Happy Sugarversary Big Daddy King

Fantasy phone sexHappy Sugarversary Big Daddy! It’s been one whole year since my sexy Living Legend himself Big Daddy King let me be his sugar baby princess and we could not be more happy with how our days have unfolded! Let me tell you, it’s been the absolute most incredible & transformative past year and I am looking forward to a lifetime ahead full of lavish fun and sexual adventures with my rich Black King. When I say rich I mean white-man rich, super fucking wealthy! Big Daddy wipes the sperm off his massive anaconda shaft with hundred dollar bills like it’s nothing! Of course a Living Legend like BDK needs a sugar princess on his arm that is of equal caliber and that is why this pussy of mine is right there on that pedestal alongside the Super Bowl Champion himself! My life has completely changed for the better. My finances are all taken care of and I have more cash on hand now than I even know what to do with! BDK has gifted me with all the wealth and riches that I could ever dream of! I could not be more grateful! We own real estate all over the world, go on lavish shopping sprees, eat at five star Michelin restaurants and have fresh flowers delivered every week… this spoiled life is only something that these other peasant bitches and broke loser could only pray for! I’m a boss ass bitch all thanks to my Big Daddy King! Everyone else is inferior to us and this beautiful life of luxury that we live together! BDK spares no expense for me, his favorite sugar princess of all time! #BDKforLife #Sugarversary #BigDaddyKing #MillionDollarPussy #NoBrokeLosers

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