I only like big dicks!

best phone sexI only like big dicks, doesn’t matter to me if they’re black ones or white ones or whatever, if they are long and thick I am all about it! So when I met Bob it was a match made in heaven. He has a giant dick, it’s so big that you can see it clearly outlined in every pair of pants he wore! This is like the best dick I’ve ever seen, it’s long and thick and perfect and I just knew I had to get me some of that! Luckily, it was easy as fuck. He came over to borrow some milk so I invited him in and one thing just led to another and I was on my knees sucking that big dick like a pro. He loved it, he said he knew as soon as he saw me that he wanted me bad! He bent me over the table and fucked the shit out of me, I swear it was the best I’d ever had!

That one neighbor…

sensual phone sexSome women just get sensual phone sex. There’s an art to being classy-trashy. It’s not about cursing and being crude. It’s a slow sexy build up that leaves you wanting more. That’s the way I love phone sex.

I’ve been your neighbor for years. You’re a lot older than me and I’m guessing that by all of the grandbrats hanging out, that you aren’t getting your needs met.  I guess with your wife getting older, those balls aren’t getting emptied regularly. You better use it before you lose it, daddy.

I saw you hanging out in the yard while I was washing my car. I smiled at you and walked into my garage. You followed me, pushing me against my work bench, kissing me. I put my finger to my lips. “Ssssshhhh.” as I dropped to my knees and unzipped your pants. I took just the head of your cock into my mouth, slowly teasing you. I cupped your balls, feeling their fullness and need. I took your poor old penis to the hilt, then looked up at you with big blue eyes. “You taste so good, daddy.” I purred. I feel your hands stroking my hair as I pull a load of creamy cum from your dick. Your whole body shudders with pleasure. “Thank you, sweetie.” I hear you whisper as you walk away, your silver hair making feel like I did something good. I know you will be back. Even classic cars run like new ones with the right lubrication. I have a feeling you just got an STP Gas treatment.  You just need a little tune-up now. Hurry back, sexy. My engine is purring….


 2 girl phone sexBabe I know you are out of town working and all because you love me. I love you to sweetheart. We miss you so much we are only one call away. I know having two girl friends ain’t easy. We are here home waiting for you to love you and care for you. We send you all this sexy nudes of us playing with each other. Your favorite is watching us fingering our little pussy’s playing with each others tits. Yum you just lay down next to us watching us. Then you join us, you start by bending me over and penetrating my pussy while you make me eat and lick her yummy clit. You love how I make her squirt all over my face. That turns me on so fucking good. I just start squirting dripping wet all over you big juicy cock and balls. You make me moan so loud as you penetrate me.

Please fuck me

Best phone sex I have had such a crazy week, and I think I deserve a distraction. Do you think you could help me out with that? I think  that big meat stick hanging between your legs would definatly help me. I have a pink bare fat pussy that just wants to feel full of cock. I want you to take your fat cock head and slide it between my fat pussy lips and just let your cock head tease my pussy hole, and then just let about three inches of your big shaft slide in and out and tease me some more. I promise after you feel how my tight pussy grips down on that shaft you will explode those big balls deep in my tight cunt.

Chocolate Melts In Your Mouth

Beautiful ebony pussyAre you tired of vanilla? Wanna try a new flavor, how about hot chocolate? Come get between these brown thighs. You know what they say, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Let me put a smile on your face when I wrap my full lips around your hard dick. Feel free to hold the back of my head while you punish my mouth with cock. I’ll drop to my knees anytime and anywhere just to please you. And when you’re ready to experience the tightest pussy on this planet, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Black women are known for our curves and mine our mouth-watering. Fuck me doggy style and let me back my fat ass up on you. I can’t wait to feel your dick sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Baby, I promise once you go black you won’t go back. Call me, let’s play!

Gwen the Upscale Cock Whore

Best phone sexSo, I am sitting at the bar in my skimpy little black dress when I see you staring at me. I take my finger and dip it into my cocktail. Then I put my finger up to my full pouty red lips and suck on it pretending that it is your scrumptious cock. I can see how turned on this is making you. You then come over to me. I can tell that you are nervous, and you tell me that you have never been with an escort before. I assure you that I give new meaning to the term mind blowing sex. We then leave the bar for your room. Once inside I pull you closer to me with your tie, and then I start unbuttoning your shirt. I rub my fingernails across your bare chest before unzipping your pants. Your cock is already hard for me. I turn around and have you unzip my dress. I am now standing here in nothing other than a pink and nude lace up corset and stockings, no panties of course…LOL I push you back onto the bed so that I can run my hand up your thighs. Then I take my hot red fingernails and start tickling your balls. I am such a whore for your cock. I love playing with your hard scrumptious cock. I am licking the ever so sensitive head all the while still tugging on your balls with my other hand…

Phone Sex Therapy for Her

She was so stressed that I could feel it. I started off with a massage, around her head and shoulders, her neck. I slid my hands down around her tits and massaged them for a bit before moving to unbutton her blouse. I caressed down her stomach and belly, long strokes that were meant to relax and stimulate. Phone sex therapyBy the time I got to her cunt, she was gyrating her hips and kissing me. I slipped my hand into the undone waistband of her skirt and straight to her cunt, rubbing around her clit. Then, I got up and pulled her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed, and buried my face between her thighs. My tongue danced over and around her clit as my fingers dove deep inside of her, starting that long, sweet drive. After a few minutes of my eating her, she begged me to give her my cunt, so I slipped around and straddled her face. She immediately started doing amazing things to my cunt with her own tongue and fingers. She spread my ass cheeks apart and licked up and down there, too. We kept eating each other, fingering each other, until we got so close we were bucking hips. At that point, I needed her against me, so I whirled and kissed her deeply as I drove my fingers into her, massaging her clit at the same time. She followed suit and filled my cunt up with her fingers, driving my clit with her thumb, and we came together into each others mouths. She definitely relaxed after that!

Help Me Shame My Husband

Cuckold Phone Sex

My husband has really been boring me lately, so I came up with a deliciously deviant plan. I called you up while he was still at work and invited you over. You can’t take your eyes off my ass as I lead you up the stairs. I look at the hall clock. Perfect, my husband should be home any minute. Everything is going according to plan. We get to the bed I share with my man and I strip naked. Falling to the bed under your rough embrace, you lick and suck my titties, getting me nice and juicy. I want my hubby to see how wet a real man can get me.

Right on cue, my man comes through the bedroom door to see my naked under your strong body. I bark at him to take a seat and watch how it’s done. He is such a pathetic sissy, he does just as I tell him. He knows he can never get a babe this sexy ever again, and he could never face the shame of losing me. So all he can do is watch as you tear me apart.

You pin my legs up by head and stuff my pussy with that throbbing cock, going so deep, much deeper than my tiny-dicked man could ever get. I moan and lose control of myself as you hit the spots that have been neglected for so long. Oh, yes, right there! Keep fucking me just like that! I fall into a screaming orgasm as I feel my husband’s shame emanating from him.

He has never made my body do such incredible things, and he knows it. Now to complete my evil plan, I get on all fours and guide that meaty dick into my asshole, something I never let my man do. He must be so jealous! You bust a fat, creamy load in my ass so that it’s dripping out. I call my husband over and tell him he has to eat the mess from my hole. Reluctantly, he does just as I ask. Well, I’m certainly not bored anymore!

Ass Fetish

Good Boi Pet

cuckold phone sexMy pet knows how to please Me well.  The other day when I let him out of his cage he crawled behind Me and then knelt before Me in perfect postion with his head lowered, as I sat down.  I took My heel and dugged it into My pets thigh, twisting and laughing.  Then slowly slipping off My heel and shoving My foot deep into his mouth commanding him to suck on My foot.   Wiggling My toes on the back of My pets throat as I hear him gag, spit coming out of his mouth followed by his  little boi moans.  This makes Me smile and My cunt gush at his wonderful response to My foot.  My pet is truly a good little boi for his Goddess.

Young Boys

milf phone sexI was in the gas station the other day and to young clerks behind the counter were starring at me as I walked in with a low cut see threw black blouse on with no bra and short shorts that barely cover the bottom of my ass, with no underwear on.  I smiled and giggled to myself as their eyes widen on my body. I walked across the store to the shelf across from the counter and bent over to the bottom shelf and  held my position for a minute. My cunt nice and wet I know it glistened in the light and the boys could see my cunt. I walk over to the counter watching them as I bend down in front of them so they can see my bouncing tits.

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