I need More!

Sexy Ass PicI’m just so fucking horny, totally insatiable recently, searching so frantically for a stiff cock to fill this hole. I can’t even stand it. Since I got this vibrator installed into my office desk chair things have been a little easier to manage but sometimes I think it just makes me want more. Nothing can seem to replace the feeling of a pulsing cock in my pussy. Sometimes I even put the receiver in my snatch and hope the vibrations over the phone can make me quiver and cum. Phone handles have a nice shape to rub the clit and pussy at the same time, like they were made for using to get off on the job, but the mens’ voices get me off so easily that it’s hard to decide if I want to phone to my ear or down my panties, so my newly designed chair has solved some of my work related issues in the office. I can’t wait to see what the next call has in store for me.

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