My Neighbor Has an Ass Fetish

ass fetishMy neighbor has an ass fetish. We flirt from across the street. I have a big cock fetish, so he shows me his cock when I show him my ass. That is what is called a win win situation.  It was sunny yesterday morning, but cold. When I went to get my paper, my neighbor was doing the same thing. You guessed it. I flashed him my ample ass. I even twerked it. I almost caused an accident when a car drove down the street. I heard the screeching of the tires. I went back inside because it was too cold. He flashed me his morning wood, but he wasn’t fully erect. It was too cold for a full hard on. He is married, so we have not made a naughty neighbor porn together yet. That all changed yesterday. He came over to tell me he is done with his cock teasing neighbor. It was time to bury his cock in my ass and pussy instead of just jacking off to the thought. I would have fucked him the moment I knew he was hung like a horse if it wasn’t for his dedication to his wife. They fuck. She is not a shrew like my next door neighbor’s wife. The problem is she complains that he is too big for her ass. He loves anal fucking. He is not too big for my ass, however. I bent over the couch, spread my ass cheeks and begged him to fuck my ass. He wasted no time sliding his thick shaft up my willing ass. No such thing as too big for me. As I grunted like a wild animal, we fucked in my living room while his wife was paying bills across the street. She thought he was over to help me build a shelf. Sweet, but dumb. Any man in my house is there to fuck. I can’t be trusted with hung men. My ass is still hurting today, but in a hurts so good way.

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