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Mature phone sexI could see my neighbors were have a BQ next door. Some really good looking men and women over there drinking and having a good time. I thought to myself that I am gonna invite myself wearing just my bikini. I brought over a couple of bottles of real nice vodka and crashed the party. Nobody was upset that I crashed the shing dig. I mean I did bring gifts to join in on the fun. I started flirting with everybody the girls were looking as hot as the men. I was hoping by the end of the night I was gonna have some sort of orgy with a few of good looking prime meets I have in front of me.

You Slut

Sexy phone chat I was in the mall shopping the other day and some jealous bitch in the neighborhood called me a slut. I laughed at her. She is just mad cause her husband fucks me on a weekly basis and there is nothing she can do about it. I love fucking other women’s husband. They are the best fucks ever. I get the cock, the money and none of the aggravation it takes to have a husband of my own. If these women would take care of their men like they should in the bedroom. They would not be looking my way to get the satisfaction that their prude wives will not give them. The world needs sluts like me. Sluts are what makes the world go around.


Sexy chat I love when married men call me for wild phone sex. I love to hear what prudes of wives they are married too. How they will not do this or that. I laugh if only those stupid little wives knew. If they were not such prudes I would be out of business. But you know what they say. There are the women you marry and the sluts you fuck. Giggles. And I love being that slut! I love playing with these other chicks husbands and doing all sorts of nasty things with him in secret. Everything turns me on. When I am masturbating my mind skips from scenario to scenario. I honestly cannot think of one thing that turns me off. And I love when I get a freaky idea from a sexy caller. And I just run with it in my head as I pleasure myself.

A Slut Forever

Sexy phone sexI have been a slut since the age of 18. Still a slut today. And hoping to be a slut well into grandma years. I love being a slut and enjoying as many cocks as I can get in my lifetime. When a new cock comes my way. I love to feel the newness of that cock. Taste that cocks scent. And every man works his cock differently. And when I get cock that I have had before that is great too! I already know what to expect and what they like to make them feel good using this slut. My point being is being a slut is a great way to live and I would not want to be anything else but a slut.

The Plumber

Fantasy phone sexI was a naughty girl yesterday. I deliberately broke my sink so I would have to call the plumber. I called the plumber first thing in the morning and they said they would send somebody out by noon. I quickly took a shower and got dressed in a very littel sexy outfit. And waited for that plumber to knock on my door. My boobs hanging out as I got to answer the door. I could see him staring at my boobs as I led him to the kitchen. And showed him the problem area leaning over in front of him, letting my boobs sag in front of him . Bottom of my ass showing. I rubbed myself up against him and could feel his rock hard cock. That is when I knew I was gonna get my plumbing fixed too.

Fun Night

Sexy phone sex I asked my boyfriend if we could pretty please have a 3 some with my friend Donna. He said we could and I was very excited. I have not seen Donna in years since she had moved away. She was coming back to the area for a visit. We wanted to hook up but now I had a boyfriend. So we made it a 3 some as long as my man was in agreement and he was. We all went out for dinner and drinks. And then back to our house. We put on some music and started to dance sexual and rub up against each other. It had been so long since I had been with Donna I could not help myself I started making out with her. Rubbing up against her body. My boyfriend helped us by getting us out of our clothes as Donna and I were really getting into each other. It was a 2 some at this point. Giggles not a 3 some. However I do not think my man minded much. He was getting involved just hanging back and giving Donna and I some much needed time together. I personally think he was enjoying the show.

Switching Sides

Mature phone sexI love being the slut of the neighborhood. But every once in awhile it is nice to switch sides and have the man on the floor begging for me. Giving him my toes to suck on as I pretend to ignore him. Make him beg me to have his cock deep in my pussy. When I am in charge I like to taunt and tease. Make you come at the edge of cumming then refusing you your pleasure. Giggles I am wicked that way. I love to have my pussy licked and made a special fuss over. I will have your face down in there for hours. Wrapping my legs around you and smother you deeply in my pussy.. I would cum several times. You however maybe once. I told you I am wicked that way.

Getting My Tan On

Mature phone sexI decide to go out on my front lawn and sunbathe topless for the neighborhood men. It was a Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining brightly. And a lot of the men were out working on their lawns. I brought out my lawn chair but a towel down took off the top of my bikini top. Pretending I did not realize I had an audience. I did a big stretch and then lay down on my back. Spreading my legs slightly and arching my back. I had on my sunglasses. I could at least 15 guys staring, I bit on my lip feeling my pussy leak a little. I loved all the stares I was getting. A few of those guys made their way on over to me. And after a few gropes on my body. I was ready to give even a better show to the neighborhood.

A Store Of Sluts

Fantasy phone sexSluts “R” Us. Imagine if there was a store like this. Where you can go in and pick up a slut or two? Have our own little theme song for the commercials. Giggles, something like. “I can’t wait to grow big, cause when I do I can become a Sluts “R” Us shopper too.” Lol I like that. What do you think? Go into a store and sort thru all sorts of sluts. Get a red head. Maybe a blonde. Big titties. Little titties. Big asses. Little asses. Get a combination of a couple sluts and have a buffet. Dine on sluts for hours. Then when your bored go exchange them for different sluts. Slut make the world a happier place to live in.

The Plumber

Mature phone sexI called a Plumber to come over and fix my bathroom sink. Giggles seems somehow my favorite pair of panties got stuck in the pipe and caused a huge back up. I answered the door in a robe that I left open. Claiming I just got out of the shower. He walked in staring at my naked body. Grabbed me by the hips turned me around and bent me over the first piece of furniture he could find. Which happened to be a desk. What a turn on this man knowing exactly what I wanted and how to give it to me. Sliding that fuck rod in. Pushing his body against mine. Penetrating me even further than before. I do not know what kind of plumber he is with sinks. But with my plumbing he knew exactly how to fix the problem.

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