Latina Sexy Milf

Milf phone sex Milf phone sex sexy Latina whore Veronica here ready to make you cum all over my tight cunt! The minute I saw you watching me working that fucking pole, and we made eye contact I felt that connection between us immediately! I was working that pole and looking at you getting so fucking horny. I imagined my self-rubbing my pussy against your dick and not the pole! I couldn’t wait for my shift to be over to hit you up and invite you over to my house! I finally get off the stage and walk straight to you and sit on your lap and right away you grope me and pull me towards you and kiss my juicy lips! I know you felt all my tits against your chest and I felt that dick was getting harder by the minute! Let’s go back to my place baby let me work this hot horny pussy on your throbbing dick! I push you down on my bed start kissing you and rubbing all my sexy Latina body against your body! I feel my pussy dripping wet all over you! I can’t wait to get that huge throbbing cock with a huge mushroom head inside my tight wet pussy! I start riding that cock like crazy squirting all my pussy juice all over your cock and balls! Fuck baby your big fat cock makes my pussy feel so fucking good and wet making me orgasm all over you!

Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is happy school is back in session. I was getting worried that with all the cold and snow, I would never get to see my horny students again. New semester, new meat. Would it surprise you to learn that my classes often have wait lists? Mostly boys who are hot for teacher. After my first class, Todd approached me for extra credit. Classes haven’t been going long enough to need extra credit yet, but he was already begging to bang my erasers. He was a hot young stud. I knew he wanted the teacher’s pussy. There are always a few each semester who want to be the teacher’s pet from day one. Starting school a week later than normal, had me horned up more than usual. I am a hot sexy woman. I can find dick on every corner, but I like barely legal boys because of their stamina. They don’t need Viagra to get hard. Hell, they don’t even need foreplay. Todd ate my pussy for close to two hours. He drained me. It is rare that a young stud eats my pussy so well that I squirt a dozen times, but Todd was teacher’s pet from the first lick.  It is going to be a great semester. We fucked for a few hours until I drained him. If he does slip in his grades this semester, he can lick and eat his way to an A in my class any day.

In Control

Sexy chat Are you looking for the girlfriend experience. You will not be finding that here with me. The only relationship I have with men are the ones where I am in control and you are on their knees. I want you begging for my attention. Eager to complete anything I command of you. Have you lay on the bed and I smother you with my pussy. Making you please me over and over again. Making a slobbering mess of your face with my juices. When I got out and fuck a man with a huge dick. You can beg to clean me out. Which I will allow. I love to look down and watch you as you clean the cum out of me and please me again.

Life Of A Slut

Sexy chat Living the life of a slut is great. I get to chat on the phone with men about sex and their fantasies. Men come over all the time to grab a hole or 2. Every man needs a slut, so why not me? When I am talking on the phone with you and we are both masturbating. Mm baby doesn’t that sound good? Sounds good to me baby! Or when a man comes over and wants to fuck my brains out until I pass out from all my orgasms. Even better when I am talking on the phone and a man comes over to fuck me also. He listens as I talk, and watches me play with myself. Then when I hang up the phone we get to play his fantasy out.

Wear Those Panties For Me And Jack Off

Forced Crossdressing

Even though I am that teen slut that drives you wild, I love making you put on those panties and jacking off. I love how I made you go to the store and pick those satin panties out and I can imagine the look of shame on your face. I know you say you aren’t into it, it turns me on to push your limits. To know I have control of how you feel in that moment of being horny. You sit in your  chair with that fat head poking out the top of your panties. Haha you look so pathetic, I know one day I am going to get you to suck a cock for me with those exact panties on. When they get a little moist I am going to gag you with them.

My New Little Maid Outfit

erotic roleplaying


You told me you wanted to try something a little more freaky lately and I figured that erotic roleplaying might be just the ticket to spice things up. I went down to the sex shop and picked up this really sexy and cute little french maid’s uniform complete with  thigh high stockings and heels. Once you sent your wifey away for the weekend, I came over and insisted on changing but you had to keep your eyes closed. Once I told you to open up, you saw me standing there in that sex new uniform- using a feather duster on your chest. You instantly jumped up and grabbed your little maid, insisting that the bedroom was the first place that needed my attention. You carried me over to the bed, slowly undressed me and kissed me all over- while taking my clothes off with your teeth delicately. I climbed up on top of you and rode your cock as deeply as I could possibly be penetrated and kept a steady pace, making sure you enjoyed every single stroke inside my cunt. You flipped me over and slide right in from behind, sticking a finger in my tight rosebud asshole while you got your last few pumps into me before we both came together. I’m glad I was right about that outfit. I guess we’ll have to try some new “jobs” for me over the weekend. Can I get the visa so I can go shopping, sugar? 😉

Great Mature Sex

Great Blowjobs

I am that Caring Sweet Sensual Mature Girlfriend experience every man like you needs.  I will be that fetish loving sweet woman that satisfies her man.  I hear some woman say they do not even give their man blowjobs. I can assure you I have a great mouth that will swallow your cock whole. I will milk that sweet cock until you can not take any more. I will lay my body out for you to take any way you please.  I will bend over, so you can enter my ass using my pussy juice for lubrication. Please come fuck my ass and then enter my sweet mature pussy, I want to be filled with your hot sticky cum juice. I promise to clean your cock with my mouth afterward and give you a massage to work out all your kinks.

Suzi’s Good Sissy Boy

Cuckold phone sexMy friend Suzi came over with her pet for us to play with. She has such a good sissy boy. She has trained him very well. He does everything with such eagerness. All she has to do is snap her fingers and bam he knows exactly what she wants him to do. We humiliated him to no end. He has such a small penis. I mean hard it is maybe 4 inches. We showed him porn of what real cock looks like. Took pictures of him and plastered them on FB and instagram. He got a lot of laughs from our friends. We made sure his face was in the pictures so all could see what a good sissy boy she has.

Drop your wife and get you a Eden

Best phone sexI love being the whore of the neighborhood. I honestly love getting those fuck me eyes when I am out jogging letting my big double d’s bounce around. By the time I got home my cunt is all creamy and then I have to go next door and sneak the husband to my house for a quick fuck. We get inside and I waste no time I strip his clothes off and bend over the coach with my cunt up in the air. He sticks his thick shaft in and out of my cunt while he is grabbing my hips and pulling my hair. He loves coming over and fucking me because his wife is so boring in the bedroom. So if your wife isn’t cutting it in the bedroom give me a chance baby.

Cuck You Know Who You Are

Cuckold Phone Sex

I have this client which will remain nameless. Who is what you call a cuck also known as a pathetic, submissive male who can’t satisfy women sexually. I love when he calls me, I hold a key to his chastity cage. It is funny to hear him beg me, while his gf or wife is away. She loves that he comes to me so he doesn’t bother her sexually anymore, she is off getting the orgasms this cuck could never give. He is so pathetic he even sucks on cock and lets himself get compared to other men knowing he is inadequate. He makes my pussy so wet just knowing I am that one thing standing between if he is going to cum or not. He loves being degraded lol so funny, you are just so lucky I am not there. I would make you choke on two cocks until you almost couldn’t breathe while I make you finger your loose ass. So beware the next time you call I might not be so nice. I also love making you beg me to let you cum haha silly boy.

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