Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation? Is that something you deserve? Most guys realize they have an insufficient package. Some men, however, live in the land of denial. They don’t think size matters. They think a woman will be taken by their wit, good looks or money and that it just won’t matter that they have a pin dick. Other guys are just assholes. Completely in denial, thinking their dick is God’s gift to women.  If you are one of those guys, I will put you in your place quickly. I have no time for ego. I have no time for hubris. I certainly have no time for small cocks. I am a hot sexy woman. I can be selective. I have a drawer full of dildos and vibrators. Hell, I can hook up with a woman for a little mutual pussy licking if horny. I would rather eat pussy than suck a small dick. I would rather masturbate than fuck a small dick. Sadly, there are a lot of men with small dicks who think they have what I want. Unless you have a 7 inch cock or bigger, you don’t have what I want. Some women may not be size queens like me, but that’s their own stupidity.  I won’t settle, ever. Been there, done that. I don’t care if you call me with a small dick, ore I meet you in person and you have a small dick. You get denied either way. My velvet pussy is reserved for big dicks only. If you call me with a little dick be prepared for humiliation. The only thing my mouth will do for you is spew tiny dick humiliation. The only thing my pussy will do for you is deny you access. The only thing my hands will do for you is point at your tiny wiener and cover my mouth as I laugh. You can call me with a small cock, but you will not get to phone fuck me. Ever. Period.

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