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Giving My New Roommate A Sensual Welcome

Lesbian phone sexMy old roommate moved in with a boyfriend so I had to look for another girl to take her place. Luckily I met this cute new young freshman last week who was looking to move closer to campus. When helping her move her things in I couldn’t help but keep staring at her body, and couldn’t help but let my mind linger. By the evening those dirty little thoughts keep creeping up. We spent the night talking until we were both in her bed, I told her I give amazing back massages. I removed her shirt and had her lay down as I rubbed my hands over her shoulders, moving down her back. My hands grazing along her sides up to the sides of her breast, I moved my hands underneath them. Bending over and giving her shoulder a kiss then moving to her neck. I heard her moan as she turned over to kiss me, our lips locking passionately. We removed our clothes until there was the two of us naked in her bed are bodies tangled together.

Jail House Exhibitionist

exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex Makes me so fucking hot and wet! I never thought my sugar daddy needs would land me in the slammer with so many muscled hot cops staring and ogling my sweet young body. I was just trying to get a ride to go see my sugar daddy and I wanted to surprise him so I got in the car with a big black officer and he was an uncover so when he asked me what I was doing I said I’m going to go turn my ass out to get some spending money. My baby face was not us to be handcuffed so I was surprised it turned me on so much. The next thing I am in a cell right next to a bunch of bad boys. It wasn’t long before I was doing a striptease in front of the women , bad boys and sexy as fuck cops. I was getting applause and the men next door started jerking off to me. I even put my sexy ass up to the bars to get some convict dick before the place erupted and I had to be pulled out of my cell. I guess it pays to be a bad girl. Let me be bad with some erotic role-playing with you tonight.

Mr. G Loves My Feet

Foot fetishesI’ve been spending the last week with my one of my favorite admirers. Mr. G is so sweet and thoughtful he spent the whole week pampering me. Of course when we would head back home I spent my evenings spoiling Mr. G. I found something out about him this week that is that he really has a thing for cute feet like mine. I noticed he really loved to give me foot rubs, and always bought me sandals. I confirmed my suspicions the other night when he told me he was to tired to fool around. I attempted a lot of my tricks to get him in the mood and they all fell felt. But when I slid my feet up on his lap to ask for a foot massage I noticed his dick get hard, so I began to rub his dick with my feet. This changed his tune seeing my cute pink toes wrapped around his hard cock. I leaned back and took off my shirt, my bald pussy in his view as I jerked him off with my feet until he came all over them.

Sex On A Rainy Afternoon

Sensual phone sexI love laying in my room listening to the rain hitting the window, it’s so relaxing. I love it even more when you are here next to me. Hearing the thunder makes me want to cuddle up against your body. Having me so close to you turns you on I know cause I can feel your hard on against my leg as it curls around you. I keep wiggling until you finally flip over and start to kiss me and nibble on my ears. Oh you know how much I love that! You can feel my body tense and relax underneath you. Kiss your way down my body, until you get to the sweet spot. You know what to do from here, don’t you?

Cum Just For Me

GFE phone sexI love when it’s just the two of us in bed together. Spending some time close together, cuddled up naked. Feeling you get hard as your pressed against my body. You start to kiss my shoulder softly working up to my neck and nibbling on my ear. I get goosebumps across my body, you reach your hand around and finger my bald pussy. I’m wet, as you move me onto my back as you get on top of me. You are being gentle and sweet, slowly sliding yourself into me. I gasp with pleasure you bend down and kiss my mouth. Slowly you thrust in and out of me, my fingers running through your hair. Our eyes are locked and I know in this moment you’re going to cum for me. It’s just me and you in this moment, are you ready to cum for me?

Clever Snake Charmer

Sensual phone sexI made him lay back on my bed, I just got out of the shower and he was already waiting on me. As he laid there I sat down next to him running my hand up his thigh up to his slightly hard on. I wrapping my thumb and index finger around just the ridge of the head, slowly moving it up and down. He took sharper breaths so slowed down just a bit more, taking my time teasing him. Little bits of precum started to appear so gripped at the base firm but not too tight. I used my other hand to gently rub my palm in a circle motion over the tip. Using the precum to lube up his puffy mushroom head. I moved my hand from the base and cupped his balls squeezing very gently as I use my other hand to quickly slide up and down the shaft. He’s breathing grew faster could feel slight throbbing beneath my hand. So I teasing the ridge of the head using my thumb to run right underneath. His body tensed up as hot cum splashed onto my face.

Fucking Her Husband- He Fills My Mouth

Cocksucking phone sexGiggling I glad his hand shooting him a cute smile as we sat close together in the booth, I pulled the curtain close. My hands I placed against his chest and I started to whispered in his ear. I told him how he was my favorite teacher and that I always had a crush on him. That is was such a shame his wife would just take off on her own without him. That he deserved so much better. I gentle ran my hand down to his pants, sliding my hand into them. I don’t know if anything I was saying was all that true but I didn’t care. He was my new conquest, getting this bitch’s husband to cum for me was all I wanted. He left his pants slide down enough for me to pull out his hard dick, it was hot in my hand. My lips connected with the tip of his puffy soft skinned head. I kissed softly all around it, then licked down the shaft. I jerked his dick while I looked into his eyes, before kissing him deeply. I kissed on his neck, then moved back down to his dick. Sucking his head and slowly letting it slide deeper and deeper into my throat. He said he was going to cum for me so I looked up at him and pulled his head out. Resting it against my tongue as I jerked his dick until it sprayed cum into my mouth. He filled my mouth and my satisfaction.

Fucking Her Husband- Easy Seduction

Coed phone sexDuring the Summer I don’t think much about school. The only time I’ve ever fucked a teacher was for a good grade or to excuse a few absences. Today just happened out of the blue but I couldn’t help myself. I ran into my economics teacher at the mall. He’s a average looking dude but I remember this one time I met his recent new wife. She was a total bitch and called me girlie. Always thought if I had the chance to I’d find a way to knock the smugness out of her. Then suddenly here’s her aloof husband alone in the mall strolling about. He had this look on his face as if in thought, I giggled he was probably lost. I approached him and struck up a conversation about his Summer and asked him if he needed help. He was looking for his wife but he lost her and she was off spending his money. He said the last part in a bit of a annoyed tone. I smirked and sweetly responded she shouldn’t be doing that without him present. He nodded and I saw him look my body over with interest. I grabbed his hand and told him to come with me, I had something to show him. I lead him into a less crowded part of the mall which had a little photo kiosk in the center. I pressed against him my hand lightly grazing the front of his pants and asked him to join me for a quick photo.

Very Friendly Neighbor- Three

Shaved wet pussyHe pushed himself up and moved my legs off of his shoulders. Slowly he slid his hands up from my ankles to under my ass. He lifted me up gently, my face close to his as he carried me. I kissed him, tasting my pussy juice on his lips. He sat down having me straddle his lap, I only sat hovering over his cock teasing the head in and out of my Shaved wet pussy. He leaned forward and started to suck on my nipples. I couldn’t take it anymore and slid down onto his rock hard cock. He slid his hands under my soft ass and bounced me up and down as fast as he wanted, taking turns between my breast sucking kissing. His cock began to pulse, when I started to cum letting his cock and balls get dripping wet with my cum juice. I fucked him harder and harder until I felt that burst of cum in me I had been craving from the start.

Very Friendly Neighbor- Two

Naughty neighbor phone sexHe grabbed onto my foot and got down on his knees. He rubbed my foot against his cheek before giving it passionate kisses that sent a way of pleasure through my body. He gently sucked and nibble on each little toe his eyes filled with passion looking into mine. My love button began to tingle with excitement. Who ever this new stranger was, has already started to rock my world in the first five minutes. He rest my foot down and removed his shirt, allowing the sun to highlight his fit figure. He grabbed my other little foot and gave it the same attention, I bite my lip trying to maintain my composure. He placed both of my feet on either side of his shoulders and began to kiss up my leg, giving big sloppy wet ones on my inner thigh. He made his way kissing through my bikini a little before moving it to the side with is finger. He used his tongue to part my honey lips and suckle on my clit. I could no longer hold in my pleasure and began to moan, arching my back. I used my feet against his back to push him down deeper. I haven’t felt this kind of passion is such a long time was all I could think about.

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