Like a good neighbor…..

Naughty neighbor phone sexThere’s always that Naughty neighbor phone sex freak. No matter where you move, just ask around and you will find her. That innocent looking soccer mom, that kindly grandma, the lady goes to church every Sunday wearing funny hats. And me, the one who married an old fart for his money but has to deal with his shriveled old cock. We all have pussies and if you just picked up on the clues, you could have any of us.

I’ve been thinking about inviting these deprived ladies over for a drink some night. But I want a special treat for them. Some hard young cock to blow the cobwebs out of their pussies. I get turned on at the thought of you making them suck cock. Will they be ashamed or will they gobble it like they are starving.

Don’t worry. I’ll help you. I’m such a voyeur and I love watching other people fuck. Let’s show them the ropes, boys. I’ll spread my legs wide open and be your girlfriend. Once they see that meatstick going in and out of my shaved box, they will be jumping on for a ride too. I’ll even lick them clean when you are done with them. This aint no Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. 

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