Completely Wasted

best phone sexI dont really remember much of last night except being faced down in a toilet most of the night puking my brains out! Normally I can handle my liquor but something about last night really got me shit faced. I think one of my normal johns spiked my drink because I remember getting my ass hole stretched out with fingers and a tongue around the rim. I also remember kind of having cum drip from my ass hole and a bit of tenderness from the rough handling! I wish I could remember just what happened to me last night or what the hell I did. Where the hell did most of these bruises come from and why do I remember so many different cocks cumming down my throat! Ugh I still feel like shit today but I am still so freaking horny too!


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  1. Vic

    dirty slut

  2. Mike

    We should party sometime.

  3. Dean

    Good little cunt

  4. Grant

    You make me sick and horny at the same time.

  5. John

    Your body is made for abuse. Take it all bitch.

  6. john

    You made me cum so hard!

  7. John

    You are so fucking hott!

  8. mark

    I would drug your ass and take you home baby and fill that pussy up with cum

  9. Chuck

    Wonderfully fucking hot babe!

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