Spoiled Queen

Best phone sexA sexy queen like me should always be financially and sexually pleased, without a shadow of a doubt! I live the life of a true superior being. You live the life on the bottom of my shoe, and that’s exactly where you are going to stay! If you love me, prove yourself and send me money. I’m just here to ruin men’s lives and take their souls, it’s what I do best! Imagine having the privilege of speaking to me on the phone, I know it makes your toes curl just thinking about it! Purchase my time and show me how enamored and obsessed you are with me from head to toe, inside and out. You have enjoyed your cock since you were old enough to play with it, now I enjoy controlling it! You’re like my puppet, you are weak and filled with desires that only I can fulfill, you are mine! Stay wrapped around my finger where you belong! We are going to have the best phone sex ever!

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