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I as horny right now. I walk Into my sugar daddy’s room. He is reading by the fireplace. I sit down in front of him. I rub his cock. He tries to ignore me. Lol. I unbutton his pants and slip them down to his ankles. I take his chubby dick into my hand. I start licking the sides of it. Twirling my tongue on his big mushroom head. His massive prick throbs underneath my tongue. He puts his book down. He stands up and shoves his cock deep into the back of my throat. I moan around that huge throbbing shaft. He stands me up and bends my naked body over the chair. He rams that massive veiny prick into my tight begging fuck hole. I moan loudly. He thrusts in and out of Me. Pounding my soaking pussy hard, he reaches around and starts to rub my hard nub. My cunt juices drip down my legs as he continues thrusting inside of me. I feel his cock pulsate as he bursts inside of me. Filling me full of his thick white cream. He turns me around and shoves his throbbing cock back into my wet mouth. I suck both our juices off of his massive prick as my soaking cunt hole drips with our juices.

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