From Not to Hot, my Sissy project…

I have this awesome little sissy la la that I took on as a charity case. I cannot belive how far my fruity little tooty has come in the short amount of time that I have been sponsoring this little fairy queen for. I suppose that I could explain how sad and pathetic Sissy was when I found her. She was so sloppy looking. She didn’t know how to put her make up on and she was dressed like a bad character from a Disney movie. When I found her Sissy was sitting in a jail cell drunk off her ass and had been taken advantage of by all of the other inmates. Sissy was crying like a little faggy cry baby.

Sissy humiliation Sissy


I took Sissy into my home and showed her how merciful a goddess like me could be. I made Sissy clean up and take care of those assets, even that little fairy tiny tinker.  I gave Sissy some food made him sober up and I even helped Sissy get off a couple times. I put Sissy through a few tests before I really invested too much into her. I gave Sissy for explicit instructions on how to lick my pussy, jack off with my favorite butt plugs in her asshole. I showed Sissy how  Il like her to bend over when she is wearing the outfits I have picked out for her for our play dates. So far Sissy has done really good and I am very pleased with the outcome. Here is a before and after picture of Sissy. The little fairy fag I met at the jail compared to my Princess poopy pants.

Sissy humiliation Sissy

It is amazing. I can not wait to teach Sissy more and turn her into my favorite fairy faggy princess, I will ensure Sissy stays prissy and does not go back to her old ways.

Sissy maid training Clarissa


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  1. Dan

    Good job.

  2. Kenneth

    I wanna suck on that sissy cock!

  3. todd

    i would like to be yours to use

  4. Kyle

    I need a sissy trainer

  5. Neil

    Mistress Clarissa please take me under your wing.

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