Double trouble for Big Daddy King

Great blowjobsBig daddy king was out of town on business so I invited Veronica over to my marble mansion to have a little one-on-one housewarming party. She’s been dying to see my brand new palatial palace that my BDK purchased in cash for me, and I was dying to show it off to her. She was taken aback and couldn’t believe her eyes when she arrived, she’s never seen a home more gorgeous than this. As I led her up the breathtaking staircase leading up to my master suite, I turned on instagram live on my phone so that everyone could get a little tour of my massive mansion. It’s so fun to make everyone jealous as fuck of the lifestyle that BDK gifts to me. Veronica and I were on my big comfy custom-sized bed getting kinky as fuck and licking all over one another. Big daddy king got home from his trip early and walked in on us, much to his surprise and pleasure! He brought us back to his secret BDK throne room, something of which I have yet to see inside of. He said he was saving it for a special moment and that this was it. I unzipped his pants and Veronica helped to take off his diamond covered man-sleeve as we slipped him into his silky royalty robe. Our living legend looked so dapper as he took a seat on his well-earned throne. He deserves only the best and knows that our mouths are there to give him every ounce of sexual pleasure he craves! We give great blowjobs and he can’t get enough! It was so hott to watch Big Daddy anaconda cock anal fuck Veronica’s tight asshole as I sucked on her clit and penetrated her slit with my tongue. That big black monster dick was stretching her out so good, only the most Godly cock for the two most perfect sugar babies! We both got on to our knees and in tandem begged for our millionaire cum to splatter all over our pretty faces. His liquid gold tastes yummy as hell. BDK asked Veronica if she wanted to move into the palace with me, he thinks that she would be a great naughty addition and I couldn’t agree more! We will get to play while Big Daddy is away and when he comes home he’ll have his double trouble vixens waiting for him!

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