So glad Sunday is Over!

sexy babes divinaI had my ways but the most fun was when the sun set on Sunday and I could finally hang loose after he went back to work. He would lecture about my outfit that revealed my tits but all I wanted was for the guy to take me in the bathroom and fuck the shit out of these tits! I would disappear in the bathroom and have the guy follow me for a complete milk down! It was one of those things that was hot and described my actions as being sinful! OK sure I was fucking in church! Who gave a rat’s ass I was sure the minister would lick his lips every time a little hot little one would pass by. What do you think that was for? It sure as hell wasn’t hot in there the ac was running. I would come back to my seat and get back to the boring life that was there but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why you couldn’t be this exciting so I wouldn’t have to sneak away during the sermon?
I couldn’t wait to get home and fuck and suck your boring little cock but I ached for the humiliation of being able to put the phone to my ear to the sound of his voice on the other end. This man had me going crazy with the words of pleasure that he was giving my body. The Bible is the most sinful pleasure on earth but the Kama Sutra that he talked about had to be second. Yeah yeah it’s sinful to think of the Bible as sinful but have you read the tales in there it kept me squirting for days thinking about some of it. Sorry to all you religious creatures out there but it is what it is when it comes to this. It is just a crying shame that more people didn’t see it the way I did! Pushing my bore out the door to his job, I waited for the phone to ring and for you to be on the other end thinking of the pleasure that would come with the words that you spoke now there is the tale you don’t hear in Sunday School!

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