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Magic Little Hands

GFE phone sexI know how much you love getting handjobs. I know you love it when I’m completely naked in front of you, so you can clearly see my tits and bald pussy. You love feeling my fingers softly tease the sides of your shaft getting your cock rock hard. I love the sound you make when I take one hand and firmly wrap it around the base and jerk up and down just a inch very slowly. Using my thumb to softly rub in a circular motion right on your frenulum. Then I gentle bend my head down and spit a little on your head and use my free head to lightly massage the head. In short time I start to feel your cock throb and I direct the cum all into my mouth as a little reward for myself.

fucking a felon

sexy babeMy husband troublemaker cousin is out of prison. When we first started dating, I met him for the first time. I knew I couldn’t act on impulsion. I was new in this relationship and had to be a good girl. Well, a few years in his cousin is out of jail and needed a place to crash. You can imagine my excitement when our place was where he chose to stay for a bit while he got on his feet. I knew he couldn’t resist a sexy babe like me. It didn’t take much for me to make him pounce me. My husband was gone to work, and I was getting stuffed by his young cousin. I liked how he fucked me. For one he had a nice juicy dick, and he knew all the right spots. He was fucking me hard and releasing all his loads on me. It had been such a long time since he got to fuck a sweet wet tight twat. I liked being a nasty slut for him.

Trust Me

GFE phone sexIt has been a long day so you called me. I understand you just want someone to talk too, maybe share a dirty little secret with. I’m very good at keeping secrets, I just want you to feel good. I want you to lay back and let me take care of you. Let me gently milk your cock until I’ve drain you dry. I want to feel your whole body relaxed for me, I can take all the tension away. Maybe you need to direct some aggression? That’s what I’m here for sweetie, use me if you need too. I won’t refuse you. You got my attention and time. Even if just for a few precious moments you own me.

My Golden Pedicure

Foot fetishesSo I have very particular Daddy that I spend time with. He buys me gifts and make sure I have the very best of anything I want. In return I do whatever he wants me to do. Well he took me out for a spa day which is normal he really like me to wear sandals because he loves my feet, so I very often go out and get a pedicure. This time he had very explicit instructions for me to follow. He observed the whole time which was different, he watched as the scrubbed and massaged my feet. He picked out this lovely shade of pink they delicately painted on. He patient sat with me while I finished up with the rest of my visit. When leaving I ask if we were going anywhere special he just shook his head and said we were going home. I shrugged and didn’t push further. We arrived back at his condo and he had a cute little bikini laid out for me as we walked in. He instructed that I put it on and meet him by the pool out back. It was a adorable fit in pink, with a cute skirt attachment. He always has great taste. When I went out to the backyard I was only semi startled that he wasn’t wearing any clothes. I giggled and he turned around his big limp cock started to harden as he walked towards me. He smiled and offered me a spot to lay out in the sun. As I laid down and got settled he stood at the end of the chair staring at my feet. He took his cock in his hand and slowly started to stroke it. He then told me I was about to get really wet, which I giggled. I had no idea he meant he was going to start peeing all over me. I felt the warm stream start hitting my feet, I wriggled my toes as it start running between them. He continued to started up my legs and aiming for my pussy. It was warm and wet, I got goosebumps covering my arms. I laid back and smiled allowed him to do what he wished.

I love Cum On My Small Boobs

Cum On BoobsI am quite conservative, but on one hand I can be quite the little slut with a cute heart shaped ass. I love mutual masturbation as much as fucking, there is just something about watching each other get our self off while we are in touching distance of each other. I have a favorite toy that is pretty thick and it has a suction cup on the bottom. I love having my partner watch me fuck it and how my pretty flower just opens up. I want him to come over to me jacking off that big dick and let me lick his balls while my tiny titties are bouncing with hard nipples and keep stroking harder and faster making me squirt all over my toy and when he is ready to come I want him to come on my small boobs and then I will lick it up and swallow down that load.

Lay Back And Relax With Sexy GFE calls

GFE Phone SexGFE phone sex is an experience and addicting with me, I am very spoiled but, I do love to please a man. I love describing the way I will lick your balls and play with your cock along with teasing you. I think that it is the perfect situation you get the benefits of what would be like a long distance relationship without the complications of a relationship. I want to hear about your day if you might not be in the mood, I will tell you that I am going to seduce you with my voice and it’s a natural thing. You will be stroking that dick before you know it, I have no limits and I love taboo although I am kind of vanilla. I always am dressed really sexy for every call and not one call with me is the same. I love playing with my tight bald pussy. So I am waiting on you and that pearl necklace you are going to give and I don’t mean the kind out of a store 😉

Tease And Deny That Eruption

Tease And DenialOne of my favorite things to do since I have such sexy stems and very smooth skin is tease and then deny a man of his eruption. I called my fuck buddy over and I was waiting in my office chair that spins around in my bra and panties with my legs spread so wide. I told him to come into the room and he was already drooling looking at my body. He loves my small perky breasts and my white milky skin. He laid down on the bed and I spread my legs and started rubbing my thigh going up grazing slowly over my panties with my pussy that is nice and bald. I then took my bra off very slowly and making sure not to lose eye contact, biting my bottom lip. I was seducing him and I could see his tent pitching. I walk over to him and take that nice schlong out and start sucking hard and fast. I let up not to let him cum and he was begging me while playing with my perky breasts. I started stroking him rubbing the head over my nipples and I was going faster talking really dirty in his ear and he was moaning and ready to cum. I let up and got back on my chair and was playing with my pretty bald pussy. I wouldn’t let him touch himself I had a really good orgasm and had him lick my fingers clean.

My husbands younger brother

ass fetish

My husband was telling me that he needed to bring over one of his brothers. I was very irritated and didn’t like the idea; I hated the fact that his brother was such a bum. I have heard stories, but I’ve never met him. I knew he was about 22 and such a troublemaker. I knew he was going to be around the house not doing a thing.

Knowing he would be a fly on the wall present for all my rendezvous had me nervous. I was frustrated I knew it was going to put a damper on my plans.

When I was introduced to him, I saw something I didn’t think I’d see, my husband’s younger brother was everything he wasn’t.
He was handsome, and I could already tell he was well hung.

The chemistry was instant I was already wet as can be within seconds of meeting him.
To my surprise we hit it off, he was quite the Joker and told me all about his ass fetish.

I could tell he liked what he saw because he couldn’t stop checking me out since the moment he stepped in the front door.

When my husband was gone one morning, I would soon realize the extent of it. I woke up to someone pulling my panties down, and just going down on me.

I honestly thought it was my husband using his pathetic charm on me, the only way my husband knows how to get me off is with him eating my pussy, so I assumed it was him, but then I saw that it was his brother.

I couldn’t deny that I was wet as can be even if I did tell me to stop he would call me out. I let him finish up, and then I gave him a return because honestly, I just imagined his big beautiful cock in my mouth. You can imagine how much fun we had whenever my husband would be out the door from then on.

I Loved Riding His Tongue

Small Boobs

I had promised my parents since they were going on vacation I would watch their house. So no sugar daddies or dick for me or so I thought. They had compiled a list of things they need done and one was their trees trimmed with the hedges. I called the neighbors and their college age son was home and does it for them usually and from what I remember he was nerdy. When he came over my how life has been good to him, he was buff and so hot! I could see as he was cutting the hedges his muscles were like wanting to burst out of his shirt. I was getting so turned on, I got naked and I love my small tits so I went by the window and was watching him while playing with cute tight, pink bald box. He saw me and I made a come here motion with my finger. He came inside and I went over and got on the counter, I told him I wanted him to eat my muff like it was last dinner. He got down and pulled his shirt off and the beads of sweat were dripping down his big chest. I grabbed his hair and when I felt his tongue on my clit I came so hard. He had me so excited, he didn’t stop and he just dove his tongue in my hole, grabbed my ass and started fucking me. I was arched backed and I came again riding his tongue. I pulled him up and kissed and sucked my juices off his tongue.


Black Whore

Ebony phone sexI’m a whore. I fuck men to get anything I want and need. Men pay big bucks to spend time with me. I have no problem fucking strange men for cash because I’m a horny slut. My favorite place to be is on my knees with a huge dick in my mouth. I love sucking your cock, looking up, and seeing the look of pleasure on your face. It makes my black pussy extremely wet knowing that my oral skills are making you happy. And when you ready for me to open my thighs you’ll see my fat black cunt glistening with my cum juices. Put your hard dick in my tight cunt and you’ll see that there’s nothing tighter. Every day I searched for men to fuck me. I need at least three different guys a day to be satisfied. I’ve made my peace with the fact that I’m a sex addict. And as long as I’m fucking so many men as might as well be getting paid.

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