Sexy Little Accident

ebony phone sexI got into a small fender bender with a cute white guy. It was completely my fault, I’m not the best driver. He wasn’t a jerk about the situation and he even flirted with me. We exchange information and went our separate ways. But I couldn’t get his cute face out of my head. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about him fucking me in all sorts of positions. For seven nights, I used his smile as a masturbation tool. I finally couldn’t hold myself back and I called him. When he told he’d been thinking about me non-stop, too, my pussy began to throb. We made arrangements to meet at a cheap motel. We fucked so hard that we fuck the sheets off the bed. I was so wet that my pussy was making loud smacking sounds. His cock was huge and it felt euphoric sliding in and out of my wetness. Porn was playing on the TV but we were the real porn stars. I pulled his cock from my tight black cunt and licked off my juices. I wanted him to finish in my mouth. I sucked, licked, gagged and slurped on his hard cock until warm cum touched my tongue.

Giving My New Roommate A Sensual Welcome

Lesbian phone sexMy old roommate moved in with a boyfriend so I had to look for another girl to take her place. Luckily I met this cute new young freshman last week who was looking to move closer to campus. When helping her move her things in I couldn’t help but keep staring at her body, and couldn’t help but let my mind linger. By the evening those dirty little thoughts keep creeping up. We spent the night talking until we were both in her bed, I told her I give amazing back massages. I removed her shirt and had her lay down as I rubbed my hands over her shoulders, moving down her back. My hands grazing along her sides up to the sides of her breast, I moved my hands underneath them. Bending over and giving her shoulder a kiss then moving to her neck. I heard her moan as she turned over to kiss me, our lips locking passionately. We removed our clothes until there was the two of us naked in her bed are bodies tangled together.

You make me want to dance

Erotic roleplaying

I met Howard at the club last night, and Howard is impressive. Howard is tall dark chiseled and oh so handsome. I found out that Howard was super stressed at home with his annoying, stuffy wife. The handsome man said that he had to just get away and he wanted someone to dance for him you see Howard, says he’s not going to cheat. Well, I guess I’ve got the challenge set. I offered Howard a free private dance because he was so fuckable. My pussy got wet before we got to the VIP room, I was so horny for this man, I mean I had not had a man like him in a very long time. I kept thinking in my head how will I get to see what’s going on in his pants. I started to dance on Howard moving my perfect little tight ass on his cock. I felt his cock rising, and it was girthy. I could tell there was something substantial going on with Howard down there and it turned me on like nothing else. My nipples got hard I started to think to myself I’m going to turn around and give him a head dance. I told him I didn’t want to make him cheat I just wanted to dance for him I said, Howard, I wish to do a special head dance for you. It took some convincing before Howard would let me take his big fat cock out of his zipper, but it was worth it, it was huge and as thick as I imagined. Straight away I filled my mouth up Howard was saying something about stopping this is cheating. I kept sucking viciously passionately taking as much of his delicious cock in as I could. All of a sudden Howard grabbed the back of my head and started to push his cock as far into my mouth as he could. It started there I bet you want to know where it ended.

Pay your hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanI literally am paid to exist, I make money just sitting on my ass and being the hot sexy woman that I was born to be. My big juicy tits are a prize to be won and this shit doesn’t cum cheap, hehe! I swear, I dream of playing tennis and having caviar eaten out of my sexy asshole every morning before I go about my day of being the hottest housewife ever. There is nothing wrong with being a high maintenance slut, I promise! If you are a good boy, we will have many fun and exciting times together, our lives will be a constant sexual adventure. I love a man who loves to take me out and show me off while spoiling me rotten. It feels good to be able to destroy you from the comfort of my own bed, I am a true princess!

Queen of my Sex Slave

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If you want to lap up my sweet pussy juices with your tongue you better treat me like I am a queen. Adriano my hunky mob boss calls me his majesty, and I quite like that nickname. His men are like my servants, and if they don’t do exactly as I say they have to answer to Adriano. It is like I really am a queen, I always have at least two men that follow me every where like guards. I have a Stouffer that takes me everywhere I want to go, and I pick any kind of vehicle I wish to be driven in. Of course Adriano always greets me with a bow and a small kiss on the hand. I am his queen, and he will do whatever I tell him to. If he is a good servant I reward him with blow jobs, but if he is a bad boy I force him to lick my pussy until his tongue cramps. He would do anything for his queen. It is so hard not to giggle when his men call him boss because to me he is just a little bitch. He is a toy that will do what I tell it to do. My mob “boss” is only allowed to cum when he buys me something nice and expensive. If he wants to cum, but hasn’t bought me anything, I make him dress up as a little girl and talk in his best girly voice. I make him stay and beg this way for hours. He is my property, my sex slave, and I am his majesty. I am the queen of his world, and if his men don’t do exactly what I say, I have no doubt that he will have them wacked. I love punishing and rewarding my sex slave.

I Know You Want Me

I have been told that this Mistress of cuckold phone sex is a bit…shall I say coincided? And why not? I know my pussy and mouth are what your sweet dick desires. I also know if you are wanting to watch my pussy get filled by Jermaine’s big 11-inch cock then you are going to be lapping up his huge cum load off of me. I know how fucking sexy I am. I know that these dick sucking lips are what you want. I hold my beauty far above you and I get what the fuck I want! I want the newest iPhone and a daily allowance. Most of all I want big thick dick to satisfy this young boarding school brats aching cunt!! You are just the man to make sure I stay completely filled up and cleaned up.  How about a session with your youngest cock tease Mistress CJ baby? It is more than just a little play time it’s the best phone sex for your nasty fetishes. cuckold phone sex


Courtney’s Boyfriend

Hot sexy woman

A cute couple moved into the apartment next to mine. I could tell that it was a new relationship because they were so lovey-dovey, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Instantly, I wanted him. I could see myself naked riding his cock and it gave my cunt a pulse. I introduced myself and soon became friends with Courtney and Troy. And poor Troy didn’t stand a chance. I would wear the shortest skirts without any panties and when Courtney wasn’t looking I would flash my pussy. Troy’s face would turn so red and I recognized the lust in his eyes. He wanted me just like I wanted him. Courtney went into the kitchen to blend drinks for us. I spread my legs super wide and pushed to fingers inside. He rushed towards me and frantically licked my wet cunt. I grinded against his face, holding the back of his head. Any moment we could have been caught and that made me wetter. The loud blender covered my loud moans and gave us a warning when to stop. Soon, I would have Troy in my bed…

Ass Sex Porn with a Dirty Teacher

ass sex pornHe wanted to make an ass sex porn in my office.  This dirty teacher couldn’t say no. He is young, hung and full of cum. Just how I like my men. School just started, but he is already the teacher’s pet. He loves that I am a sexy mature woman and smart. He said the only thing hotter than a sexy librarian, is a sexy teacher. Students are in an out of my office daily, so no one pays much attention when a sophomore stays in my office for an hour. With all the hustle and bustle in the hallways, no one can hear my sexy moans as my favorite student pounds my ass. I am such a naughty teacher. I was clinging to my big oak desk as he pounded my fuck hole over and over. He set up his iPad, so he could film his hot for teacher’s ass video. He said he would edit out my face. I like the idea of being an amateur porn star. If no one sees my face, I don’t care if 10,000 men jack off to our little amateur endeavor.  I love being watched. I would show my face if there wasn’t this little thing about not fucking my students in my contract. I can’t help myself. College boys are better lovers than men my age. They have the stamina and don’t need a blue pill to get hard for me. Most of my colleagues know what a slut I am for younger men with big dicks. No one really cares but the administration. I bet even the parents don’t care. Every student I fuck does well in my class and not because I am trading sex for grades. That is not how it works with me. Boys excel in my class because they want to impress the hot teacher.  Do you want to impress the teacher too?

BDK Babes in Italy

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I got a late-night call from Cassandra BDK’s OG, sugar baby. I tried to cover up how upset I was I didn’t get to spend time with Papi king for his birthday. I was in my feelings thinking BDK didn’t like me enough to spend some time with me. Cassandra assured me that Papi King did and she got right on the phone with him to prove it. BDK let Cassie, and I use his private jet to meet him in Italy. We got our hottest outfits and made sure to pack plenty of things to get anaconda ready to play.

sexy chicksThe living legends private jet was nothing short of extravagant. We had to share on social media how lucky Cassandra and I are. Give something for the haters to entertain themselves. We got to Italy and instantly escorted into a black on black Bentley. We got our sexiest outfits on and made sure to snap plenty of pictures. Once we were BDK ready, we met up our rey. “La Leyenda vivente” looked so good we had to greet our Papi king. Anaconda was looking delicious through BDK’s designer pants. First, we had to show BDK how grateful and ecstatic we were. We are the luckiest sugar babies ever. We were ready to floss for the gram our followers have grown substantially because of BDK. Who doesn’t love sexy chicks and Papi king? It’s the perfect combo.


sexy babe

Cassandra and I had to show Big Daddy how much we needed anaconda. We greeted anaconda together. I feel like anaconda grows even bigger each time. It never ceases to take my breath away. I think all of us in the sugar gang can agree.  Anaconda felt so good in our mouths. We gave anaconda a tongue bath and sucked that yummy cream out and shared. We love being property of Papi king!!! We spent our fabulous Italian getaway with BDK and anaconda. 

I’m not Bossy I am the Boss

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Ever hear people say to little girls if he is mean to you it means he likes you? Well that is exactly how I am. My version of flirting is teasing you, and I could cum just listening to you beg me to let you cum. I love making men cry and beg for mercy, and I need to have complete and total control. I need control of every aspect of his life not just in the bedroom. Sometimes I don’t let my true colors show right away. Like with my current boy toy, Adriano. Adriano is a mob boss, and I like any guy that has the title boss because it is even sweeter to take all control from them. Adriano has been a tough cookie, and has held onto control so far. But I also haven’t teased him into submission, yet. The other day Adriano brought me with him to a meeting, and made the mistake of sitting me next to him. I made sure to keep exposing my cleavage as much as possible, without dumping out my tits entirely, and I reached down and made sure he was getting hard for me. About half way through the meeting I announced that me and him were leaving, but he insisted he had to stay. I decided that was fine but he would me punished for not listening to me. So, when he got home, I chained him to the wall, keeping his hands far away from his cock. Then, I brought in the 2 random girls I found, and I made him watch as me and the girls touched each other. He begged and begged for me to at least let him touch himself. I couldn’t allow that he had to be taught that what I say goes. So, he watched as me and the girls played with each other for hours. His cock was so purple and swollen, but he would never get the privilege of touching it. Hopefully he learned who is boss.

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