Sexy babe Rebecca and her candy fetish

Have I ever mentioned what a sweet tooth I have. I love going to the candy store and getting all of my favorite candies. I love chocolate and fudge, but my ultimate favorite candy in the world are Twizzlers. I love the licorice and how fun it is. I like the red and black ones. I will usually bye a whole bunch when I go there. I tend to binge a bit when it comes to licorice. There is another reason I love it so much.

Sexy babe

Its bendy and twisty and you can play with it, it has so many purposes. I sometimes will freeze a couple of them and then use it to play with my pussy. The candy gets cold and I rub it up against my clit. The coldness of it gets me wet and my nipples get hard. As I play with it and massage my cunt with it, it gets room temperature as it gets more pliable. I can get off and then I get a treat afterwards.

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