Erotic roleplaying with Becca the Babe

I am having a dinner party tonight and the theme is erotic role playing. I have arranged for all of my guests to dress in lingerie and erotic pajama style themed attire. I have been planing this event for months and I know a lot of my friends are looking forward to it. Last year when I did this I had a different theme but it still turned out to be an amazing event I will never forget. It turned into a mass orgy with loots of fucking, moaning and grunting all night long.

Erotic roleplaying

It was like a real life version of the movie “Eyes wide shut” party. That is what I am hoping for this evening. I have made food that is aphrodisiac  enhancing, all the decor screams erotic at you and the attire says fuck me now, I am yours. Every cock and cunt who is attending this event has a  been made aware to expect a sexual experience they will never forget. This party will be an orgasmic explosion, just wait.

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