Cop cosplay fantasies

erotic roleplaying

I enjoy a cosplay when I find someone I can do some erotic roleplaying with. Most of you don’t know that Doc Ginger likes to indulge myself in a few women when my hubby is out of town for work. Well, one of my playmates has this fantasy of being arrested then begging the officer to let her out of it with sexual favors. I was so fucking down for this. I know just how desperate girl loves to please the punisher. Well, I was very stern and wasn’t going to take a bribe. That was until she put her mouth right on my juicy cunt. This offender really knew what she was doing. Maybe this one time I might let it slide but she had to make me cum 12 times before I would let her go. Challenge accepted she said and let her fingers and tongue search every inch of cunt.

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