My Special Teddy

erotic roleplaying

I’m all snuggled up With my teddy bear that my favorite boyfriend just got me as a surprise. It’s early morning and I still can’t get out of bed. My pussy is throbbing with pleasure from the night before and it’s left me with a hunger for me. I push down my silky little panties and begin rubbing the teddy bears nose against my moist little clit, moaning ever so softly as the sudden surge of pleasure curling in my pussy. I hear my door creak open slightly and smile as I look over and see him coming into my room, his eyes already creeping down my lithe body towards my bald, wet pussy. Gleaming with my sweet juices already. He licks his lips and walks in to lower himself towards my hips and meet my pussy with his opened mouth and eager tongue. My hands reach down and find a fistful of his hair as I roll my hips up against his suckling tongue, already lapping up my juices. My moans only drive him to go faster, his groans echoing through my pink room as my bed squeaks under our weight. He finishes me off as I whine and beg for more. My pussy aching with a fresh release. He smiles and places my teddy bear against my side, leaving me panting  and drained as he licks his lips once again and walks out the door.

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