Jump Parole Jump my Bones

Fantasy phone sexOne of my parolees skipped town and I tracked him down to this tiny beach town south of here. I was pissed but a little happy that my job was going to lead me to the beach, but hey business first right? I found the jumper at a nudist beach; I thought how perfect I can gain his trust that I’m not going to arrest him. I’ll be naked and nowhere to put the cuffs.
I walk up naked as naked can be, I purposely stand in his sunlight. He doesn’t look up right away just says “Hey get out of my sun.” “Just your sun, huh?” Parolee sits up startled, a few oh shits and oh fuck I’m goin to jail come out of his mouth and I just smile until he gains composure. He settles down and then finally notices that I am standing in front of him totally naked. His mouth drops open and I say “Since your mouth is open, why don’t you stick that tongue out and put it to good use.” Still, a little shell shocked he grabs me and pulls me down on top of him and slams his cock right into me. My pussy swallows his cock, and to be honest I was a little wet from being nude and showing my body to everyone, ok more than a little wet. We fucked and fucked, even had some people watch and enjoy but we just kept going. He fucked my pussy into forgiveness for him skipping out on his parole obligations to me. Pretty damn good fuck, I don’t usually dole out forgiveness for that.

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