Small dick humiliation story of my husbands life

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation is what you deserve if you can’t please me. I love to make fun of my husband I let everyone I fuck know that they need to step up their game if they are fucking me. I am sex craved and hungry for real cock. I have no time to waste. I just want to get off and get back home to pretend with my pathetic husband. Why do I put up with such an idiot? Simple he gets me all the materialistic things I need. Except for being pounded hard. I crave real men with real hard cocks. I cheat none stop and have no shame in my game. I was with my neighbor again this weekend. My poor husband had no idea I was sneaking out every night to be screwed by our well-hung neighbor. He has no idea I am hooked on huge dongs. My neighbor even made me squirt. I have never had that experience before so you can say I am a bit hooked on that good dick. 

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