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Best phone sexI had a call that amused me the other day; I found it extremely sexy, and hot. The man wanted to have naughty neighbor phone sex. But not the average, naughty neighbor phone sex… He wanted to watch as a friend and I fucked his girlfriend, hmm, now isn’t that so naughty? I have the perfect friend; he has a huge cock that will rip that pussy in two!!! And I, well, let me not lie, I love women too! We are so magnificent! I think I would imagine he would be watching from not very far, his dick hard in his hand. His girlfriend, I would be able to quickly befriend. But getting her to have sex with my friend and I, well that is the hard part. Maybe if I go down on that sweet pussy of hers she will see how much she likes it and just give in? Mmm, she tastes so very sweet; I bet I can get her to cum in no time. I know my friend’s monster cock will scare her, so we have to go slow at first. “Honey, how would you like to suck this big cock here while I eat out that sweet pussy of yours, that would make all of us very happy you know…” And her being horny as she is (trust me, I can taste her!) she will go to work on that cock and her boyfriend will love watching her sucking that fat cock and loving it and loving having her pussy eaten by me, oh she loves it so much and so do I! Mmm, they love it so much, I love to be in control.

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