Lick my Heels

Foot fetishes

I love making a man submit me to me and worship my feet. I made my husband lick my heels and kiss the smooth leather of my shoes, before sliding them off and worshipping my feet. His cock was bulging so hard in his pants as he took my big toe into his mouth and began to suck it. He ran his tongue along the sole of my foot. It tickled and felt so good, I could feel my pussy dampening at the touch of his tongue. He’s gotten very good at massaging feet during these little foot worshipping sessions. It feels so good, I like to lay back and rub my clit or stick a vibrator on my pussy while he sucks and licks me from my heel to my toes. When I’ve finally made myself cum, I like to give him a little treat. I place each foot on the side of his hard cock and slide them up and down the shaft and jerk him off with my feet. He loves the feeling of a footjob more than anything, and soon he’ll be blowing his load all over my perfectly manicured toes.

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