My Orgasm Before Yours

Princess Phone SexI love getting dressed up in my best lingerie and teasing my favorite sugar daddy. I don’t usually allow him to have an orgasm. My pleasure because I am a princess comes before his or any other man. He compensates financially very well, I love lying back and letting him rub on my bald tight pussy over my panties while he kisses up and down my thighs and comes back to my pussy blowing on it. I can feel it get very tingly and I want his hot tongue on it so bad, I grab the back of his head but he pulls away and goes up to my nipples and teases them a bit. I have to take my panties down they are getting so soaked. He finally goes down to my pussy and kisses it and opens it up with a finger and tongue. He rolls my clit in between his teeth and tongue sucking it hard. I moan really loud and then he turns me over on my knees and starts fucking my hole with his tongue and he strokes his dick and keeps it really hard. I ride back on that stiff tongue and clench it with my cunt and come.

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