Sexy Babe and Her Boyfriend’s Car

Sexy babeI went out and washed his car for him today. He’s been working really hard, and I know how much he loves his car, so I put on my bikini and started washing it. I got it all wet and lathered up my sponge. I started rubbing suds all over the car from back to front. It was as I was getting to the front end that he walked out, stretching, asking why I hadn’t woken him like I normally do. I turned around covered in suds where I had been rubbing to reach the center of the car, and his cock was instantly hard. He walked right over to me and put me up on the hood of his car. His hands undid my bikini and tossed it aside before covering my tits. My legs wrapped around him, my pussy already dripping wet, hungry for his cock. He pulled his dick out and slid it between my legs, pushing the bikini bottoms aside, and slide smoothly inside of me. I lifted my legs, letting him push in as deeply as he could get. We rocked that poor car for a good bit before we finally came together. He helped me finish washing the car, but damn me, we had the best time doing it!

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