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Sexy Sugar Baby

gfe phone sexI love being a teen teas. I don’t hook, but I am a sugar baby. Sex for pretty things and cash is implied. I look at it as a tribute. Men need to compensate me somehow for blowing their old shriveled up dicks and making them look good. My men aren’t quite as old as Anna Nicole’s hubby was, but they are often 20-40 years older than me. I am barely legal, and my current sugar daddy is 58. He owns a technology company. He makes a shit ton of money that he loves to spend on young girls like me. Of course, he is married. I am a side piece. That is all I want to be to an old man. I am using him for his money. We have a special arrangement. I fuck him and he spoils me. Last night, he took me to this fancy restaurant. The place was so fancy my menu had no prices on it. He paid for me to buy a new fancy dress and get my hair and nails done. He likes the looks he gets when he walks into a place with a girl as hot as me on his arm. I let him finger bang my bald pussy under the table while we ate. I just thought of Johnny Depp. That’s an older man I would fuck. When we got back to my place, his old sweaty body was humping me. I’m on the pill but I tell him I’m not because he has this thing about knocking me up. He lives me a bigger wad of cash when I tell him to impregnate me. My friends think I should let him because I would be set for life from the support alone. The way I look at it is different. This is California. His bitch wife would get so much money, he might not have enough to keep spoiling me! I only fuck old geezers if they are filthy rich.

Best Phone Sex Girlfriend

best phone sexKeep me in your arms I need to be here with your love forever, and I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to go away because you mean everything to me, I don’t question who you are; I don’t judge you. I’m just enchanted with the experience of you. You are my dream there’s no one, and there’s nothing that could ever make me want to leave your side, I could live in your love forever. I love the way we lay together wrapped in each other’s arms we are made to be, and we’ve always known it ever since we were just little ones. When we would be together, and our families would go out together, you and I used to look at each other entrapped in each other’s eyes. I thought of you as a prince in my life, I knew you would do anything to make me happy that you would travel any to any land and try to make me yours. I want you to know I would do anything to be with you too. I would travel any road as long as it led to your love. You are everything to me you make me feel like a flower in the wind on a sunny day, a perfect picture for the Gods. I love you I need you I’m going to always love you this much you can believe me yes my love you can trust me because I’m telling the truth. I’m so glad we grew up together because we know everything about each other that way. I know you like vanilla ice cream on a sunny day sitting on our porch passing the time away I know you love that you’ve always shown me. You know that I love to get my feet tickled in the backyard well playing in the grass you know that because you’ve always done that for me. You make me smile every time I look in your beautiful eyes; I’m just overtaken by your joy by Your Love by your passion. I love you I cannot say it enough because I feel it too much and that’s so good to me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was be in your life I want to be your passionate lover I need to be your kinky, creative girl in bed and I will because I don’t ever want you to be bored. I love you-you’re my everything remember that if nothing else you’re so special to me and you will always be.


Two cocks in one hole

Sexy phone sex

I invited two of my friends with benefits over at the same time. I sent them a sexy picture of me and they both couldn’t wait to get there and have me on my knees for them. I as already waiting for them totally nude when they came inside. I took both of their big cocks and alternated between sucking and blowing one while stroking the other one. They both wanted to pound my pussy at the same time, they were too hard to take turns, so they both managed to squeeze their big cocks into my tight little pussy. My pussy had never felt so full and well fucked than when they were both balls inside of my cunt sawing in and out. I rubbed my clit and squirted all over them before they both started to pulse and throb and give me a huge double creampie that left my pussy gaping open.

Tease and Denial

tease and denial

This sexy teen slut loves tease and denial. Something about a man wanting what he can’t have driven me insane. You invited me over to just chill and watch movies. Did You actually think you were going to get my pretty pussy or my intense oral skills? This little young whore loves to fuck but please, really? I took this as an opportunity to really tease you. Short skirt and fishnet panties and thigh highs. A tiny top so you could see my perky nipples harden thinking about what you would not get tonight. Oh, baby, reaching over you to get the remote after I had crossed and uncrossed my legs showing you most of my pretty pink bald pussy. I felt you harden as I searched for something to watch. You kissed me and reached between my legs. I told you I could do it myself. I did a sexy strip tease and rubbed my whole body for your viewing pleasure. Every time you reached out for me I jumped back. I spread my pussy and began to play with my clit. I had you begging for me. Oh, but I came and pretended to be embarrassed. I wasn’t shy It is just these denial sessions really pump you up for when I do let you fuck me. I enjoy teasing the hell out of your hard cock baby.

Small Boobs Equals Tight Teen Pussy

small boobs

I have small boobs, but they are perky and perfect. I am small by nature a perfect fuckable piece of ass. I love having a tiny body and tight twat. My sugar daddy has a small dick but I still let him fuck me sometimes. I keep his ass on a tight leash though. He only gets this pussy after I get fucked by a big cock. It helps to be swollen and full of cum when he fucks me. Plus I love how fast sugar daddy cums after he sees his little fuck slut get her pussy reamed. Be careful Sugar, I just might put you in my little bitty panties next time! You are my cuckold. Your small dick means I get away with being the town whore. Everybody knows and wonder why you still fuck with me. I do things to you no other slut does that’s why! I make it so hot when you watch me fuck and I give you so much attention baby. You would never get this kind of attention with that smaller than average dick. Thank goodness you have sweet sensual little o me. Come play with me, baby.

Titty Fucking Porn Is my Favorite

titty fucking porn

You heard that right titty fucking porn is my favorite. I might have tiny perky tits but I love being titty fucked. I want that big sugar daddy right between my upturned half Asian tits. I want to be sucking that cock as it spurts glorious jizz in my face. Cum facials from that throbbing trouser snake make me so fucking horny. I can play with my pussy while I have a creamy load all over my face. Here baby lick my face of this cum and then get between my legs. That’s right lick this soft pink bare pussy till I cum for you. Tongue fuck me as your dick gets hard again.  I might let you dip into my sweet honey pot a few thrusts. I want you to feel how tight I get from feeling your dick inside of me. Then pull that dick out and let me suck my own pussy juices off. Let me push these tits together and stroke that cock some more. My wet mouth taking the tip in and out. I just love watching big titted whores fuck big precum dicks between those tits. I swear the milf titty porn might just be my favorite. I love having perky teen tits but something about getting a cock between huge natural tits is making me masturbate so fucking hard. Maybe I should invite a big curvy slut over for my sugar daddy. Let his cock slide in and out and have me sucking his dick right on those milky white tits. I love watching as well! I want to play with her pussy and have our mouths battle for the most cum out of his big cock. I know some men who would love to have some big titty porn while fucking this teen whore. Lets play during coed phone sex and I can get off to your dick between my perfect tits!

Foot jobs, sex ect.

Foot fetishes   My obsession with footjobs and guys who love feet all began since I was little. I saw a porn with a girl giving a guy with a large fucking cock a sexy footjob. Ever since I have fantasized about talking to a man with the same fetish. All these years I would pretend I was getting my feet touched and massaged. Oils, and more oils over my soft small feet. In between my toes, and all over my heels. I would even imagine every time I was getting a pedicure that I could stroke his cock in the salon. With that being said I noticed one of the temps at my job was giving footjobs under the meeting table. They thought I hadn’t noticed. But, I had. I calmy peaked my head on them one day. The temp giving my boss sexual favors. “I want to join” softly. I told them about my little fetish turns out its the same as theirs. I ot undressed and let them take over. They lathered me down with oils and lotions. My feet covered their bodies, and mouths. I got to stroke and smile. This was so much better then what I imagined.

I’ll let you laugh

Small dick humiliation   Small dick humiliation will not only bring you satisfaction but me as well. I miss my fairy faggot princess. He used to dress himself up. It started as just a simple you should have been a woman statement. He then from now then and there wanted to just come over and have me talk down to him. Humiliate his little dick and have me play dress up. if you call me I will make you feel so bad about having a small wines that you might as well just turn it inside out and make it a clit. I will tear you a new one and make you feel like the cheapest disgrace of a man! Let me compare cocks to your and laugh at you a bit. It will be so fun.

Sexy cuckold

Roleplay phone sex

Roleplay phone sex lets me relive sexy, hot kinky shit that has already happened. So the past month my boss’s wife started working with us. As soon as I met her I was instantly attracted to her. Not to mention my boss has flirted with me since I started last year. We have fooled around a couple times. Well,, he had always told me that he would love to watch his wife get fucked by me. Having us two would make his dreams come true. His wife came into my office letting me know about a meeting I told her to come to sit with me. As we talk I imagine her bend over my desk fingering her pussy ad her husband walks in on me eating her sexy little pussy, he soon joins. Well, I explained to her that she was beautiful and I would love to play with her. I would get some wine and I would make her feel so relaxed and amazing. She was caught off guard and bent over my desk and kissed me and told me to meet her after work in her office. So, I did I walked in so excited I had my sexy little panties in bra on and they were both waiting. They had this sexy little three sum planned for quite some time I believe. Her pussy tasted so sweet as my boss pounded away my cunt.

Seducing Mr. Peters

GFE phone sexI’ve been spending weekdays after school as a office assistant. For the most part it’s easy and I look great in a cute pencil skirt and matching blazer. As you can imagine I get plenty of attention men feel the need to compliment every little thing I do, hoping for more than just a smile and thank you. It’s funny that they think I would waste efforts on bottom feeders, my eye is on the boss of them all, and last night I finally got my chance. Mr. Peters was staying late so he asked if any assistants would be willing to stay and help with some late night filing. I offered and found myself in his office just the two of us that night. I did my best to ease any load of his work, and found out little things about him. His wife called at one point just to nag him, which gave me the perfect opening. I have a eye at seeing when a man is not having his needs met and I could tell by the way he was talking she hadn’t been worth a damn to him in a long time. He hung up the phone, he was very tensed so I got behind him and massaged his shoulders. I told him to relax and not let her slow him down. This simple act had him spilling the beans about his sexless marriage and constant fights. “What you need is some release” I whispered in his ear as my hands moved down his chest. With that he surrendered to me, becoming putty in my gentle but capable hands.

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