I Am Your Goddess Renee


Domination phone sex

Listen here motherfucker I want you on your goddamn knees, and I don’t want you to say a motherfucking word without my permission. This is your mistress Renee, and I want you to behave like you’re supposed to put your fucking head down on the motherfucking heel of my foot. I want to step on you that’s what I’ve got in mind tonight. Do you think you deserve a kind nice little fucking flower because if you think you do motherfucker, you’re wrong? What you deserve you stupid fucking nothing of a man is a bitch to treat you like a nobody you need to be treated like you’re worth nothing because you are worth nothing. You don’t have value Tiny Dick, you and your tiny fucking cock just irritates me I’ve had enough of your behavior, and I’m figuring you need to be taught a lesson. I’m going to walk all over your fucking body I want you to lick my feet clean I want you to stick your tongue in between each one of my beautiful goddess toes. Take your time little man you’ve got all day. I’m going to put you on a leash and make you pay for being such a disgusting piece of shit. You don’t deserve me you know you don’t deserve the treatment that I give you, that I bless you with. You need to tell me just how worthless you are, wow you are begging me to punish you. I want the leather leash wrapped around your neck like the fucking low life trash pet that you are. Tell me I’m your goddess, thank me for the way that I’m treating you because without me what worth what you have. I’m going to take you around people so they can see that I have you trained well and if you speak without my permission, I’m going to fucking beat you into submission. I hope you understand me; I hope you’re ready to do every fucking thing that I tell you without question. I will reward you when you please me I will let you lick my pretty sexy steaming hot goddess pussy, but there’s so much you’ve got to do for it. Now tell me are you ready to be my slave? Can you handle the heat of a real mistress?

Christmas Toys

GFE phone sex I love my early Christmas gift baby. Going to another friends wedding sounded so boring until you handed me our new toy. A remote controlled vibrator that only you could control. My pussy was watering at just the thought of it. When I put it in my dripping wet cunt you immediately turned on. Oh my fucking God I was under your mercy. My Lacy black panties were drenched before we made it to the wedding. As the bride walked down the aisle you took your phone out and turned my toy on full fucking blast. I came so hard in the pew I almost screamed during the service. You were being so fucking mean but taking such good care of me. I had to turn the tables on you when we made it to the reception. Thank goodness our table was in the corner. It was so easy to take your cock out under the table cloth with out anyone noticing. It was rock fucking hard and so big. I felt my pussy tighten around my toy when you turned it on full blast from you phone. Each pulse reverberating deep inside. “Follow me outside now” , i said into your ear. There was no arguing as you obediently followed me. We snuck inside the limo that would carry the happy couple to their honeymoon. It would be our turn to christen it before them.

My Christmas present

latina phone sex Latina phone sex is the best! There is nothing sexier than a hot Spanish mami who can tell you naughty things in spanish and english. My appetite for cock and cum is at a new level. This Christmas while my significant other is away working for the lifestyle I am accustomed to, I will be getting acquainted with the new pool boy. I love having a young cock. I maybe young but there is something about an even younger cock that drives me wild. The barely legal kind gets my juices pumping and flowing. I like to teach and have made no efforts to quit. I have seduced my step sons and their friends. What was my husband thinking when he married me? I’m in my 20’s with the hottest boy ever and still wanting to ruin boys. I love being able to damage a young one up. Knowing once they get my grade A pussy they will never be satisfied and they will spend their lives comparing every girl or women to me. I am the best you you will ever have. My pool boy was my present to myself this Christmas! I was going to make my holes jolly with him.

I fucked his wife while he watched

Femdom phone sex

I love huge cocks, but sometimes I’m in the mood for pussy. I have a friend named Ashley that’s a lot like me. She loves big cocks and enjoys fucking men in front of her husband while she watches. She asked me if I wanted to have some fun with her Friday and I said fuck yes. I showed up to her place and she had two of her BBC bulls in bed with her already. Her husband was sitting in the corner watching them play.

I climbed into bed and immediately started licking her tight little slit. One of the bulls stuck his cock in her mouth while the other mounted me and fucked my pussy. Her cunt was so wet and tasty! She grabbed a strap on from under the bed and I slipped it on and double penetrated her with one of the bulls. She had a cock in her ass and my strap on in her pussy. We fucked for hours, taking turns licking each other’s pussies and riding her bulls’ BBC. Then we dropped to our knees and let them both cum on our faces.

Now it was her husband’s turn. He had been watching the whole time and was rock hard. He took his cock out and stroked it in front of us. He was so turned on from the orgy he had witness that he was cumming on both of our faces within a few minutes.  We had three loads of cum on our faces byt the end of the night!

Inventorying Your Cock


Fantasy phone sexYour bar was closing just as I got there. You told me I made it just in the nick of time. You went to lock the doors as the last customer left. I had told you I would help you with doing inventory, but the only inventory I want to do is checking out your great big thick cock. So I decided to shimmy out of my little black dress. I even took off my bra and panties.

I decide to have on nothing other than my birthday suit and a pair of black thigh high boots. I am leaning against the bar when you return. You tell me I am violating health code regulations. I tell you that that’s not the only thing I plan on violating as I walk over to you and grab your crotch. I reach down and unzip your pants releasing your hard throbbing cock. I drop down to my knees and start sucking your cock.

I slide my baby soft lips all the way down the shaft of your big thick cock. Making sure to get it slippery wet and rock fucking hard for my hot wet pussy. I stand back up and start French kissing you. You lift me up and thrust your big hard cock into my hot cunt. My back is against the bar as you thrust your cock balls deep inside of my pussy. Just as you hit my G-spot causing me to scream out in pleasure, I feel your cock explode filling my cunt full of your warm creamy cum.

Cuckold Teen Mistress Loves Your Submission

cuckold phone sex

I enjoy being your teen cuckold slut. My classy exotic ass loves wearing my heels and planting a big kiss on your pants to make your little dick hard and then teasing you with a naughty striptease. Look at my hot little perky tits. I bring them close for you to suck on and I run away and lay down and start finger fucking my pussy until my fingers are soaked in sweet teen honey! You are begging at my feet. I make you lick my fingers clean. I decide at that moment the little cock you have between your legs will be dominated by my Mistress cuckold ways. I give you the option to be my small dicked cucky. I have you so hard that you just want to lick my pussy. Your itty dicky is in your hand and your cumming in your hand as I moan and cum hard thinking of the big cocks you will be bringing me! Maybe I will be nice and put that dick and balls and my mouth so I can clean you up since you cleaned my pussy up so well. And maybe not, How well will you serve this teen whore?

Best Phone Sex Therapy

best phone sexThe best phone sex starts here. Men like mature women because nothing shocks us. We have no limits or taboos. I have this friend who came to me because she found her husband’s stash of fetish stuff. She didn’t know what to think. He had women’s panties and butt plugs. She thinks her husband is gay. I told her that was likely not the case. I had a talk with him. He just likes his ass played with while he is wearing women’s panties. That may sound gay to you but consider the fact that women’s panties smell like women’s pussies and the male G-spot is in the ass. Her husband isn’t gay, he just like’s ass play. He has an ass fetish. I like it in the ass too. I had to sit down with them and have some marriage therapy. My girlfriend was hesitant to take the lead with him, so I put on a strap-on and fucked his ass. Once she saw how much pleasure he got from that strap-on up his ass, she started to soften her stance a bit. I was enjoying myself too. I like fucking a guy in the ass. I am a dominant woman in case you couldn’t tell. It took some intervention on my part, but I think I saved their marriage and made it even stronger. Guys, you shouldn’t have to hide your fetish from your partner. Sometimes, you just need a little phone sex therapy. This doctor is in to help your marriage too.

Roses from Duncan


Last week I moved into my new apartment finally. I was amazed at this great deal that I got for such a beautiful place. Anyway a few days ago while I was unpacking some of my boxes, I had a ring at the door which was peculiar because not very many people that I knew, knew where I lived. Only a few friends and I know that I moved out of state so big surprise. I walk to the door and ask who was knocking before opening it, a male voice set delivery, so I open the door, standing before me was a cute little delivery guy with a bouquet of roses and a notepad for me to sign. I asked him who is this from what is it I’m not expecting that the little guy responded to me by saying, lady, I’m just doing my job I do deliveries could you sign here. I didn’t put up a fight I signed, and I took the roses and closed my door. I wondered where could these roses have come from nobody knows that I live here and I haven’t been in more than a casual relationship in a while. I thought to myself this could be a mistake, so I looked for a card to see I looked inside of the bouquet and there was a card that said, “you are going to love the surprise that I have for you I’ll see you later.” The card didn’t have a signature no name, so I resolved that this was a mistake. Anyway, what can I do but enjoy the roses I sniffed the sweet smell and put them in a vase and went back to unpacking. Several hours later there was a knock at my door I thought to myself this is the delivery guy coming back to pick up the roses that he accidentally delivered to me, so I open the door without even thinking or looking in my peephole. As soon as I open the door, a big strong guy hugged me he grabbed me and held me close and said I’m so glad to see you I pushed him away and I said who are you and he said you’re not my sister, I responded I sure am not. He apologized profusely and told me that his sister lived here before me. I told him so you must be the guy who sent the Roses he said yes you got those they were from my sister. I invited him in and said to him that I would look at the realtor’s card to give him the information and hopefully the realtor could lead him to the current address of his sister. He sat down on my couch well I walked over to the counter and copied the information for him. I could not help but notice that he was tall dark and so very handsome and while my face was buried in his chest from the hug that he gave me, I saw his body was super lovely. I offered him a glass of wine and sat on the couch with him laughing about how he had made the mistake of hugging me. He told me he hadn’t seen his sister in such a long time that’s why he was so excited and just grabbed me without looking. I looked at him with a koi look and said I didn’t mind at all you’re very strong, in fact, I kind of liked it. I asked him what was his name after introducing myself and he said Duncan I responded well it’s very nice to meet you, Duncan. Without hesitation Dunkin let me know that it was very nice to meet me to he admitted that I felt very nice in his arms I smiled and noticed that my nipples were getting so hard. I asked him if he was hungry and if he’d like to share some pizza with me that I ordered earlier, he said yes as I stood up my robe opened a little. As I didn’t expect any company I wasn’t wearing any clothes under my robe, so I apologized, he told me don’t be sorry I’m the one that should be sorry because I’ve kept you up late. I let him know that I didn’t mind at all I went in the kitchen to get the pizza, and we ate and drank more wine I told him I enjoyed his company that if he didn’t have a place to stay for the night he could stay at my house. Duncan said that he would go and get a hotel room because he didn’t want to impose I insisted that he stayed the night. He stood up, and I stood up at the same time bumping into his strong solid chest, and his strong arms I told him clumsy me he laughed and asked me was he honestly not going to be imposing by staying the night. I whispered softly, I want you to fuck me with your cum-filled cock, he responded you’ve got me any way you wish to have me. Duncan picked me up took to my bedroom and threw me down on the bed. We made mad passionate crazy love in fact we had a night to remember. I would love to tell you all about it but only if you really want to know.

cum on boobs please

cum on boobsCum on boobs, please! Let me feel all that hot jizz drizzle down my tits to my clit. There is nothing I crave more than a huge rod exploding all over my body. I can’t explain how excited I get. The grand finale is the best. Cum on my tits and tight ass I how I like to end my day. Sucking and fucking your huge cock will have me in complete bliss. There is nothing better than being drenched in nut sauce. A big dick with an even bigger load is the way to my heart. Pound my holes till you are ready to explode! Tease my mouth and let me taste all that jizz. I know your load is more than plenty to give me a mouthful and to decorate my rack. Watch as I rub it all over me and giggle. A sexy mami that is a great nut swallower but also one that can apprticate the best cum shots in life.

Sexy babe for him

Sexy babe 

  I finally made it to my bosses house. We had been flirting for the past week. I couldn’t stop the feeling that I have for him. The skirts that I wore every day of the week suddenly became shorter and shorter. I have been bringing his coffee and doing exactly what he needs. I have just been after the dick. I leaned over his desk to show him my cleavage. He got close to me and leaned in to kiss me. He told me to come over to his house and let him pound my pussy. I needed a raise and he said he would if I gave him my holes. So, I went to his house with my sexy dildo and fucked my self for him. He turned his charm on even more than at work. Getting his cock hard watching me he turned me over and fucked my cunt. I was soaked it leaked over into my ass. He then asked to pound my ass. I, of course, let him. I just want that cock in every hole from now on. For an older man, he sure has a great stamina.

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