Off to the Bahamas with my Big Daddy King

GFE phone sexMy Big Daddy King just got back from a month long business trip in Japan, closing multi-million dollar deals and raising his net worth even more! No one can stack their money and make their bank account explode like my living legend does! As a welcome home gift during GFE phone sex, he told me to look out of my bedroom window and just as I did, a gorgeous and brand new murdered out Porsche pulled up into my driveway! It was all wrapped up in a pretty bow and it was all mine! BDK always gifts me with top of the line expensive things… and best believe it was all decked out in the most high-end detail! He calls me his Porsche Princess, rightfully so! My living legend King had me drive over to the airport in my sexy new whip, I looked so fucking hott in it. He has the most exotic taste when it comes to cars! Big Daddy said he had a surprise for me when I arrived onto his gold encrusted private jet.. all he had told me prior was to pack bikinis, heels and diamonds… I knew I was in for some fun! There’s a photographer in the Bahamas that is dying to do a photo shoot with me and my sexy Sugar Daddy King and we were about to fly out there to have some erotic one-on-one time with one another and enjoy a tropical vacation, just like how we deserve! I was so fucking excited, I kissed all over my my King’s monster anaconda cock through his jeans with my dick sucking lips. His dry cleaner alwaysssss wonders why he has a rainbow of lipstick prints all over his expensive designer pants lol. We turned on instagram live and hastagged our entire way to the Bahamas.. we love making everyone jealous as fuck of us! I sucked that perfectly huge cock while staring up into his eyes, he loves looking into my soul while I deepthroat his millionaire anaconda. Big Daddy King said he had one more surprise for me that was extra special and only I deserved something of such a high honor. I opened up the gift bag and wrapped all nicely inside was his NFL jersey, the same one he wore when he won the Super Bowl! He said it was all mine and had me put it on right then and there, tying it up underneath my big boobs, it looked perfect! My sexy stomach was showing and my long dark hair was draped over the fabric, he couldn’t wait to fuck my perfect pussy any longer! BDK bent me over and gave my big booty the spankings that I deserved while he plunged his big black cock deep inside of my wet, tight little slit. I screamed out to ‘Cum inside of your naughty sugar baby pussy that’s all property of BDK, baby!’ and be exploded his golden cum all up into my hott body. I love being his nasty cock-worshiping goddess, I am the luckiest girl in the whole entire world!

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