Sexy Babe Rebecca

Being in a position of trust offers me a lot of room to get to know my clients. They confide so many things in me. One of my clients is a sex addict and is cheating on his wife. He is terrified she is going to find out. While I was grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, I ran into him and his wife.  I gave him a look as he introduced me to his wife. She was very beautiful and I was surprised at her shy demeanor. This client and I have had many sessions. We have discussed why he cannot commit to one piece of pussy and we have explored his fascination with the need for cheating. I do a lot of role playing with him as we explore the under lying issues and get to them together through sexual play. I suppose that can seem a bit of an oddity in choice of therapy for his condition but I believe it works. not only that but I rather enjoy it when he licks my pussy. His cock is quite large too and I enjoy the sessions as they make both him and I feel good.


Sexy babe

Sub Girlfriend

gfe phone sexAn old professor of mine called and asked me to go to a conference with him last night. He needed a “girlfriend” for the night. And really who better to ask than me. I mean I am sexy, young, smart as hell, and a sub. The perfect arm candy really. Although I’m sure his wife would have been upset with this arrangement. Not that it really matters to me I love married men. The conference was boring but he had his fingers in my pussy the whole time, neither of us much cared if anyone could see. Best part of the night was when he pulled me into the men’s room, his cock was straining against his trousers. He says Maggie be a good little girl and get on those knees, suck my cock into that pretty mouth of yours. I did just that sucked that big cock while other men walked in and out of that bathroom. I was so fucking hot even hotter when he shot that thick creamy load down my throat!

Best Phone Sex

best phone sexI had just finished up running some errands in town and i order an uber home as usual. The uber pulls up. The driver is a middle age probably 30 something puerto rican man.  The whole drive home i would catch him looking at me and i would coyly smile back at him, he’d blush and quickly look back at the road.  We arrive to my destination and than i realize i don’t have my wallet.. In a sweet soft voice to the driver i say “Sir, i am so sorry but i’ve seemed to misplace my-” before i could finish the sentence he glanced at me and said “I think we may be able to work something out” I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. I sit back in the seat open my legs wide open and pull my skirt up exposing my pink taco.  Without hesitation he climbed into the back seat kneeling on the floor of the car, kissing my thighs and than i felt his lips on my pussy.. He slid his tongue in and out of my pussy until i was nice and juicy.  He climbs on top of me and slides his cock inside of me ramming in and out as fast as he could as if he were in a race.  I moaned with pleasure and squirted my cum all over his cock, he pulled out of me and shot a big load onto my tits and looked up at me and said  “Dont worry ma’am that was payment enough”

Ass fetish

Ass fetishThis sexy Latina ass is all yours honey. I’m ready to squat down on that face and make this ass bounce all over you. That’s right tongue fuck my Latina ass fucking good. You make my pussy dripping wet. I feel your face getting all wet with my pussy juice just dripping into your mouth and your face. I love watching your cock getting harder and harder as you tongue fuck my ass! I’m going to bend over grab that throbbing cock with my soft hand start stroking it so slowly then start french kissing that big fat mushroom head tasting all that juicy pre- cum. Then I’m going to reach down and start finger fucking your asshole. Then with my tongue I’m going from your big fat mushroom head down to your shaft then to your big balls reaching to your asshole and start tongue fucking that ass. Don’t you stop eating my ass.

Sexy Legs Wrapped Around His Head

Sexy legs

My boyfriend loves to have me wrap my sexy legs around his head. He can’t get enough of eating out my sweet honey pot. He says it’s the sweetest tasting pussy he’s ever had. I can’t deny him anytime and anywhere we are, if he wants to lick my tasty cunt then I let him. Just last week we were out at the mall and I was trying on some new sexy outfits that he was going to buy me. We were supposed to get them and then go home and have some naughty fun, but he just couldn’t wait. I tried on a tiny little dress and walked over to him sitting there and my pussy was right near his face. Having it so close to his mouth already had his cock twitching. So, he followed me back into the dressing room and ate my little pussy right there. I came so fucking hard for him and it was so hard to keep quiet so that we didn’t get caught!

ass fetish sex slut

ass fetishass fetish slut is what I am. I love a nice round tight ass, mostly because my ass is one of my greatest asset I love flaunting it around and showing it off to all the people who deserve a peep. I enjoy the female figure and think women are gorgeous that’s why I enjoy strap-on play and fucking nice asses too. I like nothing more than having my hot bum and a hot girl with a tight bum in front of you while we scissor and have some hot fun. Making each other cum and fucking each other till we reach the best climax all the while my husband is hard at work and I’m home being pleasured and pleasuring of course. Love dressing up and putting a hot show with another hot girl all for a guy with a real meaty cock one that will satiate our hard cock craving, It’s so fucking hot to enjoy a real man and hot whore.

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for men who like older women. Is that you? I’m in my forties, so younger men are my best friends. Younger guys know that a sexy MILF can keep up with them, even teach them a few things. I was at the local farmer’s market this morning. This young Amish looking guy was working the truck I always get my garden vegetables. He was clearly flirting with me. “Ma’am, if I was around you wouldn’t need any cucumbers,” he said assertively. I started to grope the cucumber while watching the bulge in his jeans grow. I was having very impure thoughts for a boy half my age, but clearly, he was feeling the same for a much older woman. I am horniest in the mornings. What about you? When he told me he had some nice ripe vegetables a woman like me would appreciate in the back of the truck, I knew I was about to fuck a young stud at the farmer’s market. I followed him around back while his brother helped the other customers waiting. I was going to get something far better than cucumbers. I was in the back of a farmer’s truck getting the shit banged out of my shaved wet pussy by an Amish stud. Wasn’t what I had expected, but it certainly made leaving the house worth it.

My First Mister


sensual phone sex



Being a total cutie pie ain’t easy. The attention I have been getting my whole life from men
is absolutely wild. I sometimes softly pleasure myself thinking about all those times when I was
super young that older men took interest in me. I especially love reflecting back on my sweet next door
neighbor Mr. Fred who taught me all about my little pleasure button. See, he would watch me and my little
sisters when we got home from school- just for a few hours before mom and dad came home. He loved all three of us
girls so much but he was always so kind and expressive about his fondness for my tight pretty body
and developing breasts. One day while my sisters were asleep on the sofa, he picked me up out of the chair
I had fallen asleep in and carried me up to he and Mrs. Betty’s bedroom. Laying me down and confessing
his appreciation for my body and heart. He made love to me like I was his own daughter. Thankfully
he taught me everything I know now, so you have Mr. Fred to thank for my ability to make you feel so good.
Did you want to show me what else my little pleasure button can do?

Ass Fetish Sex with GFE Mercy

Ass fetishIf your girl has never let you hit that ass, then you (and she) are SERIOUSLY missing out! We both had pretty great days, yesterday, and were happy and full of energy by the time we each got home. We actually got home at the same time, and he opened the door, letting me walk in ahead of him. When his hand brushed over my ass as I did, I knew what was coming. Before the door even closed, he was on me, his hands pulling me back against him. My ass pressed into his already stiff cock as his hands found my tits and squeezed and kneaded them. His lips were on mine, and then we were at the arm of the couch. He pulled my shirt off, undid my bra, and had my skirt hiked up over my hips in no time. Ass sex pornHe bent me over the couch and massaged the globes of my ass before sliding a finger up and down. He dipped that finger into my pussy, and then pulled it out and rubbed that wet tip over my tight little hole. My ass got a nice finger-pounding before he finally gave me what I needed: a great big dick in my ass! I let him plow me like that until he came in me hard, and I’d gotten off twice. Mmm, I love a good anal-pounding!!


Beautiful ebony pussyVanilla is so boring and predictable. It’s time for you to try some chocolate. Black women love to fuck. Stand a white girl next to a black girl and see who can make their ass bounce the best. We know how to move our bodies in and out of the bedroom. And we have full lips that were meant to suck dick. All it takes is you fucking a black woman one time and you’ll be hooked. I want your white cock so bad. Come and dip your hard dick into hot chocolate pussy. My pussy is tight and juicy. I’m waiting for your call. I want to get really freaky with you. You know that you want this black pussy. Baby, I want your white magic stick. I know you want to see my fat ass bouncing on your dick. I want you so bad, white boy.

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