Naughty Teacher Farah Loves School Season

naughty teacher Naughty teacher Farah is so glad school is back in session. Younger guys are always happy to discover that I am their teacher for a semester too. Although it is frowned upon by the folks who write my paycheck, I still fuck my students. I am in my sexual prime. Every semester these young hunks are in my class looking fine. I know they have the stamina to take me on. I also know their cocks are big, thick and always working. My teacher’s pet this semester is Damien. A rather unfortunate name if you ask me, but there is no 666 tattooed on his body. Trust me, I have combed every inch of his buff body. I would know. On our first encounter, we explored each other’s bodies with a hot tongue bath. My pussy was creaming by the time he fucked me. I gave him head like I was the pupil and being graded. We broke my desk in for the semester. My office hours are by appointment only because I have so many students who are eager to spend some alone time with the teacher. Damien is my Pet for the semester which just means he gets to fuck me whenever he wants. Other students get fucked by appointment and approval. I am a size queen even with the young studs. Are you hot for teacher? Some erotic roleplaying can help make your fantasy a reality.

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