Roses from Duncan


Last week I moved into my new apartment finally. I was amazed at this great deal that I got for such a beautiful place. Anyway a few days ago while I was unpacking some of my boxes, I had a ring at the door which was peculiar because not very many people that I knew, knew where I lived. Only a few friends and I know that I moved out of state so big surprise. I walk to the door and ask who was knocking before opening it, a male voice set delivery, so I open the door, standing before me was a cute little delivery guy with a bouquet of roses and a notepad for me to sign. I asked him who is this from what is it I’m not expecting that the little guy responded to me by saying, lady, I’m just doing my job I do deliveries could you sign here. I didn’t put up a fight I signed, and I took the roses and closed my door. I wondered where could these roses have come from nobody knows that I live here and I haven’t been in more than a casual relationship in a while. I thought to myself this could be a mistake, so I looked for a card to see I looked inside of the bouquet and there was a card that said, “you are going to love the surprise that I have for you I’ll see you later.” The card didn’t have a signature no name, so I resolved that this was a mistake. Anyway, what can I do but enjoy the roses I sniffed the sweet smell and put them in a vase and went back to unpacking. Several hours later there was a knock at my door I thought to myself this is the delivery guy coming back to pick up the roses that he accidentally delivered to me, so I open the door without even thinking or looking in my peephole. As soon as I open the door, a big strong guy hugged me he grabbed me and held me close and said I’m so glad to see you I pushed him away and I said who are you and he said you’re not my sister, I responded I sure am not. He apologized profusely and told me that his sister lived here before me. I told him so you must be the guy who sent the Roses he said yes you got those they were from my sister. I invited him in and said to him that I would look at the realtor’s card to give him the information and hopefully the realtor could lead him to the current address of his sister. He sat down on my couch well I walked over to the counter and copied the information for him. I could not help but notice that he was tall dark and so very handsome and while my face was buried in his chest from the hug that he gave me, I saw his body was super lovely. I offered him a glass of wine and sat on the couch with him laughing about how he had made the mistake of hugging me. He told me he hadn’t seen his sister in such a long time that’s why he was so excited and just grabbed me without looking. I looked at him with a koi look and said I didn’t mind at all you’re very strong, in fact, I kind of liked it. I asked him what was his name after introducing myself and he said Duncan I responded well it’s very nice to meet you, Duncan. Without hesitation Dunkin let me know that it was very nice to meet me to he admitted that I felt very nice in his arms I smiled and noticed that my nipples were getting so hard. I asked him if he was hungry and if he’d like to share some pizza with me that I ordered earlier, he said yes as I stood up my robe opened a little. As I didn’t expect any company I wasn’t wearing any clothes under my robe, so I apologized, he told me don’t be sorry I’m the one that should be sorry because I’ve kept you up late. I let him know that I didn’t mind at all I went in the kitchen to get the pizza, and we ate and drank more wine I told him I enjoyed his company that if he didn’t have a place to stay for the night he could stay at my house. Duncan said that he would go and get a hotel room because he didn’t want to impose I insisted that he stayed the night. He stood up, and I stood up at the same time bumping into his strong solid chest, and his strong arms I told him clumsy me he laughed and asked me was he honestly not going to be imposing by staying the night. I whispered softly, I want you to fuck me with your cum-filled cock, he responded you’ve got me any way you wish to have me. Duncan picked me up took to my bedroom and threw me down on the bed. We made mad passionate crazy love in fact we had a night to remember. I would love to tell you all about it but only if you really want to know.

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