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You like Watching my Small Boobs Bounce

small boobs

That’s right baby you walked right in on me fucking Angelo’s big fat dick!  My panties pulled to the side right on our big bed, my small boobs bounced so well for you. You love having this tiny half Asian girl as your girlfriend don’t you. You honestly thought my small body would accommodate your tiny dick. You seem to have mis thought and hired a gardener with a big ass dick by mistake. I didn’t even take my eyes off yours as I moaned as he pumped me over and over. I told you that you could watch or get out. I loved when you started filming me and him fucking. I got wilder and climbed on top to give you great point of view shots as I took his cock deep in my pussy. I figured you would mind me fucking his big cock since you had been calling cuckold phone sex and fantasying about me and another for a while.  Well, now you can watch as your Princess girlfriend gets fucked by a man who can really please me.

cuckold phone sex

Small Dick Loser Neighbor

small dick humiliation I have a dirty neighbor. He is always spying on me. He is much older than me, so that makes him a pervert. I love perverts though. Once I realized he was spying on me, I gave him a show. So last night I pranced around my room naked. I even sat on the edge of my bed with my legs spread. I got out my pink dildo and fucked my cunnie. I knew he was watching me, but I acted like I had no clue he was spying on me. I love being watched. Most men love watching me too because I have no shame. Honestly, I am an exhibitionist slut! I almost forgot he was spying on me from his bedroom window because I was cumming so much on my pink toy. When I heard something outside, it startled me. My voyeur was now a peeping Tom. He was right outside my window with his face pressed up against the window. I got up and walked over to the window, opened it up and asked him if he saw anything he liked? I wasn’t inviting him in until I knew he had a big dick.  It was dark and I couldn’t really see anything. I asked him if he had a big cock and he ran away. My guess he is a loser man with a small cock that has to be a peeping Tom because it is the only way he sees young cunnie like me.

popular with the boys

Sexy babeI grew up in a family full of boys. I learned real quick how to garner their attention. My sisters would always get upset knowing I was the sexy babe getting all the boys. I Can’t help it not even a bit I love fucking all the boys. I always get free stuff, and I make the boys fall in love with me as easy as one two three. I went for an oil change earlier today, and instead of shelling out cash, I was given plenty of cum cream in my mouth. I made the boys dicks so hard, and I loved the view. I went ahead and blew each one and became their little gang bang slut for the afternoon. I don’t mind getting a few guys off at the same time — honestly, the more, the merrier. I enjoy being a slut that you will lust after. I have always been popular among boys.

I need Lots of Cum On Boobs This Summer


cum on boobs

This summer daddy has made it clear that I am to behave myself at the resort.  Ha! All I want is those rich man cum on boobs so perky and. Big or small cum loads I don’t care. I will be the sucking dick queen of the south. Now I have to be discreet about my whore ways or Daddy will make sure all my privileges are taken away. ANd I love my little convertible and designer clothes.  SO I won’t do anything too crazy to get that Rich men cum on my titties! Ha, You thought I was serious? I came out today in my tiny yellow bikini. Only I was topless and in desperate need for oil to be slathered on my body. Mr. Roberts who is a very big client of daddies was the first to volunteer. I made sure I slathered that oil on my tits and told him I sure so need something a little thicker and creamier to rub on these perfect perky boobs! I am sure the staff will make sure daddy knows that Mr. Roberst soon escorted me to my private bungalow! I can’t help my self I love cum on my boobs! They might be small but they are perfect and perky cum holders! Could you resist this teen hottie?

Creme Du Meow Meow

coed phone sex

Can you make me have a sweet shejaculation? Play with My feet my hot stud. Lick and kiss my toes as you take that big cock out and tease your fetish princess. You spoil me and I give you the best blowjobs and let you fuck the shit out of my sweet teen pussy and ass, but your feet obsession is what I want. Kiss and lick my toes as you ask about the boys at school I have been fucking. Guys my age only want to hit it and never pay attention to my petite toes and the soles of my feet. But you mix our cuckolding play with my sensitive feet that you kiss and tickle until you know I am going to give you that magic pussy juice when you fuck me. In and out as you bite and nibble elegant perfect cute toes. My eyes rolling back as My stomach contracts and right before you cum where those boys have come I give you my creme du meow meow my sweet magic pussy juice that floods your cock still inside me. I whimper and moan knowing only a man like you can do this too me!


We like getting in trouble

sexy babemilf phone sexMy best friend Denise and I enjoy getting in all sorts of trouble. Together we find a victim together. While our husbands stay home, we discover the city in hopes of having the best minajatwa yet. Each week we raise the bar and make it harder to compete with, Denise, and I love big dicks and cum that can fill us both.

Rubbing on her cunt and caressing her perfect body is the absolute best. A sexy babe like her will make me do anything. When she told me she wanted to be double stuff along with me, I couldn’t say no. We got the best big black cocks ever. Together we took them whole. Our phones were ringing off the hook. Our husbands wanted to know where in gods green earth was the both of us at; Luckily we can get away with anything. A sweet giggle and apology win them right over. Too bad they will never know the truth.


Sexy babe

I feel so sexy when I’m wearing lingerie. When I decide to dress up, I go all out. Sexy bra, garter, silk stockings, and if I wear panties at all, it’s either a thong or a g-string. My lover has a serious lingerie fetish, and when he sees me all decked out in silky and lacy garments, his cock can’t get hard enough. I usually forgo wearing panties altogether because I know they’ll just get ripped off of me so he can stick his big hard cock in my pussy. That’s what he did last night when he saw me wearing a matching all white lace lingerie set. He pushed me onto my back, tore my thong off and had my legs up in the air plowing his hard cock in and out of me. He sucked on my toes through the fishnet stockings as he pounded me. He was so turned on he didn’t last long and was soon giving me a nice creamy load of cum deep in my pussy.

Sexy Sugar Baby

gfe phone sexI love being a teen teas. I don’t hook, but I am a sugar baby. Sex for pretty things and cash is implied. I look at it as a tribute. Men need to compensate me somehow for blowing their old shriveled up dicks and making them look good. My men aren’t quite as old as Anna Nicole’s hubby was, but they are often 20-40 years older than me. I am barely legal, and my current sugar daddy is 58. He owns a technology company. He makes a shit ton of money that he loves to spend on young girls like me. Of course, he is married. I am a side piece. That is all I want to be to an old man. I am using him for his money. We have a special arrangement. I fuck him and he spoils me. Last night, he took me to this fancy restaurant. The place was so fancy my menu had no prices on it. He paid for me to buy a new fancy dress and get my hair and nails done. He likes the looks he gets when he walks into a place with a girl as hot as me on his arm. I let him finger bang my bald pussy under the table while we ate. I just thought of Johnny Depp. That’s an older man I would fuck. When we got back to my place, his old sweaty body was humping me. I’m on the pill but I tell him I’m not because he has this thing about knocking me up. He lives me a bigger wad of cash when I tell him to impregnate me. My friends think I should let him because I would be set for life from the support alone. The way I look at it is different. This is California. His bitch wife would get so much money, he might not have enough to keep spoiling me! I only fuck old geezers if they are filthy rich.

Best Phone Sex Girlfriend

best phone sexKeep me in your arms I need to be here with your love forever, and I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to go away because you mean everything to me, I don’t question who you are; I don’t judge you. I’m just enchanted with the experience of you. You are my dream there’s no one, and there’s nothing that could ever make me want to leave your side, I could live in your love forever. I love the way we lay together wrapped in each other’s arms we are made to be, and we’ve always known it ever since we were just little ones. When we would be together, and our families would go out together, you and I used to look at each other entrapped in each other’s eyes. I thought of you as a prince in my life, I knew you would do anything to make me happy that you would travel any to any land and try to make me yours. I want you to know I would do anything to be with you too. I would travel any road as long as it led to your love. You are everything to me you make me feel like a flower in the wind on a sunny day, a perfect picture for the Gods. I love you I need you I’m going to always love you this much you can believe me yes my love you can trust me because I’m telling the truth. I’m so glad we grew up together because we know everything about each other that way. I know you like vanilla ice cream on a sunny day sitting on our porch passing the time away I know you love that you’ve always shown me. You know that I love to get my feet tickled in the backyard well playing in the grass you know that because you’ve always done that for me. You make me smile every time I look in your beautiful eyes; I’m just overtaken by your joy by Your Love by your passion. I love you I cannot say it enough because I feel it too much and that’s so good to me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was be in your life I want to be your passionate lover I need to be your kinky, creative girl in bed and I will because I don’t ever want you to be bored. I love you-you’re my everything remember that if nothing else you’re so special to me and you will always be.


Two cocks in one hole

Sexy phone sex

I invited two of my friends with benefits over at the same time. I sent them a sexy picture of me and they both couldn’t wait to get there and have me on my knees for them. I as already waiting for them totally nude when they came inside. I took both of their big cocks and alternated between sucking and blowing one while stroking the other one. They both wanted to pound my pussy at the same time, they were too hard to take turns, so they both managed to squeeze their big cocks into my tight little pussy. My pussy had never felt so full and well fucked than when they were both balls inside of my cunt sawing in and out. I rubbed my clit and squirted all over them before they both started to pulse and throb and give me a huge double creampie that left my pussy gaping open.

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