My new toy

Sexy babe

I decided to treat myself and buy a new vibrator. My old one was okay, but I wanted something top of the line. My new toy came in the mail and I couldn’t wait to give it a try! I crawled into bed and spread my legs and started rubbing the new vibrator onto my pussy. Within in seconds, I was dripping wet and close to cumming. I’d never had a toy that could get me off so fast. My back arched and my thighs were trembling as my first orgasm pulsed through me. I was so turned on and it felt so good that I just didn’t want to stop masturbating. I rolled onto my stomach and bent my hips so that my ass was in the air and my head was down. I slipped the toy between my legs and started to grind my pussy on it. I daisy chained 3 orgasms in a row within 15 minutes!

Exhibitionist sex In the Shadows

Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex has always made me curious. Everywhere I go, especially when I am out at night, jumping from spot to spot, I watch for couples having sex. The few I have been lucky enough to catch were very hot, erotic scenes. One was right out of that movie Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise and Nicole type people, madly embracing, touching and grinding while they kissed so deeply. I almost went to them, I wanted to touch their faces, kiss them and taste them. When I think back about it, I do go to them, I do join in and it is outstanding.

I’ve seen some Great blowjobs when I caught horny people having public sex. Girls just love to show off when they are sucking their man’s big hard cock out in public. If someone does see them, they want to be doing a real good job. I thought one girl was going to come over and take my mans cock out when she saw us watching her. Horny bitch just didn’t care. All she wanted was big hard cock down her throat. My boyfriend was so wound up when we got home, we fucked for hours!

There are a lot of Sexy hot women out there having sex in the shadows. My boyfriend says I’m like a fuck magnet, I’m drawn to people having sex in public. So keep your eyes wide open when you are out in the shadows.

BAILEE A Cuckolding Dream

cuckold phone sex

Look at this hot mistress Teen! She will make you watch as she gets fucked by 5 big bull cocks and nit even let you touch your peepee. I have been in her sexy ass presence as she put her boyfriend in a cock cage for a whole week! he wasn’t going to be able to touch his little cock for a whole fucking week. We both just laughed and laughed at him as he was begging her to let him free.  I enjoyed pumping 10-inch cocks onto her big teen tits while he cleaned them up. Bailee is so fucking hot she even taught me a new game! It was finding the key to the cock cage. But I had to eat her pussy out to get the key! Bailee is a big believer of male chastity. No little cock should be uncaged to give cum unless he has served her well. I now want all of my cuckolded male friends to be in chastity for me. Wheater is a humbler bar or a cock cage! You will find my sexy Bailee her at sissysluthut. She will train you the right way. Be her sissy and take a ride with the other mistresses here on sissy slut hut! Bask In the Femdom Bitches!small dick humiliation

Latina fuck slut

ass fetishMy co-worker has an avid ass fetish. When I started working, I made his dreams come true. I could tell he wanted to fuck me so bad. I ignored his advances and kept telling him I had a boyfriend back at home. One evening, however, after work, a group of us gathered for drinks, and I usually don’t drink, so I am a lightweight. I had a few shots, and I was ready for dick. I danced on my co-worker and was feeling horny as hell. I wanted his cock in my ass wrong. I was going to make his wildest dreams come true. I never thought I’d be so addicted to his dick. I love it so much that started bumping uglies in the office after that night.

Femdom Phone Sex A Tempting Allure

I met him a year ago and he always found Femdom phone sex an alluring thing that was very tempting to him to explore. It was during my finals and a period I was doing mild domination sessions on the side for money. The ability to abuse and take out my frustrations and aggressions on some willing victim that paid me to do it was perfect. At the time there was this male professor that really pushed my buttons in pissing me off all the time always giving me bad marks or snide comments on my papers. This professor ended up being a client around the time and I was actually getting wet thinking of how many ways I could humiliate him. ONe of the best experiences was when he actually returned for more and I realized I could step it up. I had this professor by the balls with my humiliating him and making him crawl around the room with a tailed buttplug while my worn, cum filled panties where on his face… the crusty from dried cum and post sex cunt juices crotch over his mouth and nose. I made him wear a pair of pantyhose with an ass hole cut out to expose that tailed buttplug but encased his cock tightly with the control topped bikini cut built in panty. I told him to pretend to be a horny puppy and get yourself pleasure by rubbing your cock on everything through those restraining pantyhose after all it’s but a swollen clit, you should be able to cum by humping objects. This pathetically unendowed professor humped on a pillow like he was clit banging with another bitch, I was very amused.

Femdom phone sex


I got to shop for free

best phone sexI went shopping the other day and went a little crazy, my cart was overflowing and I was way over budget. I guess it’s a good thing that the store owner was there and he was very interested in me. He said that I could have it all if I would fuck him so how could I turn that offer down? I took him in the dressing room and fucked his brains out. I went all out sucking his dick rimming that ass and fucking him until he was all worn out. I did such a good job that he was willing to not only give me all the clothes and accessories I wanted but he also gave me a wad of cash too! And we have a date set up for this weekend too, I think I may have found myself a new sugar daddy isn’t that great?

Sissy humiliation. My Sissy Pets

Sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliation is something I share with only the kinkiest of men. My pets fantasize about having a group of women dress them up like a total slut. Take them out to the local bar and later make them perform various dirty sex acts? Some just like to wear their wife’s silky panties and bra around the house while admiring themselves in the mirror. Most all sissies I know love nothing better than putting on a pair of high heels, laying on their back, pulling those panties to the side and getting the wonderful ass fucking that they deserve and crave. Wait, should I call it ass fucking or should I say mangina fucking? Forced crossdressing will lead to you wanting that tight fuck hole of yours pounded and pounded good. Maybe you are a closet panty boy and you need me and my girlfriends to bring the sissy out of you in a big way. There are various degrees of feminization, sissification, and crossdressing.

I have callers that have been crossdressing for many years. Deep down some of them want to fulfill their dream of crossing over and becoming a full transgender female. You deserve to treat yourself and give in to your desires because you work so hard and you only live once. I know you close your eyes and recall how good it feels to slide on those sleek, silky garments, how hot it made you feel to slip your feet into a strappy pair of sexy high heel shoes. So what are you waiting for? Get dressed up and call me! Or even better don’t get dressed. Call me to dress you up! It is so much more fun to get off with someone who understands your every need during Roleplay phone sex.

I offer the best Sissy, Crossdressing, Transgender Phone Sex Around!


MILF Phone Sex Slut Farah at the Pool

milf phone sexMILF phone sex is what summer is all about. I love younger men and they love me. I did something I rarely do yesterday. I went to the community pool. I have a pool in my backyard. The public pool, however, is better cougar hunting ground. Teen and college boys home from summer hang out there. I won the lottery. Almost no women were there. Some school girls, but they have nothing on a sexy milf. I was in a bikini showing off my milf body. I had the attention of the guys there, even the lifeguards. It was hard to narrow it down to one to take home. I decided on this Hispanic boy. He had just turned 18 and was a virgin. I speak some Spanish and he spoke some English, so we communicated. I took him home and made him a man. He had a nice cock, about 8 inches, which is the low end of my cock size limits. I am a size queen, after all. I just like teaching young men how to be good lovers for other women. Behind every good male lover is an older woman. He was not my first virgin and he won’t be my last. either.

Freaky Deaky Fucking

Fantasy phone sexDo you think the “F” on my nicely shaved cunt stands for fucking? Most kinky men do. I wanted something to catch my wild crazy sexual desire. My “F” stands for Freaky!! Because I did not just want to fuck but I want to freaky fuck. Do a couple of pumps in my wet sweet pussy and then slide out and put a couple of more pumps deep in my ass. Grab me by the throat, lifting me up high keeping your hands tightly around my throat and just pound away hard slipping back and forth between my ass and pussy. I love fucking not making love. I love the dominate freak to come out of you which brings on my freaky deaky side.

Sissy Humiliation for Splenda Daddies

sissy humiliationI am a sexy woman. I have standards when it comes to cock size. Look at me? I am a sophisticated hottie to the max. This dude I met on a sugar daddy site completely lied. He was a Splenda daddy instead. No money and to make matters worse, no cock. He didn’t get my pussy. He got sissy humiliation instead. I denied him. I was about to slam the door on his face when he showed up to pick me up in a Prius. I was like what the fuck? Do I look like I ride in a Prius? I am sports and luxury car worthy. He tried to scam me again with the I am so beautiful crap that it made him desperate to go out with me. I shut that shit down too. I asked him if he had a big dick. I knew there was no way that he did. He was a broke ass loser. He tried to claim that he did, but it was a shrimp’s tail. No bigger than my pinky finger. I lashed in on him with some of my best humiliation slams ever. I gave him a pair of my panties and slammed the door in his face once I eviscerated him. The nerve of some men. To pose as a rich sugar daddy with a big dick to get in my panties. As if I would ever let a loser fuck me.

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