Small dick humiliation!

small dick humiliation

I was at the beach when these young guys asked me if I would like to appear on there magazine. I was kind of amsused with the idea of being in a magazine where my

photo would be seen by many all over the world. I agreed and they told me the place and the time where i needed to be . I showed up at this parking garage that over looked a beach where the men had me take some very scandalis photos.I say this because I was almost completly nude the majority of the time. I felt like a tease each

time a photo was taken of me on the car or in the car a laying beside he car just because I felt like the camera wanted to see my pussy or my nice tits but instead it kept the camera man and the audience wanting to see more. Once the photo shoot was done I was given some money and a thanks for agreeing to do the magazine shoot. The

photograpther asked me if he could take some more pictures of me some time, and me feeling like a super model agreed and we met the next day at his place. I showed up in a really nice black dress that made my curves look amazing, awaiting to see what would turn out of this photo shoot. I first started this pose with my ass sticking

out then the photographer asked me too pull up my skirt telling me to show off my nice ass. I blushed since I couldnt believe that I was actually modeling. I was then asked to show some cleveage so i pulled my dress down making my breasts look huge. I guess the photographer didnt like the way I had my boobs out so he went and fixed

my bra making my tits pop out more. I got kind of turned on so I pulled my breasts out and asked him to photograph them, he then took a picture and told me to spread my legs so he could see my nice pussy. I spread my legs open so he could see my nice bald pretty pussy. I got on my knees and begged him to let me suck his cock, so he

pulled it out and I stared at probably the smallest cock I had ever seen so I grabbed my index finger and my thumb and rubbed him off telling him that it was so cute and once it grows up to at least nine inches then he can fuck my pussy and I left. That is one picture in my mind I hope I never have to see again.

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