Small dick humiliation is what you deserve!

small dick humiliationThat dick is truly the most pathetic little wannabe clit I have ever seen in my life! What is it like maybe two inches long??? And that’s when it’s hard too, I bet that little bitty thing practically disappears inside you when it’s soft! You can’t tell me that women don’t laugh at you when they see it, there is no fucking way! I know I laughed at it, there you were acting like you were gonna rock my world but all you did was make me laugh! There is nothing at all about you that would get my pussy wet, it’s dry as hell looking at a dick like that! You could never get me off, I need a real man for that and trust me bitch, you will never be a real man!


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  1. Chris

    Oh, I am a real man and I want to shove my 10inch cock in your pussy!

  2. Jordan

    You have the most perfect pussy babe!

  3. Alex

    I loved our foot fetishes call

  4. hank

    i wish i was big enough to please u

  5. Dean

    Look at that pussy

  6. Ted

    Oh baby, my dick is more than that tight snatch can handle and I’m more than happy to pound you hard

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