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Cuckold Phone Sex with the Neighbor

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex lovers call me all the time.  I bet you love a sexy mature babe who laughs at your small dick and has real life cuckolding experience. I have cuckolded two ex husbands and numerous men who needed knocked down a peg. Ego is only sexy if you have the goods to back it up. I find many guys who are overly egotistical have small dicks. No amount of confidence or charm will make up for a small dick. I have a new neighbor across the street. He is divorced. This is his post divorce house. He has been throwing parties about every night. Saturday night, he invited me over for dinner under the guise of apologizing for the loud parties. He is in his 40s. I assumed he must have a big working dick because lots of hot young girls have been coming and going at all hours. When we were making out on his couch and I felt no boner, I assumed it was how he was tucked. I made two wrong assumptions. He had a turtle hiding in a shell. The girls coming and going had to be pros. No way women would fuck him without payment. Fuck, I would not fuck him even if he paid me. I got up the moment the turtle made an appearance. I told him I don’t do small cocks. He apparently realized his dick was small because he said, “come on Farrah, girls find it cute.” I told him baby ducks are cute and that I was not a girl. As a mature woman, I don’t want cute dicks. I want big manly cocks. Small dick humiliation was all he got from me. It is all he will ever get from me. It is all you will ever get from me too if you have a “cute dick.” Big dicks are never cute. Big dicks are sexy as fuck.

Your dick is useless to me

tease and denialTease and denial is all you can expect from me with a dick that small! I mean seriously, do you really think I give a fuck if that tiny little dickie cums or not??? Well just to be clear on the subject, I do not have one tiny little fuck to give if your little peepee gets to cum, I don’t care if you get blue balls, I don’t care if it hurts you… I honestly couldn’t give a shit if that tiny little useless cock fell right off! It’s far too small for me to fuck, honestly the only time I will touch that tiny little appendage of yours is when I put this cock cage on you. You’ll be wearing it from now on… and yes, I will have the only key to it! No more masturbating for you loser!

Sexy hot women in need of a real dick

sexy hot women

Sexy hot women in need of a real dick, That’s exactly what I’m about to post on the forum. It’s true I’m in need of real cock and I’m tired of having such boring sex with my husband. I have been getting fucked so hard lately by all the random men I meet on hook up apps but the more I get real cock the more I crave it.  I am seriously having a huge issue with my cock addiction. It’s all I think of and I am beginning to countdown til my husband leaves to work every single day. It’s becoming a routine. Lately, I have also been seeing the next door neighbor and I actually began feenin for cock while my husband was home. I needed my cock fix immediatley and yes I did do it I snuck my neighbor in and well I fucked him literally just one room away from my husband. I will definitely go into detail soon. I just got a text and I’m thinking it’s time to get rammed once again.

Sissy humiliation, let’s fill my fish bowl

Sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliation … what’s there to say really? It’s rather self-explanatory, but each person has their own idea of what it entails. What does it entail for you? I like to compile a list of things my sissy doesn’t like. I know it’s rather shitty for me to pick up on things in a normal everyday social commentary, but you have to get your info somehow!
What we will do once I am satisfied with the number of things you dislike that I have accumulated. I’m going to have you write each one down on a piece of paper and put it in a fish bowl. Anytime you do something that is out of line I will grab one of the pieces of paper and you will be punished with whatever happens to be written on it. I probably stacked the bowl with ones I like too. If you can think of 10 things you dislike, tell them to me and I can have some fun making sure you feel humiliated and more like a sissy than you did previously.

Fuck my pussy

Fantasy phone sexSunday morning I go to the Laundromat and you call me super fucking horny wanting to have phone sex. I’m doing laundry, I said. I cant at the this moment but as soon I get home I will call you! You telling me you cant wait to see my pussy turned me on so bad, my pussy was dripping wet. I when to the back were no one goes. I got all naked got on top of the washer and pulled out my vibrator from my purse. Yes I carry my vibrator with me at all times. Started video chat with you and started slowly penetrating my tight wet shaved pussy for you. I noticed the guy working was spying on me but I didn’t stop soon I had two huge dicks jacking off to watching me masturbate with this huge dildo going in and out my tight little pussy.

Tiny Package

Small dick humiliationI had a date last night and it was a total waste of time. At the end of the date, I invited him back to my place. He was 6 ft with huge feet, so I assumed that his package would be large, too. But after some heavy making out, we took our clothes off and I couldn’t suppress my laughter. And when I say laughter, I mean rolling on the floor with tears falling down my face laughter. He was so small that I would have had a better time with my index finger. He covered his tiny cock with his hand and turned bright red with shame.
“You poor thing, I bet you’ve never satisfied a woman with that tiny prink”, I told him.
I need a man with a huge dick. I like them long and thick like a Red Bull can. I can’t believe this tiny dick man thought I was going to fuck him. His dick could have passed for a large clit. He should have been wearing panties, not boxers. I told him to let me take a picture of his tiny package because my friends would never believe his size without proof. He told me, “no”, and rushed out of my place faster than a road runner.

Cuckold Phone Sex: Shaming Losers

cuckold phone sexDo you enjoy cuckold phone sex? You must be a loser if you said yes. I love losers. I won’t fuck a loser. I married two losers so no more losers in my life. I mean no more losers in my pussy. I have no problem turning a loser into a cuckold or a clean up bitch. I also have no issues with shaming a loser. This guy I know loves to be publicly shamed for his little dick. He pays me for it too. Poor bastard. I had him over last night for girls’ night. Talk about fun. Me and 10 other hot babe size queens into small dick humiliation. We had him stand in front of us. We spent a good half hour ridiculing his little pinky dick. We wrote Loser and other such things in red lipstick on his body. The fun really happened when we dressed him up like a sissy. We even did his hair and make up. We put her in a sissy maid outfit I have for such occasions and took pictures for public shaming. We made him up load the pictures to his Face Book page so his family and friends could see what a shameful sissy loser he had become with our help. I broke out the bag of tricks so we could all fuck his little boy pussy. He cried and pleaded with us. Even claimed we had gone too far, but I knew he wanted a good ass fucking. All cucks and sissies love their asses played with, don’t they? You know what I am saying is true because if you are still reading this, you are enjoying what I have to say. Your little clitty is throbbing. Put on some panties, get out a toy and let’s have some fun.

Ha Ha What A Small Clit Dick You Have

Small dick humiliation Oh my what a small Small clit dick you have. When Me and My friends saw this picture we laughed our asses off. What Woman would actually get satisfied off of that little clit dick? Your a freak with that itty bitty clit dick. I have seen little ones with bigger dicks then you. Does cum even come out of that clit dick? or do you squirt like a little bitch? I bet your ass feels like a pussy to a real Cock. I bet when you cum you sound like a bitch cumming. You should just cut that little clit dick right off.  You would be better off as a bitch.  Because you are defiantly not a Man.

Your Goddess Clarissa

Sissy Maid Training with Gwen

sissy maid trainingI have so much fun with sissy maid training. I always keep your little cocks in a cock ring because after all once I make the transformation of turning you into little sissy girls you no longer have a cock. You have a pussy instead. Sometimes I like to dress you up in a maids outfit and shove a feather duster up your tight little puckered assholes. I tell you that you had better do a good job dusting and laugh as you are wiggling your ass trying to dust the coffee table. You knocked a lamp off of the end table and that just won’t do. So I have you bend over and place your hands on the coffee table. I have found that my riding crop always helps you to remember to be more careful. After a dozen of well-placed smacks on that ass. I start fucking your ass with the feather duster. You are begging me to release your cock ring and allow you to cum. But I don’t. Instead, I tell you to go do the dishes and leave that feather duster up your ass. Maybe if you do a really good job cleaning I will allow you to come…..only time will tell.

Dr Rebecca wants to help you

In my professional opinion I feel like anyone who is seeing a shrink, should feel comfortable enough to talk about anything with their therapist. I especially encourage my clients to be open and honest with me about all of their feelings both good and bad, I assure them that I am never judging them. I want my clients to feel that they are able to open up to me about their deepest desires, secrets and fears and anything they feel they have to hide.

Phone sex therapy

I am here to help work though and navigate on a deep level of understanding for my clients. I am a firm believer in a hands on method and I always make time to ensure my clients leave my office satisfied and feeling rejuvenated and healed, no matter what I must do to help them get there. I took an oath as a professional to make my clients feel better and that is exactly what I do.

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