Naughty Teacher Appreciation

naughty teacher This naughty teacher was dreading going back to school. I love staying up late, sleeping in and hanging by the pool. But each school year brings new students. This school year has brought a bunch of studs too, so I have not really minded the end of summer as much as I have in the past. This week is teacher appreciation week. I always found it odd that it was so early in the school year. The students don’t really appreciate me yet. Wrong. A bunch of young men appreciate me a ton. Well, at least they appreciate my hot body. I had 5 new boys show up after school for my office hours. I was told they had a present for me. I sat at my desk with my eyes closed awaiting this present eagerly. Before I could open my eyes, I felt their appreciation hitting me in the face. Creamy, hot, appreciation covered my face. I opened my eyes to see the most amazing cocks for boys more than half my age. The rumors about me most have gotten around to the incoming class, because these boys knew I was a size queen. Five strapping lads just jizzed on the teacher’s face without any warning. They had to be sure I would not peruse disciplinary action to be so bold. I showed my new students MY appreciation with some great blowjobs. I suck cock better than Hoover. I sat on the edge of my desk chugging back the biggest cocks in school. Their strong hands appreciated my tits and my pussy. I was creaming all over my papers I had to grade. I guess everyone was getting A’s on their first paper’s because I got trained on my desk. Those papers could not be returned for obvious reasons. Those boys left my office hours drained of all their cum. I went home with a better appreciation for the end of summer.

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