Office Fantasy

Mature phone sex

My ex-husband is in a very important position in the financial world.  There were times where I would go to his office and it was amazing to see all the suck ups there were, simply because I was his wife.  It almost made me laugh.  There was one young man in particular who I could just tell was a very submissive male.  He was too willing to please any of the females in the office.  It was pathetic to watch.  I was able to observe him quite a bit due to my ex-husband being delayed in meetings at times.

I started to fantasize about him.  Not him fucking me, oh no, he wasn’t my type at all.  However, I would see me as his boss.  Then the day would roll around that he would either really mess something up, or it would be between him and another for a promotion  I would call him into my office where he would make every single excuse as to why he made mistakes, or tell me why he should have the promotion.

I would listen, but he would have to pay for his mistake, or go further to assure his promotion.  What does that involve? A very large strap-on, Ass Worship, Shoe Worship, and anything else I wanted to toss in for good measure.  I would have him completely at my disposal at any time, any where, and in any way I wanted.  It would never stop, he would have to remain under my complete control so much that it starts to invade his home life. 

I think about this fantasy from time to time simply because I think it is pretty hot, and because I have never lived this fantasy.  I hope to one day, and you can rest assured that I will tell you every juicy detail. 

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