foot fetishes I need a boy toy to worship my feet more than my pussy. I want you to make sweet sweet love to my feet. Right when you get off from work I want you to get home and start massaging my cute sexy feet with your hands. I love how you take my feet close to your nose and smell them. I love that big smile you give me. Then you start licking in between my toes. Oh my Honey I love when you start french kissing my toes. Babe you should lay on the bed while I give you the best foot job in your life baby. I put those special oils you like on your dick and i slowly start rubbing your dick with my feet up and down while you watch me stroke your cock with my feet. All that precum all over my feet makes my pussy dripping wet. Don’t you love the feeling of my feet full of cum wrapped around your big fat cock. After your done fucking my feet I want you to start licking this pussy baby. Start fingering my pussy so slow while you lick me, then slowly come up and put your dick in me and fuck me so slow. Come on I want your cum all over my feet and in my pussy.

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