I got a new toy

best phone sexLately I have been so bored with ordinary sex, I needed something new, something I had never tried before. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, all I knew was that I didn’t want another vibrator or dildo I needed something new and exciting! So I went to my favorite sex shop and asked the owner what he thought I should try. He suggested that I get a fucking machine, they do all kinds of fun things and it will be like I’m getting fucked by someone even tho I would be alone. It sounded really hot to me but it was expensive so I wanted to try it before I bought it, luckily he had one all set up in the back room. I was nervous but he was right there helping me adjust everything and when he finally turned it on I was so excited that I practically came right then! It was hot as fuck and I was back there screaming for more so I eventually had a crowd of men watching me get fucked by that machine but I didn’t even care. It felt way too good to care! I am definitely gonna have to invest in one for myself real soon!

hot sexy woman

Let me make you happy

best phone sexI am so happy to give you the best phone sex money can buy. We always have such an amazing fucking time together. I think it’s because we are so like-minded. We are both secure in our wants and desires. Knowing what turns me on helps me to get your dick hard. The fact that I actually enjoy giving head makes me a pro at it. You never argue when my mouth is wrapped around your massive cock. Thrusting your hips and guiding my head with your hand lets me know just how much you are enjoying it. Don’t you worry sweetie I’m not stopping until you unleash all of your hot creamy load into my mouth. I just love the way you taste babe.

Great sell

Sexy babe 

I got bent over and fucked today by my car salesman. When I went in to sign paper work, he told me how sexy I was and how I needed some cock. I played with him a little bit teased him until he said something to me. I had been staring at him every time i have came up here. He knew I had it for him. I showed off my long sexy legs in my short skirt. He bent me over pulled it up and said whispered how great I felt . I tightened my pussy up as he was thrusting in and out of me. I loved how fast I got his cock. As soon as he came I caught it all over my tits and mouth showed him what a dirty little girl I was. He made a great sell today (;

Phone Sex Therapist On Duty

phone sex therapist

It’s time you set an appointment with your seductive Phone Sex Therapist! I know you have been craving my body and your Manhood has not been satisfied by your wife/girlfriend in a while.  I know you need to be spoiled by my tight pussy. Tell me all about your secret fetishes. God Knows you don’t get (Good) Pussy regularly. A man will start looking elsewhere for his needs to be met. See my second picture? I am not shy about roleplaying Daddy / Little Girl scenes either.  I can be your hot family member or you can take my classy ass to the local porn theater to get gangbanged as you watch. I keep my body perfect and my libido is off the charts. I know what a good man like you needs. You need that throbbing cum dripping man meat sucked and shoved in tight holes where all you have to do is lay back and let me ride or pump my hips. Why spoil a woman who won’t put out when you can come to me for a little naughty phone therapy?


Genessa; your Discreet Pleasurephone sex therapy

Mature Sexy Chicks Want Big Dick

sexy chicksSexy chicks need big cocks. We deserve big dicks too. I am a mother. I am in my 40s. My pussy isn’t as tight as it once was which makes length and girth more important. Men will discover that the older their sexual partners become, the more their dick size matters. Part of it is that women get more assertive and less concerned with putting others first as they age. Young girls want to nurture guys. They walk on eggshells not to hurt their feelings. When you hit your 30s and 40s, women become more concerned about themselves. Cock size matters to a woman’s sexual satisfaction. Why do you think so many older men date young girls? The older guys get, the more dick issues they have. Hugh Hefner had a bevy of beauties living in the mansion with him, but he wasn’t fucking any of them. They were young and what mattered most was money and fame, not sexual pleasure. You won’t find a hot sexy woman in her 40s or 50s with an old guy just for his money. He needs a big dick too.  I cannot be seduced by anything other than a hard working cock. I am on a cougar dating site because I know size matters.  I know stamina does too. What I love about Cougar Life is that the young studs looking for mature sexy women understand that they are being selected for stud service.  I picked Jeremy most recently because he was young, hung and full of cum.  Girls his age want sugar daddies because they have not wised up yet to the fact that only a fat hard cock in your pussy brings happiness. I fucked him all weekend long. Fucked my self into the happiest I have been in a while. That is because I am a smart woman. I don’t need a man for money or fame or even companionship. I just need a man for fucking.

Million dollar sugar baby

GFE phone sexBig Daddy King is in Los Angeles for business meetings but he has some free time on his hands so of course he wanted to spend it by having GFE phone sex with his super special million dollar sugar baby. I packed my bags and gassed up our private jet, I was on my way to the city of Angels to be with my monster anaconda cock. I miss him sooo much while he’s away, I crave every inch of my living legend both inside and out! Of course I turned on my Instagram live and started showing off to all my haters, they love feeling like they’re apart of my lavish sugar baby lifestyle…. #YouWish! When I landed, my Daddy King was at LAX in the limo to pick me up and bring me back to his ocean front home that he’s staying at while he’s in town. But first, we hit Rodeo Drive! There’s shopping and then there’s shopping in Beverly Hills, only the elite can survive! All of the paparazzi were out and snapping pics of me and Big Daddy while we indulged in our spending spree. He loves showing me off and I love to strike a pose! We are the ultimate celebrity couple together, too hott to handle! Big Daddy bought me the most expensive Versace dress in the whole store, i’ve been dying to have it! I couldn’t wait to get back to the house so that I could strip it off for him. 😉 I couldn’t believe what a beautiful view we had.. unobstructed ocean waves and our own private beach, what could be better?! Daddy told me that he had another surprise for me as he pulled out the duffle bags and threw them on to the bed. He said he wanted to make me a millionaire with cold hard cash and that’s exactly what he did! I unzipped the duffles and inside were stacks of money… and it was all for me! I sucked on my Big Daddy King’s anaconda dick until he exploded his liquid gold all over my pretty face! I used my wads of millionaire cash to wipe the cum up off of my tits after he busted his load, hehe. No one spoils me and fucks me like my BDK! I love him sooooo much! #NoSplendaDaddysAllowed

Fuck Train For Extra Credit

Coed Phone SexThere was a short time I went to college and I was a total slutbag. I was the one fucking the professor for extra credit. I guess the professor had told me to stay after class one day and told me I was really going to earn some credit with him. I was excited so I did and that day I was wearing my cute red plaid skirt and a while button down top with white cotton panties. After class he had closed and locked the door and told me to lie down on the desk. I saw like 6 other guys come out from the corners of the classroom and he told me they were going to run a train on me but I was going to be blindfolded. I was then put on my knees and I had a cock in my mouth no, 2 cocks in mouth and someone was rubbing my pink starfish and cute tight pink hole. I could feel thick meat sticks and inflated heads popping in my holes fucking me like I was a toy. Spit was coming down my chin and my hair was being pulled while being fucked hard, my knees were bouncing off the desk.

Public Fucking

Fantasy phone sex Getting fucked in public is a special kind of high. Looking around and seeing men and women watching me get pounded. I love how they get all hot and bothered by the show and soon a huge fuck fest breaks out. Clothes are being torn off and all I can see are cocks, tits and, cunts. Cum starts to decorate the room as the fuck fest gets wilder. The longer the fucking lasts the crazier it gets. That is when the good action starts. I get DP, I get to have myself a little train. And I get to fuck some nice looking whores like myself. And when it is all done and over with. There is nothing but naked hot sweaty bodies and sticky creamy cum as far as the eye can see.

Craving Chocolate

Sexy babe

I’ve been a nasty girl again. I couldn’t contain myself. This time this sexy babe betrayed her best friend. I’m all for girl code but, when it comes down to cock its cock over everything. My friend Trisha’s just got herself a hot new young guy. Trisha’s new man is also packing a huge black mamba in his pants. How am I supposed to turn that down? I’m a chocolate addict, and for that, I will do just about anything. BBC is the cream of the crop. Like a black on black bugati, it doesn’t get any better. When I say things escalated, I mean it. One second I was being greeted and introduced to him the next we escape out back for a quickie. Poor Trisha has no idea her BBC will be permanently mine soon. 💜


Sexy Boss

Ebony phone sexMy boss called me into his office today. I was so nervous sitting across from him, he’s been known to be an asshole. He looked at my clothing and said my skirt should be longer. He stared at me silently making me very anxious, but I also felt that familiar twitch between my legs. I wanted my boss’s white cock. I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to give it to me, too. I stood, locked his door, and began to undress. He saw my white lace panties and told me to leave them on. I sat on his desk, directly in front of his body. He ran his hand up and down my panty-covered slit and it felt good. I spread my legs wider and he moved my panties to the side. His tongue attacked my black pussy. I pressed my cunt against his face because I wanted his tongue inside me. He licked my pussy until I had the biggest orgasm. I stood up, straighten my clothes, and walked back to my desk.

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