Feeling Hungry on National Salami Day

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It’s National Salami Day and even a nice girl like me appreciates a large stick of sausage.  Being a phone sex therapist, I feel that I have a healthy sex drive. Sometimes a girl just needs to be stretched beyond full.  This is that holiday where it is perfectly ok to indulge that desire for extra pepperoni on that pizza.

Last year I went out and found me some spicy Italian sausage. He had those sexy dark eyes and black hair. My pussy was humming just looking at him. We were making out when he put my hand on his bulge. It felt like a beast was alive in his pants. I could literally feel him throbbing as he whispered dirty words in Italian. My panties came off quick for that big beef stick. We fell to the bed in a groping heap, his fingers pushing into my wet gash, stretching me for the main course. I begged him to fuck me and he did, slowly at first and then more forcefully, his big bologna hitting my inner depths. He left me with my desire for salami fully quenched and my pussy filled with cum.

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