Overcompensating For Sure

Phone Humiliation

Let me tell you about the most wonderful date with the most embarrassing ending! So this rich old guy I want to say 60’s, I don’t know nor care. He had the dough so I was ready to go. He’s been showering me with gifts and even offering to help my expenses just to go out with him. So I thought why not, I got to give him a little something before he leaves and takes his wallet with him.  So I get picked up by his driver, I get flowers he tells me how pretty I am. Like, duh? Go to a fantastic steakhouse, I tease him a bit with my feet running up and down his leg. I convince him to go back to his house. So I can take care of him, and for him to write me a little allowance check of course. We get there, I’m excited and he seems quite overjoyed. We get inside and he sits down and pulls out his checkbook. I try to be cute and start to unzip his pants. Figured he could watch my head bobbing while he writes the check. His cock is very small, I assume maybe he’s a grower. I start to lick and suck with all my normal tricks it gets hard but no bigger. Which is whatever he’s rich, I’ll deal with the small gerkin. Then he says “That’s right baby, choke on it”. Well I certainly choked alright, but from laughing to hard

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