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Naughty Teacher hot encounters

Naughty teacher hot encounters, What can I say back when I wasn’t a housewife I was totally the hottest teacher on school grounds, I was the Spanish teacher and taught some horny seniors, I love coming to class dressed in hot mini dresses and stripper shoes, It was risque but come on now who doesn’t want to see my hot body in a little black number and some hot stilettos. I had the staff salivating at my presence the school dean was infatuated with me and my classmates were almost all failing because they wanted to spend some time with Ms. Lorenzo. I’d tease the guys and loved watching these fresh-faced 18-year-olds grow rock hard as I past homework and pop quizzes. I totally would rub against them to feel their bulge and to my favorites, I’d slip a little note and have them stay after class to do some extra credit, The extra credit I would give involved someone on one student-teacher interaction. Nothing turned me on more than a barely legal prey.

I loved getting fucked by my students and spent most the time thinking who would be my next participant.

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Small Boobs Make His Cock Cum For Me

Small Boobs

My small boobs used to turn this guy on so much. He would cum just watching me play with my tiny titties. I loved teasing him and knowing that I could make him bust his nut just by looking at my tight sexy body. I would sit him down on my couch and let him pull his cock out. I loved watching it hard as soon as I started to take my clothes off. Knowing that my little boobies were his favorite, I saved those for last. Pulling down my skirt and panties, peeling off my top, but leaving on my bra. I started rubbing my bald little pussy while he watched and stroked his cock that was hard as a rock. I walked over to him and stuck my fingers in his mouth, letting him taste me. Then I unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. His eyes never left my tits until he came. Watching my rub my tiny boobs and pinch my nipples for him. He exploded just looking at them!

sexy babe looking for satisfaction

sexy babeSexy babe looking for hard cock. Yes, I did put that online. I have been resorting to a lot of online hook-ups it just makes things so much easier and way simple. Why should I stress and contemplate when life makes cheating so easy? I’d be crazy not to want to take advantage of all the cocks I can get. You only live once and life is too short not get all the cock you crave. I have had so many guys and girls hit me up to fuck at all hours of the day. I have them sneaking into the house even when my husband is home. I have fucked a couple of my husband’s workers and also his business partner and his wife. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten caught not once. I want to get caught a little bit. Simply because I have sinister thoughts in my head. I have thought about having my husband sit down and watch me join an orgy. I want to be fucked and cummed on all over and I just want his eyes to widen in disbelief. I want him to want to look away but can’t because he is forced to watch. I want him to see all the pleasure he could never give me.

Tease and Denial With Sexy Babe Beth!

Tease and denial Tease and denial is my favorite naughty game to play. This guy I used to hook up with was so much to play with, he couldn’t resist a sexy babe like me. I used to tease his cock for hours, stroking it, sucking it, and even fucking it until he was about to explode. But then I would just stop, and giggle at him. I wanted to make him beg for it.

One of the best times, was when I tied him up, spread out on my bed completely naked. Watching his cock start to stand straight up as I rubbed my small boobs in his face, letting my nipples tickle his lips. Reaching my hand down I could feel his cock starting to grow for me. I started stroking him and massaging his balls. He was rock hard now. I stopped when I could see that he was really enjoying my hand wrapped around his dick.

I started to suck him next. I give great blow jobs, and I made sure to make this one really good. Sucking his cock down my throat and still rubbing his balls in my hand. I could feel his dick throbbing against my tongue. Then I stopped again, I heard him moan. I giggled and asked him if he liked out little tease and denial game, he said he really wanted to cum.

Sitting my sexy legs on either side of him, I started to slowly bounce myself on his cock. Going faster and harder until I could see him about to cum and then once again I stopped and got off of him. He was really wanting to cum now! I made him beg me for it, I wanted to hear the desperation in his voice each time he pleaded for me fuck him and let him cum.

Feeling merciful, I got back on his cock and rode him until he said he was about to cum. Then I sucked and stroked his cock until I finally let him cum on my small boobs. In the end, I think he loved our naughty tease and denial game!

Fuck my pussy

Fantasy phone sexSunday morning I go to the Laundromat and you call me super fucking horny wanting to have phone sex. I’m doing laundry, I said. I cant at the this moment but as soon I get home I will call you! You telling me you cant wait to see my pussy turned me on so bad, my pussy was dripping wet. I when to the back were no one goes. I got all naked got on top of the washer and pulled out my vibrator from my purse. Yes I carry my vibrator with me at all times. Started video chat with you and started slowly penetrating my tight wet shaved pussy for you. I noticed the guy working was spying on me but I didn’t stop soon I had two huge dicks jacking off to watching me masturbate with this huge dildo going in and out my tight little pussy.

Do me right

 Ass sex pornI’ll be your sex education teacher baby. Let me show you how I like to get fuck. First I’d love for you to start kissing my pretty little lips then work your way down and start kissing my neck, oh yeah baby you are starting to make my pussy so wet. Start kissing my nipples and start sliding your finger down rubbing my wet little pussy massaging my clit making me twitch a little bit. Oh yeah my pussy is getting fucking more wet by the second. You just turn me on so fucking horny now and I want your big huge dick in my pussy. I just want to feel that big peace of meat penetrate my tight little pussy. Then I want you to start shoving that dick so fucking hard into my pussy. Oh yeah I’m starting to drip. Oh yeah I’m about to squirt and orgasm all over your balls.

One call away

 Hairy wet pussyCall me Papi I want to slowly kiss your lips then go down to your neck and start giving you little french kisses and then apply a little bit of pressure.I would slowly take that shirt off and start kissing your sexy hard abs rubbing my tits on your hard pecks and all over your body. Slowly start teasing you by kissing your belly and going lower and lower. Then I unbuckle your belt and give you a little sexy dance using that belt. Then I will rip those fucking pants off start blowing on your dick. Then start giving you some tongue swirly movements on your big fat mushroom head. Start slowly putting that big fat juicy dick in my mouth. Till I could go all the way down. Deep throat that big dick. Hey Papi you want this big Latina tits all over your cock and balls. I sure want your big dick in my mouth and pussy!

Lady Finger

 Lesbian phone sexWhat turns our sugar daddy on the most, is when me and my girl friend finger each others pussy. When he is away at work we send him videos or pictures or video chat with him. We also love to see you stroking that big fat juicy long cock my love. We love it when you are home and you sit on your big black recliner, and watch us in bed we start kissing eating each others pussy then we tease you about putting in the fingers by just rubbing our clit. Oh yes Papasito you love that, it just makes you shake and feel hot all over your hot fucking body. Then when our lady fingers go in you start jacking off harder but you cant resist and you jump on the bed and while I get fingered you start eating my pussy and I could just feel you shaking.


 2 girl phone sexBabe I know you are out of town working and all because you love me. I love you to sweetheart. We miss you so much we are only one call away. I know having two girl friends ain’t easy. We are here home waiting for you to love you and care for you. We send you all this sexy nudes of us playing with each other. Your favorite is watching us fingering our little pussy’s playing with each others tits. Yum you just lay down next to us watching us. Then you join us, you start by bending me over and penetrating my pussy while you make me eat and lick her yummy clit. You love how I make her squirt all over my face. That turns me on so fucking good. I just start squirting dripping wet all over you big juicy cock and balls. You make me moan so loud as you penetrate me.

Feeling up my boobies

Sexy breastsThere’s something about a pair of sexy breasts. Lucky for us women, men love all kinds of tits. Small perky ones, big floppy ones, ones with tiny nipples. Headlights glaring in the cold. A nip poking through a wet t-shirt or some giant stripper tits. There’s a man for every kind.

Look back to your own fantasies. Sucking a milky nipple while Mommy touches you. That first time a MILF let you slide your teen boner between her globes. Peeking at the neighbor girl while she undressed. Her tits were so beautiful. Your auntie in a bikini with her DDs poking out, right in your face when she hugged her.  Your daughters new buds just starting to sprout. Titties make the world go round. From that first time you peeked at Playboy and your young cock hardened, you knew those fleshy lumps were something to be worshipped.

My 42EEs are dying to be sucked, fondled, and squeezed around a thick cock. Come do a breast exam while my poor cucky husband has to watch. Just explain that you are doing it for my health. Regular breast exams save lives. Squeeze away!!!

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