something about him makes my pussy just drip every time I see him. He was an athlete back in his prime and it still shows. I have been flirting with him for a few weeks. Whenever I see him out in his yard messing in his garden or mowing his lawn. I walk past his house dressed very slutty with my dog and stop to start up a conversation. He is interested because he flirts right back with me but he has never made a move and I am getting sexually frustrated. Today I decided I was going to make the first move and instead of waiting for him to be outside to go over. This time I knocked on his door looking for some sugar. He invited me in and I could see by the look on his face he was happy to me. As he walked to his kitchen to get me the sugar I requested but do not need that is when I attacked him so to speak. I pushed him up against the wall and asked him when was the last time he had a slut at his disposal. He did not answer me instead he grabbed a hold of my tit and smiled. The only words that came out of his mouth were “I was just waiting for you to make the first move.” Now I am super happy I did.

Squirting On BBC

Sexy hot womenI am naked in bed with my ass in the air ready for the BBC I am about to get. One of many boyfriends Chris love to watch me get fucked by some huge BBC. He sits in the corner jerking himself off as I scream from all the squirting orgasms I am having. The guy he enlisted to fuck me I have been with many times before. He loves to throw my white whore body around and fuck me raw in every fucking hole I have. And I can’t help but squirt my pussy juices all over his BBC. We usually fuck for a few hours then Chris will come over and clean his cum out of holes and making me squirt some more of my pussy juices all over his face.

My Best Look

Fantasy phone sex I think this is my best look! Cum all over my face and tits and we were just getting started. This is what I looked like after just one load. I was with Ted and he loves for me to wear his cum. He says I look my sexiest the more of his cum I wear. I don’t mind at all. That ooze is a great fucking moisturizer leaving my skin looking silky smooth and fresh. Most men want to cum inside any one of my three fuckable holes. But not Ted he has never once released his cum inside of me. It is just a huge plus I love the look. Any decent slut is proud to have the cum displayed on her flesh for others to see.


Fantasy phone sexSomething about having a cock inches away from my mouth makes me drool like a puppy dog. The aroma coming off that hard fuck stick in front of my face. I can’t help but stick out my tongue and try to get a taste. I like it when a guy makes me beg for his cock. Teasing me letting me get in a lick here or a nice warm kiss there just on the tip of that beautiful head. The more I am denied the more I want it. And help me God if I see a precum squirt out! I become a whining little brat begging for you to smear it on my face. In the end, I always get my way and get to have that cock in my mouth. But the way some of these guys make me beg for their cocks Turns this slut right the fuck on making my pussy a super sloppy mess.


Mature phone sex Today is a special day for me the hot 23-year-old next door neighbor is coming home from overseas. We started fucking the week he was deployed and that was two years ago. He had a great body back then but he has been sending me naked pictures of himself. He is nice and buff and looking hotter than ever! We have been writing naughty kinky letters back and forth for the last two years. He tells me the wicked stuff he wants to do to my body and I share with him the kinky stuff I want to do to his body. In his last letter, he said he would sneak away from home the first chance he got to come to visit me I have on his favorite outfit and I am waiting in my bed for him.

Girlfriend And The Slut All In One

GFE phone sexI know you are just not looking for the cute slut next door but also the girlfriend experience. My callers know that when they crave the slut next door that is exactly the part of me they get. When they are in need of a girlfriend I am there for them too. I have a regular who calls me every day several times a day. I am his girlfriend and I look forward to our phone conversation. We talk about everything and anything. From the day to day events to how hard he gets for me. He is great at loving me and listening to me. He makes me feel like his little princess and his little dirty whore all at once.

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