Cum For A Sore Throat

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I woke up this morning with a sore throat. As the day went by it just became worse. All my girlfriends were telling me that I needed to gargle with salt water. But I know that they are wrong. I know what I need to cure my sore throat and that is your warm salty cum. So I went into your office. You were still on am important conference call, but I didn’t care. My sore throat needed some relief. I locked the door behind me. I crawled underneath your desk and unzipped your pants. I grabbed your big thick cock and started sucking on it. I slid my soft lips down the shaft of your hard throbbing cock deepthroating every inch of it in my warm wet mouth. Just the precum from your cock was soothing my throat. The harder I sucked the harder it became for you to concentrate on your phone call. I heard you tell them you would have to call them back. You told me I was an extremely naughty secretary right as you blew your hot creamy jizz all over my throat. I didn’t swallow right away. I wanted to let your warm salty cum sit on my throat and work its magic. A few seconds later I swallowed all that natural medicinal healing cum of yours down and left your office feeling like a million bucks.

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