Public Masturbation

You get what you pay for, sweetheart, and with your generous wallet, you get anything you want. You wanted me to dress in my sexiest and sluttiest outfit and go to the most public place I could find and masturbate while moaning your name. My main goal was to please you without going to jail, haha. I had to give you what you wanted though. I woke up and decided to go all out. I dressed in black, and took my leather whip and black dildo.

I chose the park down the street and tried to go early enough where there was enough light but not so many people that anyone would call the cops. I sprawled out on the bench and began stroking my tight pink pussy. I saw people watching, most of them looking away as their jaws dropped. A couple guys did stop to watch of course, but they heard me moaning your name, so they didn’t try to interfere.

I began whipping my pussy and saying your name louder and louder. I had my cell phone video camera running the whole time, so that I can show you tonight, and I know you will be very happy. I know you will give me your credit card tomorrow and I can spend the day shopping. You are so good to me, and spending a day on a park bench masturbating to your name is a wonderful price to pay to get everything I need and want. You’re the best sugar daddy ever, and your wish is my command.

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