Cheating Girlfriend on Vacation

Best Phone Sex

My boyfriend’s hot boss, Randy, decided to treat me to a luxury sex vacation. He’s been checking me out since my boyfriend started working there and pretty soon we were meeting for lunch to fuck! I love the thrill of sneaking behind my man’s back to get railed out by his boss!

At this point we’ve fucked everywhere- my boyfriend’s office, our bed, and even my boyfriend’s precious car. But we wanted more adventure! I told my boyfriend I was going on a girl’s trip, but I’m going to fuck his boss for a week in paradise! His boss even helped me join the mile-high club! I fought the urge to snap a pic of Randy’s cock in my pussy to send to him!

Once we got to our 5-star hotel, we barely left the room. Randy’s cock pounded my ass and pussy the whole week. He fucked my ass on our balcony while a crowd of people gathered on the beach to watch. I love being a dirty, cheating whore!


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  1. Nick

    Sexy Slut

  2. Timothy

    What a sexy whore you are!

  3. Harold

    Love the way your ass jiggles in that gif.

  4. whorelver

    mmmm u a nasty whore

  5. James

    Your ass is as hot as our call!

  6. ryan

    shake those ass cheeks for me babe

  7. gregorio

    hey, baby, wanna cheat with me??

  8. Chris

    Shake that tight bubble ass in my face.

  9. Lindsey

    Jiggle that ass, honey.

  10. chuck

    nice tight ass I love it

  11. Henry

    You are fucking hot baby girl.

  12. Freddie

    What a hot ass.

  13. Harold

    I’d love to see that fucking babe

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