My best friends husband has lost his Mind 

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Karla my best girlfriend has a really plush life I mean her husband is so fucking rich, he buys her anything that her spoiled ass wants. Last month he took her on a two-week special vacation and he even invited me and we had a ball to remember. We came back and he treated us to a lavish shopping spree and spa day, it was absolutely amazing. He was acting sort of weird but Karla never pays much attention to him when shopping time happens and I don’t blame her, we shop big and bigger than most. Anyway, her husband had a big meeting with a few hundred shareholders about some kind of multi-billion-dollar deal. He was really acting strange too I tried to bring it to her attention but she was preoccupied so I called him into his private office and told him I was noticing that he was a ball of nerves and I felt that I had to help him or he would fuck up his major money deal. He spilled out to me while I started to unzip his pants and take his throbbing dick out oozing pre-cum, that she hadn’t fucked him the whole vacation. I swallowed his cock to the balls and let him fuck my moist mouth until he filled me with cum. I know the importance of him being on top of his game so I swallowed every drop of his hot salty sweet cum and cleaned everything round with my tongue so he could go get that deal done. My best friend’s husband lost well, almost lost his mind until I saved the day I know I’m the best girlfriend a rich spoiled girl could have because I will make she keeps shopping big.

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