My Sexercise Partner

Ebony phone sex

I’m Divina, a beautiful ebony princess. I love my sexy curves. My fat ass and big titties make men lose their minds. And I love to fuck. I don’t discriminate I love all races of men. White or black, I’ll rock your world. But I must admit I have a wet spot for white guys. I love being the first black girl a white man has ever fucked. I love seeing a big white cock slipping in and out of my chocolate pussy.

Last week, I couldn’t sleep and I decided to go to a 24-hour gym. I thought having a serious workout would help me catch some zzz’s. It was after 12am and the gym was mostly deserted. I put my ear buds in my ear, blasted some hip-hop and started my workout. I was pushing myself on the treadmill when a cute white guy got on the treadmill next to me. I was moving at a pretty good speed when I felt his eyes on me. I’m use to men staring so I just kept running. I ran for another 20 min. then I started my cool down. That’s when he tapped my shoulder to get my attention. “Hi, I’m Terry and you’re fuckin hot!”, he exclaimed. I giggled and thanked him for the compliment. I took a good look at Terry. He was just my type tall and muscular. All of a sudden I wanted his dick in my throat. I’ve never been shy about asking for what I wanted, and I boldly asked if he wanted a blow job. “Hell yeah”, he said as he grabbed me by the hand and rushed me towards an empty room. Once inside he pushed me to my knees, I grabbed his huge cock out of his gym shorts. It was so big I had to grab it in both hands. I wrapped my big lips around the tip, and pressed the tip of my tongue on the hole of his dick. It was time to stop teasing him so I started sucking and licking. I looked up and could tell he was in heaven. His eyes were rolling back and he was moaning loudly. Next thing I knew he picked me up and but his dick inside my wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held me up in his strong arms bouncing me up and down his cock. I was so wet my pussy was making a clapping sound. This man had good dick and he really knew how to use it. He kept bouncing me and I could feel my orgasm building, I held my arms around his neck and started slamming my pussy onto his cock. When I came, he came too. We feel into a heap on a mat on the floor. Damn, I love white dick!

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