Sissy maid training Rob

Sissy maid trainingI think I might have a new sissy go play with. Her birth name is Rob but I’m thinking of a new and more appropriate name. She is an eager, sweet, sissy with a baby face and a head of beautiful light red hair. I have already bought her a sexy maid uniform and a slutty hoe dress to wear when going out. Like right now, she’s face-timing me as she sits in a park. Dressed like a good slut and sucking this stranger’s cock for “tribute” and confirmation to what a good sissy slut she is. The stranger had his fingers in her hair using her throat like it’s a flesh light. My sissies eyes watering and making her mascara run as she gags around this strangers cock. It’s so much fun, she is almost like a puppy. So eager to please even while being abused.  I can’t wait to see just how far I can push her and how much money I can make by making her my whore.

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