Mr. and Mrs. Townsend

Domination porn Envy

I love my profession. I’m a dominatrix, I control and hurt for mutual pleasure. I like my men on their hands and knees. I need you to obey me, or be punished. This week I had my first couple, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, but I called them Pet 1 and Pet 2. I made them get naked and put leashes around their necks. I walked them around my home on their hands and knees. I held a black leather belt in my right hand ready to unleash pain. Mrs. Townsend(Pet 2) would deliberately disobey my commands. She wanted to feel the sting of leather against her pale white skin. I beat her ass, her screams sent a current of pleasure all through my body. Mr. Townsend(Pet 1) wasn’t happy if he wasn’t in a dress and make up. I had a French maid costume that fit him perfectly. I unleashed him and made him clean my home from top to bottom. Pet 2 would put things out of place, she was a real pain freak. I beat her until my arm got tired. Pet 1 was my good boy, I rewarded him by putting his face between my thighs. I made Pet 2 stand in a corner, and made her watch Pet 1 eat my pussy. I love causing pain, and I love my job.

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