BDK Anaconda Addiction

2 girl phone sexGreat blowjobsNobody appreciates naughty 2 girl phone sex like our Big Daddy King, flat out no questions asked. He’s the most generous sugar daddy in the whole entire world and he only deserves the best of the best, that’s why he has me and Loretta on his big strong arms as his young & sexy princesses. BDK is already a handsome sight to see but when he has our gorgeous asses on either side of him, he just looks that much more appealing! Everyone knows what the fuck is up when we step in, the party doesn’t start until the sexiest celebrity trio says it does, bitches! My addiction to Big Daddy King’s gigantic anaconda cock has gotten quite out of hand, hehe. Daddy loves how fuckin obsessed I am with his throbbing manhood. Loretta is just as infatuated now, especially because every time we play with BDK his huge dick just continues to get thicker and longer! We were both so excited when Big Daddy surprised us with a very expensive shopping spree in order to prepare for another special surprise that he had in store. The hottest new club in town was having their grand-opening and they wanted me to host the evening. Of course BDK is friends with the owner, he has the hook-up with everyone and everything… would you expect anything less from the living legend himself?! Only A-list celebrities & athletes as well as all the industry VIP’s were allowed to attend so obviously it only makes sense that Daddy and his sugar baby princesses are in charge of handling the fun evening. We all three looked hott as FUCK when we arrived to the red carpet. We made quite the entrance as we pulled up in a stretch Hummer limo! Loretta and I couldn’t keep our hands or our tongues off of our sexy Papi King. His anaconda was pulsating through his dapper designer suit that he had on for the event, goddamn that man can rock the fuck out of any designer he chooses! The level of horny that he makes me and Loretta feel is off the charts and we needed to feed our addiction. Our hankering for monster anaconda cock is uncontrollable and Big Daddy lets us have our fix whenever the hell want… which is all the time! The three of us slipped away back to the VIP champagne room so that we could manhandle our delicious black snake. He can’t get enough of our great blowjobs that we love to give him. Daddy painted our faces with his millionaire nut cream while we begged for his cum as he skull-fucked our pretty faces. We truly are a triple trouble trio… 😉 #BigDaddyKingIsTheBest #MillionairesOnly #BlackCardBlackCock #HottestSugarBabies #SpoiledPrincesses

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